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Sometimes I forget
Posted: Sunday, September 21, 2014 7:58 PM
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Of  course I forget. That's been established years ago. However, it can be dangerous when I forget I can't do the things I used to do. As a farm kid I've driven since I was 8 years old. But I can't forget that just because I've always done it, but being honest with what I can do today. I've always been conservative investing money making sure my family was secure. But now it's hard for me to made a decision and when I do now it's usually bad. I've always thought of the feeling of other.

But now is not what had been.

Driving can have a great impact on our lives, and we wonder what will happen when we can no longer drive especially with a working spouse.  However, our decision can not be based on the impact on us, but the impact on others if we continue to drive. I keep distracted from the fact that I'm even driving and don't see that car coming, I stop at green lights and don't remember what a flashing yellow light means or maybe not see the red.

It can't be "I'll drive until I get into a wreck and then I'll stop"  Who knows what will happen to the other people in the other car because I won't admit I can I can't do the things I used to do. It's not about me. It's about safety.

I can't get into a conversation about investing my money with someone who might see me as a easy mark.  I need to put my ego aside and let others decide.

I'll quit rather than trying to conclude the thought   Let me merely say. "if you fear losing your freedom let others help since the fastest way to lose your freedom is to prove with a bad event that you need the help of others.  '

It nothing new.  I've always needed the help of others, now I just need a lot more.


Paul Hornback
Posted: Monday, September 22, 2014 10:42 AM
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Understand just how you feel. I also don't want to stop driving "after I've had an accident" so I'd rather stop driving when others think I'm no longer safe. I have my wife ride with me a lot so she can see how I'm doing. Also, I don't drive much, I drive only very close to home, and only drive in very familiar areas.


I have also learned to rely on others for help. I am a poor decision maker now and making financial decisions is very difficult. I need help and my wife is great in that area.


I suppose it is good to have help and I try not to let my pride get in the way.


Thanks for your post.


God bless, Paul

Posted: Wednesday, September 24, 2014 5:12 PM
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Yes, Safety is the number One priority for myself and others.  I have severe visual/spatial issues that impede my driving. So, I no longer drive.


It's kinda awful relying on others to move me around.  But, I must accept it.


Sometimes, in my nightly dreams, I still drive!


Hang in there.


Peace and Hope,


Charles C
Posted: Friday, September 26, 2014 6:49 AM
Joined: 11/25/2013
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I too don’t feel comfortable driving and I drive everyday all of Fl. Some days are worse than others. As Paul mentioned about his  wife riding with him, my wife will only go with me if she drives. I’m 63 and she is 50 and I have no problem with that at all. Although not diagnosed, just this week my 

Doc. says yes you have memory problems to a test I have taken over a long period of time now that issue I’ve told him about for years is now visible to the doc. 

Be safe and let others assist you btuma6

Posted: Sunday, January 23, 2022 2:46 PM
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I wish my husband could see it that way.  To him, I am the enemy trying to take away his right to drive.