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I have been musing about...
Posted: Friday, August 7, 2020 12:54 AM
Joined: 5/2/2019
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I have been musing about starting a thread here in musing but I am not sure I should. For one thing, I do not know what I want to specifically talk about and two, I fear the quiet of this oasis may be disturbed at least for a time.

But unfortunately, this site gives me no other place other than musing for an off topic post or a political post.

I guess I could muse about how I would really love to see a separate discussion board for each of these things. I think it would help and make things more interesting.

What would you guys like to see changed?

Posted: Friday, August 7, 2020 7:43 PM
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Jim Broede would get some virtual backlashes every time he’d rock the musing boat.

Here’s my problem! I don’t mind wearing the mask...except when I’m upset and my argument sounds muffled. 

Today a lady cut me off at a Walmart self serve scan location. It pissed me off. After I was done scanning and was leaving, she was still scanning and struggling with her items,  I took the opportunity to tell her, “DID YOU GET BY ANY FASTER?!” With a dirty look.

However, I think I sounded muffled and she probably didn’t understand English anyway. When I arrived at work I was still annoyed. I don’t know....I’m just grouchy lately...

Anyway, go ahead and rock some boats Lizzie...I’m bored.

Have in mind Jim occasionally had some of his threads removed. He was a troublemaker. Ahhh Jim

Jo C.
Posted: Saturday, August 8, 2020 7:49 AM
Joined: 12/9/2011
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Hi Lizzie, I can understand wishing there were separate settings to have special places to discuss things such as politics, having a prayer group, or other specific off topics; etc.

NOTE:  There IS such an accommodation here on ALZConnected.

If you look at the top of each of the Forums, there is a prompt titled, "groups."  If you click on that, you can start a private group for just such specific topics.

In fact, Ed, on the Spousal Forum, initiated a group for political purposes, but did not get a good response.  I think it would have done much better if an invitation had been extended as a free standing New Topic title on ALL the different Forums from time to time; as in every week or two.

You may want to try doing that and see what happens.   As for Musings, the Moderators do indeed follow this Forum too, so one needs to follow policies such as are in the Terms and Agreement on the bottom of the page as well as the Guidelines for Participation that is found at the top of each page.

For myself, anything that is humorous and makes me laugh is so very welcome; it is like a dose of medicine or a breath of fresh air for letting off stress and for me, is soothing;  I certainly get enough of the downside topics from other sources; it is inescapable.

Good questions; now we shall see if anyone initiates a Group for a specific topic and if they do, how well it goes IF an invitation is extended as a New Topic at the top of each Forum and done from time to time.


Posted: Saturday, August 8, 2020 6:02 PM
Joined: 5/2/2019
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To be clear, I would like to see a public forum for politics and for off-topic threads.

The private group is a fail from the get go. One, people can't even see a list of groups that exist let alone see any of the topics and discussions in that group unless they become a member. Two, the owner needs to invite a member and I assume that also means an owner can remove someone from the group.

As demonstrated by the posters of this site, there is not only a want for these types of topics, there is also a desire not to see them on the other boards. Having these other forums would solve that.

I do not understand why this site will not just make these forums. I get it if they do not have the capability but if they do and they still decide not to do it, I do not understand that decision.

It would save everyone a lot of grief and could be interesting. There is a desire from posters that want to see these types of things and from posters that do not want to see these types of things.

I expect they do not do it because they do not want the added grief they think it would cause. I propose they would have less grief.

These types of discussions will continue to happen so they should make a place for them, if they have the capability. It seems like a no brainer decision to me.

But until then, I guess it is musing. Poor musing


Posted: Saturday, August 8, 2020 6:08 PM
Joined: 5/2/2019
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How is today treating you, Ruth? Any better?

I understand what you were feeling with the mask and expressing your righteous anger. I do not need to wear a mask for mine to be dulled. I have this habit of crying when I am expressing my righteous anger. So annoying and very dissatisifying. Lol!


ALZConnected Moderator
Posted: Tuesday, August 11, 2020 5:46 PM
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Dear ALZConnected Community, 

This thread has been locked. 

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moderators reserve the right to remove any posts that they deem are in violation of our Guidelines for Participation.  

Please accept this post as a reminder of our 
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Thank you for respecting these guidelines and the needs of our community.