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Question for Stellar...
Posted: Tuesday, August 21, 2012 7:47 AM
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I'm sorry that I had to look for you on this board and hope that you are finding some peace.


We had posted a bit on the Caregiver board and I remember you had moved your FIL from out of state to Waverly.  I have to move my mother from Cleveland to Philadelphia too.  The travel is taking its toll and her nursing home has said they can't take care of her.  Since she moved in she's had a few cycles of pychiatric issues that have been managed poorly and been allowed to escalate. ( that's another story as to why they've escalted) then they resolve and she's back to her sweet self. It's the cycles that concern them as she can become combative when they try to do ADL's.


It's been suggested that I find a dementia unit, but I'm concerned that there aren't that many nursing home dementia units out there. I worry about getting a lower standard of care  and being in an unregulated environment as I'm now used to the nursing home level of care and she was in a very good place.


How were you able to move your FIL to Waverly?  How did you get them to talk to you?  Was having your caregivers the clincher?   Did you have any other places you were considering that were willing to take him that weren't dementia units?  Do you know of nursing homes that have dementia units?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.