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2 years gone
Posted: Thursday, April 5, 2018 7:17 AM
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My mother has been gone two years ago this past Tuesday. Either the time has gone by faster than usual or I've just been in a total fog.  I haven't been on this board very much lately - I think that is a sign that I'm just carrying on, and coping better with her illness and loss.  I finally cleared and cleaned her apartment downstairs and have a great tenant.  I'm busy at work and have been doing a lot of traveling.  Mum's care givers - oh they were so wonderful - are still in touch with me.  I don't feel the need to attend the monthly bereavement group anymore. I feel badly about leaving the other attendees but they and I are just at different stages. 

My mother was a knitting machine - especially during her years of illness.  She would knit squares, put them together and make throws and blankets.  I was able to measure her illness by her knitting because her knitting became wonky, missed rows, yarn jumbled, squares not square, before she quit knitting a year and a half before her passing.  I was left with about 15 large kitchen bags of knitted squares, the bags weighed about 15 lbs each. What to do with them?   Someone mentioned that the knitting served a purpose while she was alive and I could throw them out.  I couldn't!  All that work and hours and I can see her in every square.  I put bags of them on ebay at a price just low enough to satisfy eBay's requirements - because I felt surely someone could use the squares even for the yarn. Well, that worked!  I wish i could tell Mum that her knitted squares have been shipped to New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Virginia to people and clubs who have used them to make blankets for homeless shelters. She would really like this!    In addition, her knitting has been sent to San Francisco to be part of the Immigrant Yarn Project - all knitting done by or in honor of immigrants that will be a giant oudoor art display beginning in May 2019 in San Francisco and then displayed in other cities.  This has helped me in my healing process..

I hope all of you reading this are well.  Take care of yourselves in your journey through grief.


Posted: Friday, May 11, 2018 11:58 PM
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I like to come here on occasion and read messages from those who have lost someone.

 Thanks for sharing about your mother's knitting and what was done to her squares. How exciting to imagine her work going to so many different projects and comforting people as throws and ART!

 Good to hear you are healing and enjoying yourself more. Yes, time is really flying! Take care!