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A Possible Fix/Solution for symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia
Posted: Monday, February 7, 2022 8:29 PM
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If you or your loved one have started experiencing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia, please make sure you eliminate metal toxicity as a cause. I recently learned from the documentary The Bleeding Edge (Netflix) that Dr. Stephen Tower, an orthopedic surgeon suffered memory loss, and dementia-like symptoms after his own hip replacement surgery. He discovered that the metal levels in his blood, leached from his new hip implant, were causing these neurological symptoms. After revision surgery, his metal levels dropped and his symptoms disappeared.

Since then Dr. Tower has done his own studies on the potential for neurological problems associated with increased cobalt levels caused by metal artificial hips.

If you develop symptoms after implanting a medical device (apparently many are allowed into the market without adequate testing… the horror!) such as an artificial hip, please look into whether there are any toxic levels (for example metal) in your blood to eliminate this as a possible cause.

Hope this is helpful! And have a lovely day.

Posted: Thursday, March 3, 2022 5:59 AM
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How I wish my beloved wife had a hip replacement or other implant.