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Bittersweet Everythings
Agent 99
Posted: Thursday, July 21, 2016 9:07 PM
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Our 6 month milestone is in two days.  I did the estate stuff in the first 3 months but things still trickle in unexpectedly.  The web of life is so tangled.  

Today I had to order new checks.  I, me, had to remove my sweeties name from the address area.  Wow that was difficult.  I still have his name on the home and cell phone message.

Also, received a medical bill from over a year ago.  It wasn't very much.  I felt it would be more of an emotional drain to call and say my sweetie has passed.  When I set up the online payment I had to add his name to the memo section since it was removed when I notified the bank 6 months ago.

Last month the insurance agent goofed when removing sweeties name from the policies.  I received revised docs addressed to my last name hyphenated with his last name.  I didn't change my name or hyphenate when we married.  So more conversations needed to remove his last name.  I would have kept it but I read somewhere that there could be a problem with a claim if the name isn't correct.

Just letting go to those who understand.

A losing hand.
Posted: Friday, July 22, 2016 9:05 AM
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I understand, especially about the checks. Like a lot of things it hurt to do that.

Lorita wrote on another post that,  I do know there will always be that empty spot once filled by the presence of our loved one. She couldn't of been more right.


Good luck.

Posted: Friday, July 22, 2016 11:46 AM
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Yesterday was 8 months since my wife Kathy passed away. Monday will be our 35th wedding anniversary and also 8 months since her burial. I remember going to the bank and getting new checks without Kathy's name on them. They looked empty. Hopefully through our tears we can find what we need to get us through this difficult time.
Sea Field
Posted: Sunday, July 24, 2016 5:21 PM
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Our sweetie's will always be in our hearts. 

The more practical/legal matter of changing paperwork and documents, the milestones and anniversaries, ...  all reminders of what we have lost. 

Blessings and courage to each of us as we try to find our way,  Cynthia   

Mrs. Braxton
Posted: Friday, August 19, 2016 3:23 AM
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Hi All,

this is a post that was hard for me all so.  Getting mail for Swanson,  not having to have his checking account anymore.

Having his name removed on some bills,  sending in Death Certificates to agencies.

I look at his old tax returns before we were married,  nothing needs to be saved anymore,   most paper work can be shredded.   His medical records, I have saved few, but MRI, X-rays  they are not needed.   It is daunting to me.  

I have gotten more use to it now over a year,  the first few months were awful.   I just stopped crying all the time .  I hated the feeling of being out and knowing I could be out because  I did not have to rush home.  Sometimes I would panic and need to come home anyway.

I feel for all of us, for what we have lived through and what we continue to live through each day.   I am so sad for us all.