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My husband(2)
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Posted: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 5:39 PM
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Originally posted by: RosemaryH

My husband of 13 years has been diagnosed with possible EOAD by his neurologist - but the doctor also says this could also be the side effects of morphine, Kadian and many other drugs that he is taking. I am heart sick because I have read that AD is always fatal. I can't bear to think of not having my husband in my life. I need to be able to locate a place where I can find a list and explanation of all the stages of AD. Can anyone help me with this?
Posted: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 5:39 PM
Originally posted by: Joanne C. Mueller

Rosemary: Your husband is one of thousands with similar problems. The neurologist is much more "savvy" than a lot of today's practitioners.

Re "stages," etc., I have to admit I pay almost no attention to that whatsoever. You will understand why after you read my appeal to Dr. Marilyn Albert at:

The fact that your husband's neurologist suggests a connection to drugs is very significant and is quite likely to be a major contributor to his problems. Statins are causing all sorts of problems -- memory, arthritis-like symptoms and even congestive heart failure.

If your husband is sleeping close to an electric meter, a gas meter, an electric clock, a security alarm sensor, a transformer for a cordless phone or perhaps even the cordless phone itself, a cell phone while charging or on standby -- numerous possibilities -- he might expect any medication or supplement to become toxic -- "synergystic reactions." He could have developed memory and cognitive problems from simply sleeping next to electrical or telephone equipment even without taking any medications or supplements.

By all means, check for the information you have requested on the Caregivers' portion of this forum if you do not receive a response from one or more of the regular posters. They have a wealth of information and are very caring, compassionate, and intelligent persons.

In no way should you construe what you have been told by the neurologist to mean that your husband will be dying any time soon!

New evidence emerges every day about all sorts of things one can do to improve quality-of-life even if it turns out your husband has Alzheimers. I found an amazing study yesterday re the benefits of melatonin that states melatonin may not only be preventative, but may actually be a treatment for Alzheimers, Parkinsons and other neurodegenerative disorders.

I am reviewing the 43-page study and will be posting on the caregivers thread soon.... best wishes and take care - joanne
Posted: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 5:39 PM
Originally posted by: Felicia

Hi Rosemary,

Don't give up hope. There is a thread on this forum under Medications and Treatments /Enbrel for Alzheimers. My Mom has been receiving the Enbrel Injections for 7 weeks now and has improved dramatically. Some of us who have our Loved Ones using the treatment have put up before and after videos on youtube. My Mom's videos are there, and Bob Lee's wife who is only 51. She WAS completely mute and incoherent, and she has shown amazing signs of improvement only ten days into the treatment. I have to say though, that Bob put on some "awful" things in his credits about Dr. Tobinick. I addressed this on the Message Board, so please read all comments and judge for yourself.
The youtube videos to watch are:
My Videos:
Bob Lee's Videos:
Leo's Video:
Try to watch them in date order so that you can see the improvement progress. We are real people on this forum and we are eager to get this news out!
Many doctors don't know about this treatment but we are getting the word out. Please watch the youtube videos, and read our thread -- we are on page 15, so just go to the last few pages and start there. We've had some very heated discussions -- It's fun, informative, and Real! The treatment is fairly new and not approved by the FDA, but we do know that several patients have been receiving the treatments for 3 years and it's still working for them. It's very expensive, and our goal is to get it fast tracked through the FDA for insurance approval. The drug Enbrel is not new, it is approved for Rheumatoid Arthritis, but not for Alzheimer's.

Talk to you doctor about it, as I said, they probably don't even know about it yet. Doctors can't and don't know everything, and we can help by bringing this to their attention. We think the Videos have really helped.

Also, I have been giving my Mom the Melatonin for a week now, and she is definitely sleeping better, and is not as confused when she wakes up from a nap...she actually knows it's not morning!

Dr. Tobinick's Website: