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For Us Who Mourn
Posted: Saturday, April 16, 2016 7:43 AM
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I've been asked to repost this reading:


The great and sad mistake of many people, among them even pious persons, is to imagine that those whom death has taken leave us. They remain! Where are they? In darkness? Oh, no! It is we who are in darkness. We do not see them, but they see us. Their eyes, radiant with glory, are fixed upon our eyes full of tears. Oh, infinite consolation! Though invisible to us, our dear ones are not absent.

I have often reflected upon the surest comfort for those who mourn. It is this: a firm faith in the real and continual presence of our loved ones; it is the clear and penetrating conviction that death has not destroyed them, nor carried them away. They are not even absent, but living near to us, transfigured: having lost in their glorious change no delicacy of their souls, no tenderness of their hearts, nor especial preference in their affection; on the contrary, having in depth and fervor of devotion, grown larger a hundredfold. Death is for the good, a translation into light, into power, into love. Those who on earth were only ordinary Christians, become perfect; those who were beautiful become good; those who were good become sublime. 


This was given to me at my wife's viewing by our Deacon on a prayer card. It didn't list who wrote/said this saying.

Posted: Sunday, April 17, 2016 7:25 PM
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Hi Ukie, 
that is totally the kind  of faith I truly envy. I just have to be honest , you can't and shouldn't try to fake faith. It has to be real or it is just no good. I believe in some kind of higher Entity, but I can't believe whatever that is directs whatever goes on in our day to day lives,Why then do we have a brain ,and can act and think independently. I  am just one heck of a confused human being.Right now I am thinking that whatever happens to us is a result of whatever decisions we have made through out our lives, good , bad, or indifferent . In other words we made certain choices and now are living with the results.Maybe I am wrong I am not arguing, just say'n.
Anyway, hoping all of us will find a way to heal.
Lots of hug Surfergirl