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Both parents have Alzheimer’s Dementia
Posted: Saturday, August 17, 2019 9:05 AM
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I am newto this forum. There isn’t a way to make this long story short so here I go.

My dad was diagnosed with dementia in February  2016.  He was 93 years old when he passed away . I remember receiving the news while standing in line at the bank. Couldn’t leave the bank and had to find a place where I could take it in and just sit where there was peace and quiet. I was close to my dad.

My dad had contracted a UTI and pneumonia infection which caused him to be in a coma . H received hospice care for a very short time. 

I had to assist the coroner in putting my dad on a guerney the day he passed away. 

My mom also got diagnosed with Alheimer Dementia in February of 2017 so that was really difficult because I hadn’t had enough time to grieve for my dad yet. At times it became so much that I have just wanted to not continue to be a caregiver.

It has been a lot for me to take. Having to grieve for my dad and then having to take care another parent.

My mother urinates everywhere and poops everywhere.. wish I could afford someone else to take care of her because it has become too much for me 

I have had to be stuck at home taking care of her and it’s dofficuot for me to do other stuff which needs to be taken care of.

Not sure how anyone can do this type of job cause it takes a lot out of one. My sleep has been disturbed due to her waking up all hours of the night and I haven’t worked for over a year now.

Hospice is coming to my home to care for her. My god I just don’t have energy 

She has fallen theee times in these last four months. 


Veterans kid
Posted: Monday, August 19, 2019 12:47 PM
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  I am reading your post and the tears are coming. I am hoping that hospice has come in and you’re getting things settled with them. You had so much go on, and I am just so sorry about your dad and what you had to go through with him. And now your mom. Your parents have raised a wonderful, strong child and you will get through it even Though it does not feel like it. I’m sending you endless virtual hugs and prayers, and when you get a chance please let us know how Hospice is going and things are going for you and your mom.

Gentle hugs,

Julie A.k.a. veterans kid