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I'd have it no other way.
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Posted: Saturday, January 7, 2012 11:32 AM
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Originally posted by: Jim Broede

I like to think about life. And love. My two favorite subjects. Being conscious. Very much alive. And capable of falling in love. With life. That's the source of my happiness. That's one thing about me. I've been happy all of my life. Even when I haven't been happy. Because I choose to be unhappy occasionally. About things. About aspects of life. But I know that I can fix things. Make things better. Make myself happy again. So it doesn't bother me to be unhappy in a particular moment. Because I know it ain't permanent. I was unhappy when my dear Jeanne was on the decline. With dementia. But the two of us learned how to cope. Despite it all. And to live reasonably happy most of the time. With the help of genuine feelings of love. Love was our salvation. Love of life. Love of each other. I recognize that life has ups and downs. And I accept it. Knowing full well that I can't control all events. But I can control my reactions to events. I can deal with adversity. That makes me happy. The dealing. The coping. Sure, I sound like I'm complaining. About politics. About the economy. About social mores. But I like to complain. Makes me happy. That I'm able to complain. And able to speak my mind. I'd have it no other way. --Jim