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Extraordinary, isn't it?
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Posted: Saturday, January 7, 2012 10:05 AM
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Originally posted by: Jim Broede

I’ve never been big on visiting cemeteries. I haven’t ever visited my mother’s grave. And I haven’t been to my father’s grave in at least 40 or 50 years. My mother didn’t even have a funeral. Which was a very decent decision on her part. Anyway, this doesn’t stop me from thinking of my mother and my father. In a spiritual sense. I’m free to talk to their spirits at any time. That’s sufficient. I don’t have to visit a grave site. The place of their physical remains. In my father’s case, I’m sure it’s only bones. Because it was 60-some years ago. By this time in Europe, one’s bones most likely will have been dug up already. To make way for another grave. Unless you were a great person of reknown. In the case of my mother – well, she was reduced to ashes even before she was put into a grave. So she’s encased in an urn rather than a coffin. Meanwhile, I’m assuming both of my parents have spirits that are roaming free. Somewhere in this cosmos. Maybe everywhere. Which means I have access to their spirits. All I have to do is focus. No matter where I’m at. Makes no sense to go all the way to a graveyard for a chat. I can do it right here. At home. At any time. It’s as if their spirits live with me. Inside me. Extraordinary, isn't it? –Jim