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Copper and Iron in Alzheimer's patients
Posted: Sunday, June 13, 2021 7:35 AM
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I'm not sure which forum this should be in, but it's an interesting development in Alzheimer's research:
Lane Simonian
Posted: Sunday, June 13, 2021 10:21 AM
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This is an interesting article.  Thank you for posting it here

One theory is that amyloid plaques entomb copper and zinc (and perhaps iron as well) and that makes them less toxic than amyloid oligomers, in part because this cuts off the production of the harmful oxidant hydrogen peroxide (whose production is dependent upon copper and zinc).

Ultrastructural studies with both peptides revealed that structures resembling "soluble oligomers" or "protofibrils" were present during this early phase of hydrogen peroxide formation. Mature amyloid fibrils derived from Abeta-(1-40) did not generate hydrogen peroxide. We conclude that hydrogen peroxide formation during the early stages of protein aggregation may be a common mechanism of cell death in these (and possibly other) neurodegenerative diseases.

The plaques may thus form to protect the brain against damage caused by hydrogen peroxide.  The problem, however, is that when hydrogen peroxide production is eliminated, another oxidant--peroxynitrite--is increased.  That is why I think that peroxynitrite scavengers (certain essential oils via aromatherapy, panax ginseng, etc.) are the key to treating Alzheimer's disease.