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munch munch MUNCH
Posted: Tuesday, December 3, 2019 12:07 AM
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My father’s decline during 2017 was drastic.  But since early 2018, when he became non-ambulatory, his changes have been subtle.  His latest subtle change is his cooperation when I’m brushing his teeth.  It’s…a battle now.  I try to be patient, but I want to finish him up so I can shower and finish the day.  Relax on my bed.  Of course, more diaper changes will follow. 

Anyway, lately I’ve been purchasing these more frequently:

He bites down hard on these over and over (munch munch munch), and the foam is not lasting much anymore.  The tip of the foam tears off and the popsicle stick inside is exposed.  I replace the mouth rest so he doesn’t end up biting into the popsicle stick, causing a splinter.

“Open your mouth…that’s good!...No NO, leave your mouth open….okay….NO…okay…don’t bite….okay….STOP!”

And he doesn’t stop chit chatting, while barely opening his mouth…..I try not to shove the mouth rest into his mouth.  And when I succeed inserting the mouth rest, twist, the mouth rest gets destroyed again.  Then I try to use the other end, but it widens his mouth more and he gets pissed off at me….

“Sabes que?! Ya estoy harto!”  translate “You know what?!  I’ve had enough!”


“Me vas a matar!”  translate “You’re going to kill me!”

And then he pushes my hands away as he’s very pissed off.  We still finish the brushing after a few arguments, and I manage to freshen his mouth.  But, I know someday that will end.  I guess I’m just trying to keep up with his hygiene as long as possible.  


Dad finally got discharged from Hospice.  There was a slight confusion on my part, I guess.  At first, the plan was to discharge, then the care manager called and said no discharge.  So, I assumed another 3 months.  However, the Doc stopped by the Friday before last Friday, checked him, told me one more week for them to monitor his blood pressure with the added prescription, and then home health per my request.

That’s okay.  I mean, like, Medicare was getting charged arms and legs.  For a non-dying dad.  I mean, he still flirts for God’s sake!  Even with me. 

So, the Doc said, “….to be brutally honest, what we’re doing for him (referring to the added prescription) isn’t going to make it better for him but it’s not going to make it worse for him either...that’s just how it is…did you stop the treatment for the prostate?” 

I said yes.  And I asked him what the recent lab results showed of my father’s PSA level? Or did it get checked?

He said it doesn’t matter.  And,

“And your dad is not like this (demonstrating with his arm extended out in front of himself, hand flat, horizontally sweeping  downward indicating a decline). 

He’s going like this (arm extended out, hand moving horizontally flat across). And that can go for a loooonnnng time.”

I had a several drinks that evening.

I hope dad doesn’t outlive me.