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Embrace whats next...
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Posted: Saturday, January 7, 2012 9:48 AM
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Originally posted by: Hopeskid

Mom. My wonderful, loving, strong mother, was told she had dementia/alzheimers yesterday. We chose not to talk about it. We bought a sundae at Fentons..and we took a drive in the hills to admire the beautiful homes. We talked about it, instead, this morning over the phone.

It has been hard for her since dads passing 10 years ago. Its the same old story..she wants to stay in her memory filled home of 43 years. The doctors say she should not live independently any longer. They say that the medications that are available to people with her condition dont really work well..she's tried Aricept and doesn't tolerate it. You need to just keep her safe and surround her with love.

Really?? Is that the best we can do for our seniors??

My normally cheerful mother was feeling unusually down as we spoke, so I tried to cheer her up. "Mom, I know this is hard for you. It is hard on all of us. We should look forward to this new chapter in your life..You can live with me, or maybe we can have a caretaker come in to assist you during the day! She can help you around the house and help with the gardening. You should embrace this new adventure!" She said, "Oh, Patty. I'll embrace it...I'll embrace it and wring its scrawny neck!"....

Any suggestions?
Posted: Saturday, January 7, 2012 9:48 AM
Originally posted by: Mimi S.

Hi Hopeskid,
I love your mom's attitude.
Welcome to our world. We're so glad you found us, but so sorry for your mom's diagnosis.

I'd like to know more about the diagnosis before I can put in my two cents.
A great read about a good diagnosis is: The Alzheimer's Action Plan by Doraiswamy and Gwyther of Duke Univ.

If your mom's diagnosis was what is recommended in the book, here's what would have happened.
1. Complete physical including a very thorough blood study. (eliminates possibilities.)
2. Brain scan: fMRI or PET. A regular MRI will eliminate other possibilities but little towards diagnosis of dementia.
3. A complete neuro-psychical exam. It should be a minimum of several hours. [I went 3 times for mine, but last was evaluation.]
4. Conference with results of all.

On the other hand, some primary's give a 5 min. mini-mental and put the patient on Aricept or something similar.

Your mom has previously been on Aricept, so how/why if the diagnosis was just made?

Depending upon the severity of the reaction, I'd continue trying Aricept or go for oe of te alternatives.

Sorry, I disagree with our doctor. True, there is no cure. However, Aricept and others has ben proven to slow down the decline. And that is certainly worth it.

Can she live alone. Again, what do you see? Depends on the quality of the diagnosis. is she appropriately dressed? When you visit, what do you see? Check the refrigerator for amount and quality of food. Are there evidence of burned pots? pan closet? Look at medicine she may be taking. Compare fill date with amount left. is she taking meds as prescribed?
What is her level of socialization? Has she withdrawn?

Is she still driving? It's not an automatic denial upon diagnosis. Would you allow your child to ride with her?
Has she gotten lost?

If your mom is able to fight it she should! I was diagnosed over four years ago and am ahead cognitively than I was then.
how could that be?
Follow the Best Practices:

1. Take meds as directed.
2. Strenuous physical activity.
3. Strenuous mental activity.
4. Maintain or increase socialization.
5. Mediterranean Diet. I also take antioxidants and Omega 3.

There are several of us on these boards who are having success with it.
No, I am not cured, but the longer I stay in Early Stage, the longer I can live by myself and be independent!

Have your mom join us in the I have AD segment.
Posted: Saturday, January 7, 2012 9:48 AM
Originally posted by: Jim Broede

Take it one day at a time. And find something to savor. Daily. Little things. But meaningful things. --Jim