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Just need to talk to my friends (131)
Posted: Tuesday, October 13, 2020 12:59 PM
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Hadn't meant to begin a new part of the thread right now but it's only a couple of days early so it's fine.

Thank you all for the sweet comments.  I feel the same way as you about the thread - it's OUR thread - not just mine. I treasure all the friendships I've made during these past years.  May never meet any of you I person but we're friends just the same.

I spent the better part of the morning out with the girls.  When I went to check earlier I saw a cow with a new baby a quarter mile from the house.  I knew both were okay because I could see the baby up trying to nurse so thought I'd let them rest a while before I got them up.  Went back an hour or so later, got around them and got them to the lot.  It's another little boy and as black as Bubba.  So, two new moms are up with their little boys.

Nothing else going on here this morning.  Sara, I have another loaf of bread going.    Butter beans are large limas, almost an inch long.  Really good and creamy.

Storycrafter, what a sweet story - something you'll always remember  What a nice surprise the ring must have been.  It's a lovely part of the country, so different from where I live.

Sara - thank you for the potato soup recipe.  I usually cook my onions a little bit, then put in the potatoes and cover them with water until they're almost tender.  Then, add more water.  I always put in a little bit of butter and milk at the end.  I think I'll try yours with the cream cheese. 

The cats are running amuck this morning - knocking things over.  We have cornices over the LR windows and I have those big copper-like trays leaning against the wall on them.  I heard this awful crash and saw one of them on the floor.  Sammy had gotten up there somehow - probably climbed the curtains - and knocked it off.  I got the broom and he's disappeared. 

I'll stop for now.  Did hear from Patsy a minute this morning - she doesn't sound good.

Sandy, thanks for the call.   I'll be back later. 



Posted: Tuesday, October 13, 2020 1:44 PM
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Wow.....posts were removed???  I missed the rumble. Was it the recipes ...the hair care...
Posted: Tuesday, October 13, 2020 2:51 PM
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McCott, I have a lot going on for me right now; beside being the soul caregiver for my wife, I recently had surgery for achalasia of the esophugus and now have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. What Lorita's stories and others had to do with alzheimer is to give individuals like me a outlit to discuss other interests with friends along with advice on care for our loved one.

Dealing with alzheimer is hard enough without negative thoughts of others who doesnt understand how just making friends thru normal conversations help a caregiver mentally. 


Jo C.
Posted: Tuesday, October 13, 2020 3:01 PM
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Hello everyone; thought I would drop in on the front porch, pull up a chair, slide off my shoes and set a spell while we chatted.  Why Lorita, how nice of you; thank you for the glass of lemonade.  Sure does hit the spot.

Ron, I have been thinkiing of you.   How unbelievably difficult to get that cancer diagnosis re yourself in the midst of such difficult caregiving issues with your dear wife. Has she continued on that ramped up slide in behaviors or has she been able to move back from that?  I wondered if she may have had a UTI.   You have been such a champion Ron, and your beloved wife has benefitted so much . . . you are also an amazing baker; all of that in one fellow; I think you have put some; well, most of us, to shame on that front.  I am anxiously waiting to hear what the doctor has to say. If treatment is radiation only as the NP mentioned, that will not be as constraining as other treatments might be.

Lorita, it has only been a couple of weeks since your dear sister died secondary to Alzheimer's Disease; how are you doing?  I understand how hard these last months have been and you had so much to do re not just her care facility, but also with her insurance issues and other items.  I am relieved for you that the funeral arrangments were so easily made, thanks to jfkoc's kind recommendations.  It has been a rough time for you; I am sorry.  

Nicole, how is that brain bleed afermath doing with your LO?  All that on top of dementia care, it really has been one dickens of a year for you; hope things move to a better stance from here.

Sayra; it seems as though you have been able to manage the issues with your mother's dementia much more smoothly.  Looks like standing back a bit and keeping things in place for her has worked out well; you do so much, it puts me to shame. By the way, I bet your mother  enjoyed that cake you brought to her.  Did you save me a slice?  (Grin.)

And our friends from "down under," Australia and New Zealand.  Wow!  We are international here!   Hard to think that as we move into winter, our down under friends are moving into their summer; strange old globe we live on.   The losses down under have been difficult, and Sandy; you have been such a lesson on managing grief and rising up in all of it despite such a steep emotional loss; could not be easy and that has to be an understatement.   Our other dear down under friend; how are things going with your husband; he has been having a rough time of it. 

jfkoc; I was thinking about those beautiful poems your husband wrote.  The one he wrote about Venice after he was diagnosed; it really touched me deeply.  It would be lovely to read that again.   Frankly, it is worthy of being published.  It is brilliant and done before he lost that ability which makes it shine and even more precsious.

Joan; all those preserves you have put up; so MANY jars.  I wish I lived next door; but then I would have snow.  You must still feel the cloeness of your dear husband in your house; I find myself talking to my LO from time to time, it is okay; it is just something I do.

For all of you on Medicare, be SURE you read the "Medicare and You 2021" handbook that is being sent out or has been sent out.  It is FULL of information and inserts some new information.  So much can go wrong with the tiniest steps if we do not know what we do not know.  Especially pay attention to the "Inpatient versus Outpatient" status; a person can be an "Outpatient" for days and days getting care in a regular hospital bed and family does not figure it out and letters that are supposed to be given can go awry; so be sure you check that out.  If your LO is in the hospital, ask the admitting doctor to make him/her an inpatient, and then check each and EVERY day to ensure it stays that way.  

Not to do that will put your LO or yourself under Part B pay only and you will end up owing a huge amount; and also, even in the hospital for days and days; if an outpatient it does NOT count towards the qualifying days for Rehab.  Caveat emptor for sure.

Time for me to be off, so guess I'd best put my shoes back on; see you all a bit later, and for heavens sake Lady Z; have you taken in any new visitors?   It must be like running a bed and breakfast sometimes; you are a very generous person.  By the way; I am packing my suitcase and coming up; see you in a few days!   (Don't faint, only joking!)

 Okay; I am off . . . but you already all knew that!   Ha!


Posted: Tuesday, October 13, 2020 3:38 PM
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Hi everyone,

Yes Miss JoC there is a piece in the freezer with your name on it.  It took awhile JoC but stepping back has helped me to deal more calmly with things.  Very thankful for God and you guys that listen quietly when I do need to vent a little and that give me an outlet to have a normal conversation, thank you.  It is so helpful to me.  

Have always loved sitting on the porch since a child.  My one grandpa was quite old, probably 70-75 when I was born, and deaf as a post.  He lived to be 99 I believe.  Loved sitting in the swing on the porch with him.  Our entertainment was swatting flies with his homemade fly swatters. It is a wonderful memory for me.

Lorita I like frozen Lima beans but have not tried the dry ones.  Since my mom has dementia she doesn’t eat them much.  Fix potato soup both ways and like it both ways.  

Jean, my friend who has Alzheimer’s, is getting a little help now.  She pays for it out of pocket but they come twice a week for two hours.  They are also helping her to get to some appointments.  Going to get groceries for her and mom Thursday.

Took mom about half of the cake.  It gives her an excuse to go to the neighbors lol.  She takes them some of about everything I bring.  That is ok because the lady is bad off with cancer and seems to get some enjoyment out of it.

Thank you for mentioning that about outpatient vs inpatient status in case I would need to be aware of that with mom.  Appreciate your help.  Will try to remember to read it too.

Ron good to hear from you.  Have never told you this but in your picture you look like an uncle of mine that was one of my favorites as a child.  He died when I was fairly young but have great  memories.  He brought me the first zero bar I ever ate, love them to this day And always think of him when I eat one.

Thank each and everyone of you for visiting with me on the porch today.  We are all friends here because now or in the past we have or are dealing with something that has changed our life forever and we are doing the best we can.

Will talk to you all later. Take care


Posted: Tuesday, October 13, 2020 3:45 PM
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Hello Friends,

Sara,    That potato soup recipe looks good I will give that a try. I love creamy soups.

Ron,     Please take care of you and Lou you both are in my prayers.

Lorita,   It seems like your girls are having a lot of  babies, congratulations on your new one. Is the total number of babies 5 right now?  

Jo,        No I have not taken in any new visitors and yes it feels like a Bed & Breakfast including Lunch & Dinner. I have enjoyed the visit. My Nephew gets on the train tomorrow at 8pm and arrives in Sacramento 6am Thurs morning. My Niece is still here she is the one with Bipolar she is trying her best to be happy and so far were are getting along. As far as her dog Brodie and my Molly they still walk circles around each other with Brodies teeth showing and Mollys hair standing straight up on her back. I would like to say its getting better with them but only time will tell. And you keep Keep packing I got plenty of room.

Its pretty cold here not good porch sitting weather, its 55 and the wind is blowing pretty hard. Looks like we will be getting some rain later today.

Take Care all. Hugs Zetta 

Posted: Tuesday, October 13, 2020 4:15 PM
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For Jo;

We’ll Go to Venice

We’ll go to Venice, you and I

In the winter, when no one else is there.

We’ll sip a Turkish coffee and shiver among the pigeons,

You and I alone, in Saint Mark’s Square.

We’ll brave the bitter wind, cold off the Adriatic,

In a vaporetto or walking here and there.

We’ll take a room in a small hotel, over the Grand Canal,

Shuttered windows, opened to the air.

And I’ll stand at the window and look out at Venice and the canal,

And you’ll ask “What’s the matter, why do you stare?”

And “Is everything all right?” But I’ll only say

“Nothing, nothing at all. It’s just that I am dying dear.”

No, we’ll never go to Venice, you and I.

In winter, or in any other time of year.

Jo C.
Posted: Tuesday, October 13, 2020 4:42 PM
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Thank you Judith.  It is so very beautiful; it brings tears to my eyes.  What an amazing writing from such a bright man.  I am not being false when saying it is such an excellent writing, it could be published in a fine vehicle that takes such writings.  If you wish to have it published, I can well imagine that with the back story it would give it wings.

Again; thank you.  If it is alright, I would like to copy and keep it.   Not to do anything with it except to read it again now and then.  It is that good.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and for pleasure of reading your husbands work once again.


Posted: Tuesday, October 13, 2020 5:33 PM
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Ron, I hope things are better with Lou.  Things can change from day to day as you know.  Hope she's not sundowning too much.  I think you said your doctor's appointment is the 21st?  It'll be here before you know it although I know the time does pass slowly. 

 Jo - it was a most beautiful day to sit on the porch.  I didn't but have been in and out many times.  Stormy and Sheena have been outside all day.  I like Country Time Pink Lemonade but don't seem to drink it too much - mostly hot tea in the mornings and iced tea in the afternoons along with lots of water.  I did find I could order Pepsi from both WM and Amazon so I order that from time to time.  Now, if I could order milk and dairy products I'd be set. Before too long it'll be too cold here to sit on the porch.  I do wish we could have two or three months of this kind of weather.  Dread the ice and snow.

 I do miss Lorita a lot - just missing knowing she's over there and being able to talk with her.  The last couple of times I did talk with her she didn't make much sense - just kind of babbled.  I think I mentioned the MCC sent me a sheet with three pictures of her - I was shocked to see how much weight she had lost - must have been fairly recent because not too long ago they called me to tell me she'd outgrown her clothes so I sent her a larger size - probably started losing weight soon after.  I don't know if I mentioned it but Sarah is going to donate her clothes to the MCC and she has a lot of them at home that she'll do the same.  I know there are people there who could use them.

 Thanks for the information about the new Medicare laws.  I did receive mine but haven't read it.  I just heard on our local news that OKC is completely out of ICU beds and are sending patients to Tulsa.  They said they do have a surge hospital in case they need it.  Really doesn't sound good for the next few months if things don't improve.  Also heard the Oklahoma Senate Democrats have sent a letter to our Governor Stitt urging him to take stronger measures to fight against the virus.  Absolutely makes a person not want to go anywhere.   I dread having to go into town every couple of weeks for feed but I'm going to talk with our feed store owner and see if I can get it set up so I won't have to go inside and just pay them with a credit card.  The three little girls are going into the feeder so it's time to put some feed in for them.

 Sara, so glad the measures you took last year regarding your mother has helped things even out for you.  You seem content and have learned so much about gardening and making things this year.  Glad your friend is getting some help.  Are you still going to continue to buy groceries for her?  I ordered a face shield but haven't received it yet - Thursday, I think.

 You know the front porch, and back porch, got a lot of use when I was growing up.  I can remember on hot summer nights (before we had air conditioning) we'd sometimes sleep on the front porch.  One year - I think it was the year Eisenhhower was elected, it was very hot and mother and daddy moved a bed out under a tree.  My mother's brothers and their families visited a lot and sometimes the porch was almost full of sleeping people.  We never thought anything about spiders or snakes - I would now and would be afraid to sleep out there.

 Zetta, you're right - there are five new babies - oldest one about a month or so old.  Three little girls and two boys.  Wish it could have been six.  I'm not sure now how many more there'll be.  Guess I should figure out how many heifers we have - seems like those are the ones calving right now.

 Still hoping that Brodie and Molly will become friends.  Do they fuss over their food?  I remember when I brought Stormy home - had only had Sheena about a month but since he was a baby things went well.  Already had Sheena, Bella and Susie - everyone got along. 

 Judith, what a sweet and sad poem.  I know you treasure it and probably brings tears to your eyes every time you read it.  It did to mine.  Sometimes it's surprising how much they do know about what's happening.

 I hope you're staying in and staying well.  It's getting scary to be out and about.  Todd told me he went to take a Covid test the last time I talked with him.  He was kind of worried because some of the people they worked for didn't wear masks - he and his crew do. 

 Sara - the loaf of bread turned out nice - didn't eat that first warm piece.  Had some of those butter beans and cornbread for supper.  I cook about a pound of them at one time - just put them in the slow cooker, cover with water and cook on high, adding more hot water as needed, until they're as tender as I like.  I don't add any seasoning except salt and pepper but I know they'd be good with a piece of ham cooked with them.

 I'd better stop - about time for the world news and I need to check on Casper (new baby) - named him after his greatgrandfather? not sure.  Did I mention both boys are black and the three girls are brown - now turning black? 

 Hope all of you have a good evening and a good night's sleep.  Thanks, guys.



Posted: Tuesday, October 13, 2020 5:50 PM
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Thanks for thinking of me. Yes things have been 'interesting' with my DH in the last few weeks. Incidentally, on Oct 4th, it was exactly 4 years since I placed him in the NH. He has lost so much; now has virtually no memory, has difficulty standing up from a chair, and walks so very slowly with tiny steps. Can't use a walker or stick, can only walk with someone holding his hand. Haven't shared a meal with him for months, thanks to covid, but suspect he would have trouble using knives and forks. Still loves cake and sweets. Must be eating OK as he hasn't lost weight.   

The incident started on a Saturday, when the NH rang me to say DH had had a fall. He stood up from a chair, lost his balance and went straight down, Landed on his bottom. They were sure he had not hit his head, could find no damage at all. I saw him the next day for 30minutes, and thought he was as normal.

Then they rang me on Monday evening to say he could not stand or walk, so were sending him to ER for xRays. Our free public hospitals have waiting times that extend for hours, so I chose to take him to a private hospital despite the expense, especially as it was already 5.30pm. He was fully checked and X rayed, all clear. I left him about 8.30 when he went to sleep, the ambulance finally delivered him back to the NH about 1am, where he had something to eat and was put back to bed.

Saw him again on Wednesday morning, he still couldn't walk and staff had him in a wheelchair. Discovered both his calves were swollen and a sock had bitten deeply into the right calf. He complained of pain in buttocks and left thigh, got the staff started on massage and extra pain medication. Saw him again on Sunday and he was out of wheelchair, walking very slowly. Following Tuesday staff reported bruises on left thigh, but they were obviously very old and fading. Probably all due to the original fall.

He is failing. At least once lately when I helped him stand, he said 'don't know how to walk', but started anyway. Another day he told me that staff had told him Barbara was coming to visit 'but Barbara doesn't exist.' Don't know who he thought I was at that time. But he still tells me he loves me, and how much he enjoys my visits.

I too value this group so much, for unquestioning love and support. I grew up on a farm in Australia, and love reading about Loriata's farm _such a resemblance yet so many contrasts with my memories. If I still had a veranda [Australian for porch] I would sit on it everyday with you all.


Posted: Tuesday, October 13, 2020 6:49 PM
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Barbara, so very sorry for your husband's decline but glad it is a little better.  Those falls can really cause damage.  My sister had a fall or two, broke a hip and ankle on opposite sides, had surgery and then the decline.  It seems falls and the resulting damage can do so much to start a decline.

Hopefully, he will continue to improve. Wonderful that you can spend a little time with him.  Hard to believe it's been four years but probably seems longer to you.

Glad you enjoy the farm stories. I've lived on this farm my entire 78 years except for maybe two scattered throughout those years.  I would like to always be here but only God knows what the future holds. My sweet neighbor told another neighbor who was also lost to alz that when he died he wanted to be on his tractor - he's 83  or 84 still going strong, putting up his own hay and running lots of cattle.  So, guess I'm hoping that when I leave this world I'll still be here on the farm, doing what I'm doing now.

Hope you're doing all right but know you're worried.  Please keep us up to date on how things are.

Just went out to check on the new baby - he got up and had a snack.  She's keeping him in the lot.  Bubba was laying in a bed of purple basil when I went out.  They'll be great friends.

Hope all of you have a restful evening.

Posted: Tuesday, October 13, 2020 7:11 PM
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Judith the poem is beautiful.

Will continue to shop for Jean.  They are just there two hours twice a week.  They help her with part of her bath (washing her back), do a little house cleaning.  She told me the lady massaged her arms, legs and back.  She was so happy with that.

Barbara know all of this is hard on you.  

Good night everyone

Posted: Tuesday, October 13, 2020 7:32 PM
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To JFKOC -- Well, if you really want to go to Venice after the plague is over,  I am fluent in Italian and a retired Professor of History, specializing in Italy.  Let me know : )

I will need company, and if I recall, your husband was an academic specializing in James Joyce -- did I get that one right?  I will confess that I have never been able to read Ulysses, but am otherwise fairly well read.
Jo C.
Posted: Tuesday, October 13, 2020 10:56 PM
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Barbara, what an awful fall your husband had; glad to see he is mending from that.  I am sorry for all that is happening; it is really tragic experiencing all of the heartbreak in  declines.   I  wonder what the time difference is for where you are in your area of Australia versus where we are here.  I do not know where in Australia you are located.  I think you are far from Sandy; but I do not recall where she is either; well, at least I have Australia right!  How are you feeling?  Haven't heard much about how it is going for you at this time, so; how are you doing?.  Pretty soon you will be in the thick of your summer; and all of the folks who live in snow country over here will be wishing they could join you. 

When we are in the dog days of summer, we cannot wait for winter; when we are in the throes of the worst of winter, we are looking for summer.  Mother Nature is not always such a loving mother.  I wish she would give us spring and autumn and leave the rest; but alas.

I am in SoCal, so right now, it is 8:00 pm my time; which wouild be 10:00 pm Lorita's time.  We are Pacific Standard Time where we are.  Crazy how that all works.  I am often trying to figure out time zones.

Barbara you have been through so much with your husband; by the date on your avatar, you have been here for six years.  Six years, imagine!  I have been here since 2006.  Cannot believe it has been that long.  My avatar date is incorrect since the time they changed the entire Board from the old one to the new.

Sayra; you saved me some cake!  Thank you; I know it is going to be delicious.  As for the fruit peels and egg shells, etc. for the garden.  My grandfather used to till egg shells, coffee grounds and even some fruit peels into his huge garden; all his vegetables were beautiful and really delicious.  I wonder if dehydrating and powdering the items would remove some of their good "nutrition" for the soil; don't know; just wondering.

Lady Z., it is good to know that your niece has been taking her meds for her bipolar disorder and that thus far it has kept her in good stead; perhaps this time she will continue on that positive course with her meds unlike some former times.  Really difficult for everyone when things slide sideways.  You really are a compassionate and thoughtful person.

Judith, I have read your husband's poem again and again; it so resonates and touches me deeply.  In our travels, we loved Italy so much.  No tours ever when traveling; we drive.  That was interesting in Italia; us driving 105 mph on the autostrada and being passed like we were standing still.  We stayed so much in the country and did indeed stay in those wonderful, lovely small hotels that always seemed to have shuttered windows overlooking beautiful spaces.  For a time we stayed gratis as guests at the Castello di Gargonza, what an experience.  It is in country hills between Arezzo and Sienna.  It has been there since the 1300's; Dante evidently was supposed to have done some writing there when he was in an upheaval.   It is now quite redone inside; when we stayed there it was more "rustico," and I liked it that way.

Venice - if I could get rid of the crowds, oh boy; but it was always packed, so we retreated to the country and the small villages.  We had no plans, no agendas, just kept driving and visiting so many places; meeting many wonderful people,  and the hill towns!  Even the streets that were going down somehow seemed to be going,"up," I never walked so many miles uphill, uphill, uphill . . . gasp, groan!  Many, many adventures making a memory tapestry.   Grateful.

Lorita, your dear sister,, she would have been so touched by all your care if she was able to understand it.  So thoughtful to have given the lovely clothes that you bought her to the NH "closet." Many are in need and they will be put to good use.  It has been such a short time since her passing, it must still seem unreal at times.

I am also sorry to hear about the loss of the new calf; it is sad to lose a baby; is the mother still at loose ends with the loss?  However, in your ranch maternity ward, you have had really good outcomes for most all of the little ones.  I had to grin at the word picture of new little boy, Bubba, lying in a cloud of purple basil; he found a perfect place to lie down.  Kind of reminds me of that cartoon bull, Ferdinand who loved flowers; he was such a funny character.

Sure would be a delight if we really all could sit on the porch and spend some time together; can you imagine?   We would talk ourselves silly. Lorita, no worries about winter or the weather; on our front porch, it is always nice weather and always soft, lazy afternoons.  We can decide it is whatever we want it to be.

Getting tired, yawning, need to go brush my teeth and get myself to bed where I will probably wake up and then have to wind down again.  Ah well; tis what tis. Wishing good sleep and soft dreams for everyone,


Posted: Tuesday, October 13, 2020 11:57 PM
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Judith, thank you for sharing your husband's poem. It is beautiful and profoundly moving....

So glad to see everyone on the front porch and to hear your thoughts. Thanks so much for being here!


Posted: Wednesday, October 14, 2020 1:03 AM
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Well aren’t we a chatty bunch today.  

Barbara, so sorry to hear of Graham’s decline and his fall. It must be so hard for you not being able to spend the time with him that you would normally, I know how it is affecting the residents of our facilities here, and their relatives.   Gosh, 4 years since he has been in there, time just goes doesn’t it?     We have just had a few positive cases in our area, so they have closed our facilities down completely again.  So far our village has been completely free of any cases, so it is working.  I even have been asked to isolate for a week after my day surgery, seems a bit of overkill but I am complying. 

Yes, Jo, we are a long way apart.  I live in the south western suburbs of Sydney and Barbara is in Adelaide, South Australia .   The border between our states is open at the moment, and so long as we don’t get too many positive cases will stay that way.  I certainly hope so anyway, because I have a trip planned for next  year over there,  in my little home on wheels.  Drive to the Murray River, do a river cruise on a paddle steamer, then go to Adelaide and Kangaroo Island.   Then maybe...probably!!!...go to the wineries!   But all that is in the lap of the virus gods at the moment.

Like all of you, I feel as if we are friends, and I’m just about to head for my verandah and think about what to have for my evening meal.  While I have a nice cool drink

Cheers for now.   Sandra

Posted: Wednesday, October 14, 2020 6:29 AM
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Hope you had a nice supper Sandra.

Think you guys are a little or really way more smarter over there.  Here people are coming and going and spreading, c/o losing their freedom. Those of us trying to avoid that scene are isolated and missing the freedom others are taking from us by their actions.  Much easier and quicker to nip something in the bud than to put out a wildfire.

The fall leaves are getting even prettier.  The picture attached is behind my neighbors house.  The chain link fence is my yard.

Take care.

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Posted: Wednesday, October 14, 2020 11:28 AM
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 Jo, the heifer who lost her baby is hypervigilant - like she's listening.  This morning when I was out with them she was down by the pond with one of the little calves  She started toward the pasture where she lost her calf but came back.  At least I haven't heard her bawling which happens many times - just breaks my heart when that happens. 

 Bubba was laying in the purple basil again this morning - maybe he thinks it hides him, not sure.  The other mom - Elsie and Casper haven't come out of the lot yet. I did see him nursing this morning.  I gave both of them some hay.  I think Bubba's mom may be intimidating to Elsie - I saw her back her away from the hay so gave her some in another place.  I think I'm going to have to call the vet because Elsie and the heifer who lost her baby haven't passed the afterbirth yet, or all of it.    Not sure why that sometimes happens.

 Sarah and Todd were going over to the MCC late yesterday to pick up a few things of my sisters.  Haven't talked with her this morning - she had a doctor's appointment - really hope she was able to keep it.

 It's windy here this morning and kind of cool but sunny.  Had a couple of pieces of toast from the bread I made - it absolutely makes the best toast I've ever tasted.  I'm thoroughly hooked on baking my own bread.  There's really no comparison to the store-bought - is there, Sara?

 I'm watching CNN and they just showed a map of the US showing how the states are faring - all but two or three are having many more cases each day - orange and red have increasing numbers.  It also showed a map from a little while back and many of the states were green which means they were doing good.  Sounds like the Pres. is encouraging herd immunity.  Maybe that's why he's having all the rallies and getting so many people close together.  If only he'd listen to Drs. Fauci, Reiner and Gupta. Sara, you're so right about Australia doing the right thing and we're doing nothing or at least not being encouraged from the top to do anything.  Just think, if we'd do what we should - wear masks, etc., we could get this under control.  I saw this morning that another drug company has stopped their work on a new vaccine because of another sickness.  

 I called the feed store this morning and Tracy said they've been doing what I was thinking about for many people.  Calling in and giving them your order, paying by check or credit card and not having to go inside.  Normally you have to sign the order slip but no longer.  In fact, the last time I bought feed in early March I didn't have to sign anything - and they had a big piece of plexi-glass at the counter.  They do have the Tuff-Stuff stock tanks so I'll get one of those.  Now to make the appointment with the tire shop for the PU.  I may wait until Friday because there's a little chance of showers here tomorrow and I don't want to get the feed wet.

 No call from Patsy this morning - I'll call her in a bit and see how she is. 

 Seems like people are really trying to vote - some standing in line for hours.  This is probably the most important election in years. 

 Sara, your picture is beautiful.  It looks like you must have a big yard.  Don't you just love trees?  Some day I'm going to count how many trees we have.  So far I haven't noticed that the Bradford pears are turning red yet - maybe later.

 I was able to clip Sheena's toenails this morning.  When Stormy and I came back she was laying in the yard and I went over to pet her and she flipped onto her back.  I got the clippers and trimmed the nails on  all four feet.  They were long.  Stormy's pretty good about getting his trimmed.  Best way to do his is to do them while he's laying in the Gator.

 Waiting for a reply from Alz. to see how to do something.  I'll be back later.  Hope everyone's well this morning.  Zetta - really hoping Molly and Brodie will become friends.

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McCott....My husband had a degree in clinical psychology, was a Navy strike pilot and then an aviation attorney. When he retired at 75 it was his goal to write a book on literary moral philosophy beginning with James Joyce. My preference in literature runs to Sidney Sheldon. How's that for a difference. I guess he was academic by choice not profession? I never quite understood him but was ever grateful that he put up with

I would love to go to Venice with you. OK if we drop down to Ravenna to see the mosaics and then down the coast into the boot? Just thinking about such a trip is wonderful. Who else wants to go to Italy with someone who speaks Italian? What spots do you want to go to? We have not been on a virtual trip in a while...let'sgo.

Australia....I continue to be surprised at the size. Deep in my mind it is an island far away. Thank you "Aussies" for the education. are "tucked away in the pocket next to our heart" collectively....

Jo...of course you may copy the poem. I likely have said before that I had no idea how beautifully he wrote until after he died when I started going through his  things. 

Love the fall it is brown and down. 


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Okay, you bakers - Sara and others:  I just took the spice pumpkin muffins out of the oven - they look good - but... I had four eggs left from the last time I bought some -sometime in June.  Normally I do the float test but today I had already cracked an egg before I thought of it.  It looked good, smelled fine and the inside of the shell smelled okay.  I used it.  I tried the float test on the other three - two  stood on end in the water, didn't float, the third one was a little higher in the water. So, I broke it - it looked and smelled fine.   So - if the egg I used wasn't good - is it safe to eat the muffins?  Will I be able to tell by taste of the muffins if it wasn't good?

 We've raised chickens and sold eggs - always ate the cracked ones and sold the good ones.  Never had a problem at all.  Now that I'm 78 I guess I'm second-guessing myself.

 Should I eat the muffins?  Can't give them to the dogs because I added chocolate chips.

Posted: Wednesday, October 14, 2020 3:30 PM
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Hello All,

Lorita,  I have never heard of the egg test. How does it work? I eat a lot of eggs so mine probably are  not around long enough to go bad. Unless I get some bad ones at the store. 

Lorita  I sure don't know how you can remember all the girls and their babies. I love the stories you tell us about them.  

Judith,  That was a lovely poem that your husband wrote. 

Sara,  That is a very pretty picture of your back yard. I also have a lot of green grass in my  backyard one of these days I will have my son show me how to send pictures. The problem I have sending pictures is I have a old phone and I can send the pictures to my computer so he does that for me. One of these days I will have to get me a new phone I am not looking forward to that and having to learn how to use it.

Barbara,   Sorry to hear of you husbands decline and fall. You will be in my prayers.

I will be putting my nephew on Amtrak this evening and 10 hours later he will be getting to Sacramento. The train he gets on circles from Los Angles to Seattle and back, so he will be getting on, on its return trip tp L.A.    I love riding the train I have taken that same train and got off in Seattle. We got him a big bag full of sandwiches, chips, cookies and water. There is a snack bar on the train but I am not sure with the virus if it will even be open. 

I have enjoyed his stay but as they say its nice when the arrive and nicer when they leave. 

Take care all. Hugs Zetta   


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Sorry won’t be much help Lorita.  Have never tested an egg, like Zetta, would not know how to do it.  Never have kept an egg that long either lol.

The grass I planted is coming up real nicely.  We got about a half inch of rain few days ago and that really helped it grow a lot.  Giving a little rain tonight and tomorrow.  This is the second time this year that Have sowed grass and it has done well.  Giving me confidence so may try some other thin spots next year Good Lords willing. 

Got meat today.  Have a pretty good stash now.  

Tomorrow picking up curbside at Kroger for mom, Jean and myself.  

Take care everyone.

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 Sara and Zetta - about the egg test.  Fill a deep bowl with water and put in an egg at a time, or two.  If the egg lays on the bottom, it's good; if it stands on end it's still good but you need to use it pretty soon; if it floats, it's not good.  I always do this, or almost always, when I have older eggs.  I don't eat many of them, mostly use them for baking.  This time I cracked it before I thought so couldn't do it.  The yolk stood up and was bright, white was clear and it smelled all right - as did the shell.  So, it was probably okay.  I cracked another one that semi-floated and it looked good, too, so froze it.  May not be good frozen but we'll see.

 Zetta, it will seem lonesome when your nephew is gone even though it'll be good to be back to normal, even with your other visitor there.  When we'd have company, if only for a few hours, it seemed lonesome when they left.

 Sara - the only grass seed I've ever planted was Bermuda grass.  We had had the pond deepened and there was a big bank on each side made from the dirt from the pond.  We were told it's awfully hard to get Bermuda grass seed to come up but we tried and it came up and has covered both sides now.  So glad yours worked.  I don't bother with our yard at all - very little grass in it because it's so shady.  I'd rather have the shade than the grass.

 Worried a bit now about the new baby not getting enough milk.  Just now I got them together and baby's persistent about trying - doesn't look like there's much milk.  I thought I might be able to check her while he was nursing but she'd have none of it.  I may call Mike after while and see if he thinks he should do something about the afterbirth now or wait.  If he comes I'll ask him to check her.  I had wanted to get the other heifer up this afternoon so he could look after her, too, but they didn't go into the barn today.

 Sarah called - the doctor's office called her and rescheduled her appointment until tomorrow - they  had had someone come in with the virus so had to disinfect.  Same thing with the MCC where her grandmother was.  This is only the second case I'm aware of in the MCC - the other was an employee -  not sure if this is a patient or employee.  Maybe Sarah will find out tomorrow.

 Going to stop and watch the world news, such as it is.  Seems like herd immunity is being pushed on one side.  Looks like there's tons of people voting already.  They're talking voter suppression.

 Hope you all have a good evening and a good night's rest.

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10 hour waiting line to vote in Georgia. One ballot drop off for Harris county, TX...over 4 million people. Virginia web site "broke" so stall in registration.

I watched all of the Senate hearings today and yesterday. When Amy introduced her children she said "my adopted daughter from Haiti". The same for a son. I was adopted. Never introduced or referred to as "adopted daughter".  I can only imagine how those two children must feel. 

We over seed the lawn every fall. Not sure why but it sure looks good.

I have never frozen and egg shell on. I so freeze them....each egg is shelled and beaten together first.

So are going to Italy with us, si?

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Hi all,

Today I finally got the banks to open up my uncle's accounts so I can pay his bills (my husband and I have paid so many and will be reimbursed later) my husband really stepped up and helped so much. Of course can't say the same for other family members. But isn't that how it always is?

My cousin called me a few days ago, she's in the rehabilitation part of her recovery. She told me her Dr told her she has legions on her spine, they don't know as of yet if they're cancerous. We're all praying it's not.


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Didn't freeze it in the shell just put it in a little container. A while back I beat one up and froze it but don't know how it is.  Do you freeze them often and are they good?

What about the adopted daughter?  I watched a bit of it.

Seems like there's going to be more people vote this time than ever before.

I saw Dr. Atlas on Anderson Cooper.  Not sure but he sounded like he thought herd immunity might be all right. Another interview with another doctor said it would be mass murder with over two million deaths and not just one time.

Nicole, glad they opened up the account so you could take care of business.  You're so right- there's always one family member who takes care of things.  It was my mother in her family.

Really hope the lesions aren't cancer.  Your cousin  be in my prayers, too.

Time for Chris Cuomo - he really looks his brother!

Jo C.
Posted: Thursday, October 15, 2020 6:29 AM
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Hello Ron, if I am correct, I think that today is the day you see the doctor re treatment plans.   Just want you to know I am thinking of you and will be throughout the day.


Jo C.
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Though I have heard of it, I have never done the water/egg test.  I am one of those folks who, "if there is any doubt, throw it out." And I tend to overdue it; those darned Microbiology classes.   You will probably be okay Lorita because the muffins were baked in a hot oven, so hopefully any bacteria IF there was any, would have been killed.

I do know that eggs must be refrigerated at about 40 degrees, so if they were, that is good.  Google can tell us how long it is safe to keep eggs.   I think that it is salmonella that is the big concern with eggs.  My DH makes the very, very best tuna/egg salad ever.   Only problem is when he does that, he makes enough for an entire army.   Not good to have that around too long.  I won't eat it after a two or three days, but he continues on and he is still standing.

 Sayra, I really liked the photos you sent; how wonderful to have those trees making a colorful portrait in your back yard.  I am originally from the U.P. of Michigan, surrounded by forests and many trees in town.   LOVE autumn; the colors are so beautful.  As the leaves fall there were always so many on the sidewalks and yard; loved hearing the crunch as they were stepped on.   When I was a child, my father would rake the leaves up in a big pile to dispose of; he would get the big pile and then let me run and jump onto the pile - so much fun and it smelled so good.  Now; in SoCal, no color and no leaf piles; I miss it.

 I really like your large back yard; the grass is such a lovely green; it is a blessing to have so much space unlike where we are in SoCal with most homes having handkerchief sized yards.  Do you mow it by hand?  That would be a lot of mowing and a lot of clippings to dispose of.

 Sandra, I did look up the time difference between Adelaide and Sydney to Los Angeles County; you are about 18 hours ahead of us give or take 30 minutes between the two Australian cities.  So; I am 4:45 am here, which means you are about 10:45 pm your time, give or take.  Big difference.  Nitey-nite.

Are you still reading a lot?  I sure have been especially at night, but nothing dealing with facts.  I read fiction only; have enough "facts" being thrown at me on the news, overloaded with it.  I have an extensive library on my Kindle, so I have been going back and reading novels I have not read in forever.   I just finished Maeve Binchey's, "Light a Penny Candle."  Gosh, that was a really, really good one.  She has such a way with words and her characters are wonderful .  I know you are a fan of hers.  Scottish equivalent is author, Rosemary Pilcher.  Her characters are also very rich and plots are engaging.   I also liked Elizabeth George as an author; she must be read in chronological order as after initial books, she uses the same characters and one book builds on another.   I also read a lot of suspense, mystery, etc.  Just give me a good story and I am off and running in pure joy.  Been that way all my life, even as a child.

I have also re-read my favorite, "Pillars of the Earth," and the sequel, "World Without End," well worth doing.  Great huge books. I rarely read a novel twice, but these will be read again after some time has passed, they are that good.  Get so caught up with the characters I can hardly put the book down at night.

Still smiling about little calf Bubba who keeps finding purple basil to lie down on; it must feel really good to him.  Now all he needs is a little "bankie," and a pacifier, oh geeze, I am in need of an infant to hold once again.  Not a baby, toddler or small child in the family; sure do miss holding and cuddling little ones and reading to them and playing with them.

Lorita; I too had heard about the voter suppresion in Texas, it boggles the mind in the smallness and even one could say, the evil of it.  However; the big suppresssion attempt with only ONE ballot box for each county in Texas such as in the entire Harris County which encompasses the huge city of Houston, has found its way . . . (Harris county is one of the three largest counties in the entire U.S.; that one county is nearly 1800 miles large - one ballot box for 1800 miles - egregious to say the least.)  Well; the suppression appears to have backfired on the governor.  People in Harris County are turning out in way, way record crowds to vote; more than has happened ever before.  They are waiting in lines for six and more hours;   I am SO proud of them!  Amazing how people demand their voices be heard within their consitutional rights, and they have put their will and energy into it.  The elderly and those with health issues and the disabled are put at disadvantage by such skullduggery; shameful and I am so sorry to know that can happen in our country. 

 Zetta, what a really lovely thing to do putting together all the sandwiches, snacks and water for your nephew to take on the train; I bet he will be thanking you over and over on that long trip.  It may well be that the food car is not operating due to the pandemic.  As it is, it will save him a small fortune as train food is pricey and not always of good quality in the train version of the 7-eleven.

  Oh my; regretful that the new candidate for the Supremes introduced all seven children as her children EXCEPT introducing two of them as, "my adopted son, my adopted daughter and where they came from."   It chilled me; how can a parent be so obtuse and not understand how much that hurts.  It would have been far more appropriate and loving as a parent to simply introduce them just as she did the others. Sure hope those children are included whole heartedly within the family.  Really, as my grandmother would have said, "Shame, shame on you."  It makes me cringe.  Wonder if  she may have thought it was good for her image?   Backfire.  Ah well; we live in "interesting times."  No excuse for singling out and possibly hurting children.  Never.

 It is a brand new day; wonder what it will bring, may we all find something kind, and good even if for a small flash within the day.  Best and warmest thoughts being sent to all of you.



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 Jo, this morning before I got up I looked on our thread and saw one from you to Ron about this maybe e being  the day of his appointment.  I don't see it now.  Weird, crazy things happening with my laptop and tablet - or maybe it's just me.  I thought his appointment was on the 22nd but not sure.

 Bubba is so cute and growing like a weed.  Little Casper is thin and wanting to nurse.  I called Mike last night about whether he should do something about the two cows with afterbirths not being passed and the possibility this heifer doesn't have enough milk.  Sometimes it takes a while for the milk to come down.  But, I couldn't stand it any more - came in and fixed a bottle for Casper.  Took it out, got his mother in the pen and gave him the bottle and he took the whole thing.  Then, let he and his mom together and he was latching on again.  I'll watch.  I always feel if I can get a baby to take a bottle, everything will be okay even if he becomes another bottle baby.  Haven't had one in quite some time.

 I saw all the girls this morning and everyone seems okay.  Opened the gate so maybe all of them will come in north of the house and I'll be able to get the other heifer in the lot so he can take care of both of them.

 It's cool here this morning and cloudy.  Going to be really cold tonight.  Sara, I envy people who are in areas where the trees turn pretty colors in the fall - makes a person feel so good to see those pretty leaves.  I noticed another hackberry as I went out on the porch but forgot to look when I came in - will check later.

 I had one of those muffins last night and I'm up and around this morning so guess they're okay.  Jo, I used to carpool with a nurse epidemiologist at the VA Hospital so know a bit of what your talking about. 

 Nothing planned for today except I need to do dishes in the worst way.  I always think I'll keep up with them but here I am again.  I've had dishwashers but they were the kind you have to move to the sink - not a built in.  Don't want to worry with that any more.

 It's so sad to see what's going on in our country.  The idea of herd immunity - why in the world don't they listen to people who know.  Seems like everything's going wrong - I'll be so glad when the election is over - if it turns out the right way.  If it doesn't who knows where we'll be this time next year. 

 I, too, am so proud of all those people standing in line all those hours to vote.  They interviewed one lady who had been in line a long time and asked her why she was voting early.  Her reason - there might be a storm on election day or I might be ill or a family member might be ill.  This way I'll have it done and know it's counted.  I can't understand why someone can't say "stop it" you're doing it all wrong - but who is that person or persons going to be.  I heard eleven million people had already voted.  Will really be interesting to see what the voter turnout will be - hoping it will be more than ever before.  Also heard there were almost 60,000 new cases yesterday - haven't heard about Oklahoma yet.

 Judith, after reading your post again and Jo's, I see what you mean about how Barrett introduced her kids.  I bet it make those two feel bad.  She's really dodging answering questions.

 I better stop and finish my hot tea while it is hot.  Also gotta clean the cat box and give Max his medicine.  I don't think I'll give him Baytril - every time I give it, he gets sick.  He only sneezed a couple of times yesterday so maybe the Amoxicillin will do the job.

 Hope all of you are well today. 

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I begs the question why would she introduce the two children that way. It is obvious it serves some purpose.
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Hire my yard mowed JoC. Always had trouble keeping a lawnmower running.  Once my dad died had no one to turn to so just hire it done.

Dark cool day.  Got mom’s groceries delivered and hope to deliver Jeans this evening.

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Sara,I quit mowing a few years ago.  Charles always liked to  mow but when he became unable to do it, I did for a year or so, then decided I'd try to find someone to do it.  Luckily I found Bryon and Shane.

Got my pickup appointment for 1 p.m. tomorrow.  Won't have to get out of it.  Got my feed ordered and paid for won't have to get out there either.  Next week I'll take in the car for service and get my flu shot- again won't have to get out.  Not sure about groceries.  I may go in early one morning at senior time.

Just saw on the news what England and other countries are doing to control the new wave of the virus.  They have leaders who are doing something not herd immunity.

Still cloudy and cool here.  Girls haven't even come up and GPs don't want to come in.

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 Just a short post before I have supper and watch Biden's Town Hall Meeting.

 It's been chilly and cloudy all day and going to be colder tonight and tomorrow.  Dread going into town but kind of looking forward to seeing something different.  We'll see how it goes.

 I was getting kind of lonesome this afternoon thinking about Charles not being here and Lorita being gone.  Talked briefly to Sarah - she was just coming out of a seizure and sounded bad.

 So, got out and drove down and spent half an hour or so with the girls.  They never came up today so have been enjoying the cool weather.  Everyone seemed okay.  I always feel better when I get outside for a while.

 When I came back I opened the lot gate so the moms and Bubba and Casper could come out to graze a little bit.  I mentioned I gave Casper a bottle this morning and he was really energetic this evening - running and bucking and playing with Bubba.  I took a couple of pictures so will share them.  When you all get tired of baby pictures, let me know.   The first one is of Casper and his mother -Elsie and Bubba in the foreground.  Second is of Bubba and third is Casper (notice his tongue)

 I'm cooking some Farfalle and it should be done soon.  So, I'll stop for now.  Hope all of you have a nice evening and night.

File Attachment(s):
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Oct. 2020 New babies Bubba and Casper 003.JPG (106370 bytes)
Oct. 2020 New babies Bubba and Casper 004.JPG (106213 bytes)

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Hi All,

  Lorita,   I loved the pictures of your babies, I wish I could hug them all. I will never get tired of your pictures. I am glad you can get some comfort being around your girls. I get the same comfort being around my babies. Here is a picture my Niece took of Molly and Brodie on my lap this only lasted 1 second. She put Brodie on my lap and took a picture fast then Brodie took off. Molly is on my left she is not too happy with Brodie being on my lap and then Brodie is on my right trying to get down.  

My Nephew got home on the train. When the train picked him up it was 1 hour behind schedule and  when it got to Sacramento it was on time. It was a 10 hour trip but it probably caught up with time on the straight aways. I am hoping now things at my house will get back to normal or at least a new normal. I do enjoy my niece being here I just need to get used to her being here. I had packed a big lunch for my nephew and his mother who is m y niece added to it so the poor boy had a big brown grocery sack with his lunch in it and needless to say most of it made it to Sacramento.  

Good Night to All, Hugs Zetta 

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molly.JPG (175522 bytes)

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 It's chilly this morning - I think gloves would have felt good while I was out.  Right now the wind is calm and the sun's shining.   Got the two pairs in the lot and opened the gate thinking maybe the girls would come in and I could locate the cow who lost her baby.  Didn't work - the first ones through went straight to the MH.  Drove over where the others were and didn't see her so maybe she's cleaned.  I do hope so.  While I was way over there in the pasture got to thinking that I should carry a pistol while I'm out - I didn't have my shotgun rider with me this morning.  He wanted to go but I was in a hurry.

 Saw Casper laying by the fence so got him up and he went to mom,  nuzzled a bit, then started playing, running and jumping around.  So, won't give him a bottle this morning.  He's four days old today and cute as a bug's ear - both of them are.

 Got the battery charger over by the PU and I'll hook it up on slow charge about 9:30 or 10 and see if that'll work.  If not, I'll use another setting.  I'll have to leave here about 12:30 and if all goes well should be home by 2:30.  Dread going but I have to have some feed for the three little girls and the two boys soon and the PU has to be where it'll start this winter.

Zetta- glad you enjoyed the pictures of the babies.  They're so much fun to watch running and bucking.  I really liked the picture of you, Brodie and Molly.  You look so comfortable - that's the way I look most of the winter - feet up, covered with a throw.  Is Brodie some type of Terrie?.  Reminds me a little bit of a little dog I had when I was very young - Tiny - I think she was a Rat Terrier - not sure about the Rat part.  I used to carry her around on my hip all the time.  I hope Brodie and Molly get to the point they like each other or at least tolerate each other.  They look like they're about the same size.

 What a train ride for your nephew.  Just imagine how fast that train must have had to go to make up that hour.  I bet it's a pretty trip and know for sure he enjoyed all the goodies you made for him.  Much safe to munch on something of your own instead of buying something to eat.  I feel safer eating what I cook or something that I know is factory made and packed - not wanting to eat anything that I think hands may have been on.  Just never know.

 Weatherman just said it's 40 here - going to be in the upper 60s today.

 I watched Biden's Town hall last night and flipped over to the other one a time or two.  What a contrast.  News this morning says we had more positive cases yesterday than ever before.  Seems like it should be getting better instead of worse.

 There was a news story last night about a consignment place in McAlester (south of here) - the man is a veteran and decided he's put in a small section of groceries so people who needed them could come and get whatever they needed with no charge.  It's growing all the time - people coming in and donating.  Such good news stories coming out of the pandemic about people helping each other.

 I'll stop and finish my juice and find something for breakfast.   Hope all of you are well this morning.