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Originally posted by: Joanne C. Mueller


Cognitive aging gingko memory study


Cognitive aging...gingko...memory study....also assist w/studies/children



Tue, 11 Mar 2008 00:07:01 EDT


SUBJECT: Cognitive aging....gingko....memory study....also children/assist w studies

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Michelle Carlson
Assistant Professor

Academic Degrees
PhD, Duke University

Departmental Affiliation
Mental Health

Departmental Address
2024 E. Monument Street, Suite 2-700
Baltimore, MD 21205


Phone: 410-614-4887
Fax: 410-614-9625

Dear Dr. Carlson: You may be interested in reading my appeal to Dr. Marilyn Albert (Alzheimers' Advisory Board) at following link: .......

I note you are also involved in evaluating benefits of gingko biloba. Recently, I doubled my husband's dose of gingko biloba and was astonished when the very next day, he reached over and changed the clock in our Taurus as if it was something he didn't have any concern about. Prior to that, months had gone by when he would open the glove box and search for a few minutes, attempting to reset the clock (from fall when we went off daylight time). He would mutter something and shrug and stop trying to change the clock.

As to why I didn't change the clock, well, that is another loong story but I am very glad that I hadn't done so because there is no doubt in my mind how quickly the increased dose of gingko biloba brought about significant improvement!!!!

Please also check out my website, ........ There is additional information on the importance of informing the public of the need to move electric appliances and telephone equipment away from close proximity to beds. Attention must be paid also to location of electric and gas meters on wall opposite the bed as well as whatever is opposite the bedroom wall in adjacent room. There may be computer power supplies, cordless phone transformer boxes, refrigerators and even clocks in microwave ovens. "Prudent avoidance" re all of these things and much more may promote every health problem from poor sleep to cancer.

Information on your site indicates adults go to schools to assist children with their studies. A matter of "great urgency" is the fact that many children (adults too) are taking cell phones to bed with them. Some are in "stand-by mode" and ring in usual manner but, many are being kept in "vibrate mode" so children can text their friends unknown to their parents. Any such use of cell phones is a dangerous situation!!!

Feel free to call or email with questions. Best wishes and take care - Joanne

P.S. You may have noticed my website refers to "AGING" and the circumstances surround my two grandsons w/rare immune deficiencies -- "rare" because their cells were "aging!!!!" They were infants/oddlers......

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