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How do you get through the Holidays (Lost Mom)
Posted: Saturday, May 13, 2017 3:23 PM
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Mother's day....smh Its not easy....everyone is so happy and yet I feel sooo lost. How do you cope ??
Posted: Saturday, May 13, 2017 4:53 PM
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It'll be my first Mother's day without my mom. I try cope as best as I can by taking it moment by moment. Some moments I'm okay, some not so good.
Jo C.
Posted: Sunday, May 14, 2017 12:13 AM
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Hello BigWill, I am so very sorry for your pain.  I do understand as I miss my mother very much too.   I found that as time passes, the pain is not as raw, but I will always miss my dear mother in a poignant way, and she will always be in my heart. 

Mother's Day is difficult; for the longest time I would find myself in the Hallmark Store reaching for a card to "Mother," only to suddenly remember . . . "Oh!"  One can try to not be alone on such a day and if one can be of assistance with something or someone else, that can be helpful.  I sometimes talk to my mother quietly inside my head, and say, "Mother; I am thinking of you and I miss and love you."   Silly sounding I know, but it lets me send something of myself to her memory.

I did find something that is helpful and also makes me feel peaceful within myself.   I rather "adopted" several elderly ladies who have no family or whose family is distant.   I send them cards at intervals and I send little gifts on special days.   I also make a phone call once in awhile and this brings my heart happiness.

It also brings happiness to the ladies and they are always tickled pink to get special cards in the mail, and the happy phone calls.  Their delight delights me.

One lady actually lives across the nation from me and she is such a unique and dear person.   This is a way that I respect my mother and grandmother's memories and it also brings a peaceful feeling that is helpful.

Though this is a place no one wants to be, I am glad you have found this very supportive Message Board.   We are all here in support of one another and that now includes you too.  Even though your mother has passed, you are welcome to write a Post on any of the Forums you wish. 

(NOTE:   BigWill, I have edited my "sign off" as I suddenly thought I did not know if you were a daughter or son . . . . then I belatedly read your Profile and saw you are a son.   I am sorry I initially said "from one daughter to another," very short sighted of me.   Thus the change.) 

Sending warm thoughts your way from one adult child to another,