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Just an update
Posted: Wednesday, September 16, 2020 5:07 PM
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I never know which of our two boards to use.  I am not yet 60, so YO fits.

A house has been found and examined and we made an offer that was accepted.  Pending the home inspection and then the assessment is as expected, we will be moving late October or early November.

I like the house and believe I can be comfortable there.  No steps up or down, even in front.  That was important to me.  Many many many cabinets in the kitchen are easily reached by someone as short as me.  Also important to me.

I have increased my dosage in the exelon patch to 9.6 mgs (I think it is mgs).

Without looking at the calendar, I have been remembering my appointments.  However, I do check the calendar after remembering to confirm I am correct.  

I see the neuro-psychiatrist tomorrow to discuss how the current treatments are being tolerated.

I have been taking the med at a low dose for hypothyroidism and this might be helping with cognition.  Not dramatically.  I will be tested in 4 weeks to discover how my body is responding.

I am in good cheer.  Mornings have been cooler so my morning long walks with the dogs are more pleasant.

I completed a project for the non-profit organization for which I am a board member.

Basically, I think feeling productive is helping to feed my good cheer.

I did not find a senior moving company, but will have packers come in to finish up before the move.

I continue to weed my belongings and unnecessary paperwork.  Tedious and difficult to assess progress.

Sometimes I forget and ease into the mode of expecting as much of myself as before my impairment.  Difficult habit to drop.

I don't generally like knick-knacks, but many have been gifted to me over the years.  I have neglected to donate them for fear of hurting the people who gave them to me.

Not anymore.  Clarity of space is more important and people who care about me will understand.

I wonder how long the memory associated with an object will stick with me.  Just a thought.

I am still feeling a bit overwhelmed, despite making progress and enjoying my days.  I have always felt so during a move, so it is nothing new.  I just don't know how I'll respond to the typical feeling associated with moving.

Following best practices as much as I can.  Sleep has been good.  Diet has been decent.  Lots of exercise daily.


Iris L.
Posted: Wednesday, September 16, 2020 8:50 PM
Joined: 12/15/2011
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Good for you, KawKaw, in finding a new house with no steps!  Also on getting packers.  I have so much stuff, myself.  Not so much knick-knacks, but stuff!  Probably books and magazines in boxes.  You're doing a great job!