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Happy Easter
Veterans kid
Posted: Saturday, March 26, 2016 7:39 PM
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For those of us who are members of this forum, I want to say that even though our LO isn't with us physically, they are always in our heart.

That really doesn't help, does it? :/

I'm trying to be positive- but this is the first holiday.  It brings back memories of all the firsts after my mom died.  The difference now is, I don't have my dad either.  Alone.  

As a Christian, Easter is a day of celebration...joyous! 

I will pray for the strength to overcome the sadness and focus on the good.  To not focus that tomorrow is one month that my dad has been gone, but that it's one month he's been free of month with my month ( in earthly time) he's in Heaven. 

My prayer for all of us here, is to please know you are not alone.  I care.  

Let's try to remember past Easters with our LO.  

If anyone has any ideas to help get through these "firsts"-let me know.  

Peeps, jelly beans, colorful eggs, and of course, chocolate bunnies for us all!!!




Posted: Sunday, March 27, 2016 7:59 AM
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I read this yesterday from a Holy Week Meditation booklet. I found it comforting. Hopefully others will too.


"From Death Into Life"

Our lives have a beginning, but they have no end. Death is simply a momentary transition from our life in this world to the life of resurrection, where for the first time, we can become fully alive. But to grasp the new, we have to let go of the old. And so one day we have to let go of this life so that we may enjoy the fullness of what is to come. That's what Jesus shows us.

This process of letting go is a part of daily life. Jesus asks us to let go of selfishness so we can live in new ways that bring more joy. It's a daily preparation for the final letting go that opens up to resurrected life. The best is yet to come. God never disappoints us!

Wishing everyone a blessed Easter.

Posted: Sunday, March 27, 2016 10:06 AM
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Happy Easter Veterans Kid.  I think your attitude of it being time your dad is free from this horrible disease vs. time away from you is a healthy one.  It's not about us, it's about them.  I need to adopt this belief system myself!

I've had six months of "firsts" and I've been doing something to honor mom on those dates.  She would have turned 73 last Tuesday.  We got some of her favorite food (BBQ) and went to one of her favorite places (the ocean) in her memory.  I plan to do something like this every year on her birthday.  I truly believe that her spirit is with me in these moments.  It helps.