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Exelon patch(1)
Posted: Saturday, October 3, 2020 5:30 PM
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I have been on the 9.6 mg exelon patch for a few weeks, and my perceptions are that my cognitive functioning has improved.

Other meds to help with MCI were also increased at the time I started the exelon patch, so I cannot be certain about what is helping and why.

I doubled my Namenda from 5 mg twice a day to 10 mg twice a day.

I have also started levothyroxine at 50 mcg a day.  It is a low dose to help with borderline low hypothyroidism.

Perhaps the combination of treatment has boosted my cognitive function.

Whatever is helping, I am grateful to have more access to my brain again.  It is like getting together with an old friend after a long separation.

Iris L.
Posted: Saturday, October 3, 2020 11:42 PM
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I know what you mean, KawKaw!