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Posted: Saturday, August 8, 2015 4:07 PM
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Some f these ideas to help in the mourning process require forethought while many others can be done even after death has occurred

there are all sorts of funeral keepsakes; many are jewelry items such as rings or necklaces made to hold ashes/cremains However, I found that these small vessels can also hold a lock of hair or funeral flowers (not the entire bouquet of course)-until now did to know about the latter items

Then there is fingerprint jewelry- most mortuary will be happy to give you the kit before death but fingerprints can be obtained even after death uusally on the pricey side. I believe there is an affordable ring on ETSY but I cannot attest to quality etc and the ring I saw was very thin but in the $44 range

Our mortuary produced a blanket. They used a photo that I provided ad the photo of mom is woven into the is just lovely.

individual mourning ribbon

Budsies: originaly deveoped to bringa child's artwork to life but the stuffed figures ca be created from photos as well- saw this on shark tank

A local flag distributer in our area carries flags for everything (CA)- for my father's birthday (deceased) which came one month after mom passed, I purchased and hung a 3X5 Army flag outdoors (I am a fan of hanging the US and other fags)- that was about all I could muster she does not have AD flags although I'm sure they can be found on line but she does have solid purple so I am off to buy one - in mom's honor. My goal herein re the flag is not to raise awareness but to honor mom hence solid purple will be perfect for me

Tear bottles (a rich history of these) can be displayed or be part of grave goods

More ideas can be found by looking up death in Victorian Days. Death photography was common and accepted particularly because the deceased were often available for viewing in the home - mourning included clothing, jewelry and other items

Black/mourning armbands

Catholics Anointing of the sick and/or last rites (last rites was quite an emotional sacrament given to mom prior other death)

More to come