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Just need to talk to my friends (131)
Posted: Friday, October 16, 2020 10:44 AM
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OK Tomato people. Here is Marcella Hazens primo recipe!

Marcella Hazen's Tomato Sauce

  •  cups tomatoes, in addition to their juices (for example, a 28-ounce can of San Marzano whole peeled tomatoes)

  • 5 tablespoons butter

  • 1 onion, peeled and cut in half

  •  Salt

  1. Combine the tomatoes, their juices, the butter and the onion halves in a saucepan. Add a pinch or two of salt.

  2. Place over medium heat and bring to a simmer. Cook, uncovered, for about 45 minutes. Stir occasionally, mashing any large pieces of tomato with a spoon. Add salt as needed.

  3. Discard the onion before tossing the sauce with pasta. This recipe makes enough sauce for a pound of pasta

Posted: Friday, October 16, 2020 11:19 AM
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Sounds really good Judith.  Sort of how I made the sauce I froze but don't put the Butter or oil in til I cook with it.   Thank you for sharing with us.

Enjoyed the pictures.  Nice to have an image of what you guys are talking about.  

Sun is shining pretty.  Sitting on the porch.  

Hope all of you caregivers are having a peaceful day,  those of you who have cared for others in your past, thank you for helping us stay level headed.

Take care everyone

Posted: Friday, October 16, 2020 11:39 AM
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Judith, the sauce sounds really good and easy.  Thanks for posting it.  I'm lazy so go with the jarred kind but I may try this .

Sara, it would be a pretty day for porch setting here but I can't today.

I have the charger on one of the PU batteries.  I'll see if it starts in 45 min. and hope it does.  Don't have to dress up since I shouldn't be out of the vehicle.  

Just saw what the Governor of NM had to say urging people to stay home.  Judith, haven't herd anything from our Gov., have you?

I took down the flag while it was so windy but put it up again this morning.  Love to see it for in the wind.  Charles loved to have it up so I will as long as I'm here to do it.

Getting antsy about going to town and seeing people, if only through the PU window.  Strange times we're in, and scary.

Posted: Friday, October 16, 2020 1:19 PM
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Mmm, that tomato sauce. Now that puts me in mind of chili. It's gotten chilly here for a couple days and I may have to make some, easy and tasty comfort food. I love to add Italian seasonings and lots of onions and garlic. And of course the secret ingredient, which is a good dollop or two blackstrap molasses. Okay, maybe you've inspired me to actually make something again!
Posted: Friday, October 16, 2020 2:04 PM
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black strap molasses for the chili or the tomato sauce???

 I actually have some...yea

Posted: Friday, October 16, 2020 3:58 PM
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That is interesting Storycrafter.  Frequently use blackstrap when baking bread, but have never had it in chili.  Have made chili twice already.  Going to try and remember to do that when make it next.  Love peanut butter and crackers with chili.  Have wondered what it would taste like if I added some peanut butter to chili.  Like a good molasses cookie too.
Posted: Friday, October 16, 2020 4:00 PM
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It's getting to be time for comfort food for sure.  I have to find a good vegetarian chili recipe.  We always had chili over rice with doritos.

I have sorghum  molasses probably  15 years old.

Got the PU serviced and two new batteries. Of course the guarantee ran out last month.  Went by and got the things at the feed store. Then decided I'd get my flu shot but this was a day you needed an appt. I'll get it when I take the car in next week.

Saw a few people wearing masks but not enough. Looks like they would learn.

When I got home Stormy was so happy.  He

 put his feet on my shoulders and gave me sugar.

Got the heifer up and called the vet's office to tell him.  Not sure when he'll come but they're up when he does.

I couldn't tell anything different in town as busy as ever for a little town.  Big enough for me.


Posted: Friday, October 16, 2020 4:07 PM
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Happy Friday,

 Going to be a busy weekend for me. Have to finish my documents for work, write checks for 4 months of monthly bills for my uncle, cook, clean, grocery shop, take uncle's car to get a smog inspection. Lots to do.


Posted: Friday, October 16, 2020 4:51 PM
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Nicole, get a good night's rest sounds like you'll need it.  Glad things are getting worked out for you.  How's the recovery going?
Posted: Saturday, October 17, 2020 12:32 AM
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Something new where I need you advice, please.

I saw DH on the NH on Wednesday morning. For the first time, there was no real spark of recognition when he saw me, and that was distressing enough. Then I have to spend the 30 minutes allowed with him in his room, and he now walks very very slowly, with tiny steps. It became obvious that he was not going to manage the walk of about 30 yards/metres, even holding my hand. 

Staff found a wheel chair, and we sat him down. Then had great trouble getting his feet onto the foot rests. His knees appeared to be locked so his legs were straight. He did not comprehend us asking him to bend his knees, and when we tried to bend them for him, they were rigid.

We did eventually get one bent, then he seemed to understand and bent the other.

I have never heard of this situation, where the legs become rigid. Anyone have experience of it?


Posted: Saturday, October 17, 2020 8:21 AM
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HI Barbara,

These changes are so hard to see and I'm so sorry.  Do you think maybe he didn't realize he was sitting?  It seems that I remember a few times it was hard getting Charles to bend his knees but I don't really remember the circumstances.  I know they do tend to walk more slowly maybe because they're afraid of falling and balance isn't as good.

Have the people where he is noticed this before?

Posted: Saturday, October 17, 2020 11:10 AM
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(((Barbara))) I remember reading threads where other people talked about this happening to their loved ones.  Know this has to be very hard on you.
Posted: Saturday, October 17, 2020 12:06 PM
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I remember clearly trying to get Dick off the floor and into bed. He was half on but did not know how to follow my instructions to get his bottom half on. He was unable to make his legs work. I think it is a lack of connection between the brain and the muscles.
Posted: Saturday, October 17, 2020 1:55 PM
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Barbara, my dh did that too.  I could get him to stand up, but he quit walking.  Would tell me he didn’t know how.  In the wheelchair, his legs were always rigid.  Staff could get him to bend his knees for the foot pedals, but eventually his legs were off them and rigid.  They ordered leg extensions for the foot pedals, so his legs could remain almost straight.  That helped a lot as I could push him around the facility and not worry about his feet being off the pedals.  It’s painful to watch.  Seems like loss after loss continually.  I’ll be thinking of you.

Finally have fall work done.  All except covering deck furniture and sweeping the garage.  Still having joint aches and pains.  I have an appointment on Tuesday to see if there is something I can do to help.  

I was staying with gd Sofiya two days this week.  It was fun to hang out with her and make sure she had something good to eat.  I made stew one night and spaghetti the second day I was there.  I haven’t had to stay with her for awhile.  This week, her parent’s schedules clashed, so I got to takeover.  That’s  always a fun thing for me.  Kids are so full of energy.

Sara, your fall colors are beautiful.  Looks like here, brilliant colors.  Lorita, all the babies are so cute.  I love seeing the pictures.  Sorry you lost one.  Zeta, glad you’re down to one guest.  The two pups looked pretty content on your lap.  Cute picture.  Jo, thanks for all the wonderful things you say about us.  It always makes me feel special.  Judith, I’m going to try your spaghetti sauce next time I make it.  Looks good and easy.  Nicole, I hope you got through your busy week.  Lots going on there.  Sandy, I love to travel with you.  Sounds like you’re having fun.  Guess I’ll get some molasses next trip to the store.  Helen, chili does sound good.  I hope Ron and all others on here are doing well this week.  Have a nice weekend.  I hope you all can rest a bit.  Joan

Posted: Saturday, October 17, 2020 2:09 PM
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I remember getting Charles up when he'd fall, luckily only a few times with no injuries.  The only way I could do it was to get my foot against one of his feet and pull him up or finally make him understand to get on his knees and then I could help.  But he wasn't too much bigger than I- can't imagine how hard it is to get a really big person off the floor.

The vet came and cleaned the two cows, gave them antibiotics and checked Elsie for milk production.  She has milk in all quarters and he said it would improve after this procedure.  He called about 12:45 when he and his helper left the clinic, got here, did the work on two cows and left at 1:30.  He got a call while he was here and had two clients waiting at the clinic. Busy man!

I've been cold all morning, in the house,  but it's warmed up, very windy.

Had a call from Patsy.  She's some better not as much heart or left arm pain but she says she can hardly use her right hand.  I bet she had a light stroke. She did call the ER in Muskogee and was told Saint Francis doesn't have empty beds so are flying patients to Tulsa. Her friend in Utah said  they're sending patients to NM.  I don't see how it can get much worse.  Our County has had 400+ cases but the two largest towns(under 4500) only has had two cases each.  I think I heard almost ,70,000 new cases in the US.

Hope all of you are well today.

Posted: Saturday, October 17, 2020 5:22 PM
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 Talking about beautiful fall colors - I just discovered the Smithsonian Channel is showing Aerial America again.  I think all of the shows about the different States must have been made in fall because the colors are beautiful.  They just showed Vermont and now New Hampshire is on.  Can't believe how beautiful all the trees are.  New Hampshire reminds me of Twink who used to post - she was from New Hampshire.  She sent me a picture of Norton, her dog, years ago and I still have it on my refrigerator.  We miss our old friends.

 I just gave the babies 50 lb. of creep feed - wonder how long it'll be before they discover it's in the feeder.  I'll feed the two moms later after the girls drift off.  Went out in the pasture and saw all the girls - the little heifer who lost her baby Sunday night is out with them but she's laying in another pasture - I know she's missing her baby.  I heard her bawl a few times today - makes me sad.   Gave the girls an Anaplas block - I'm sure they'll find it soon - they love them.

Joan - is Sofiya's school open or is she in virtual school?  I know you enjoyed being with her and I'm sure she enjoyed you being there.  Nice to be around young people, isn't it?

 Every so often someone mentions something on our thread that reminds me of things that happened during my caregiving years.  I think, or at least I do, forget things that happened.  I tend to remember the good things and times but occasionally am reminded me of something not so good.  But, I'd do it all over again in an instant. Unbelievable how much I do miss Charles and I know you ladies miss your loved one just as much.  I guess that's something we'll never get over - and I don't want to.

 I think I'll have some Ramen soup for supper.  Wanted some last night and never got around to it.  Maybe it'll warm me up some.  I've been cold all day.  I think we're going to have a cold front come through about noon tomorrow with a 40% chance of rain - which we really need.  You can really tell the seasons are changing - the color of the grass and the sound an airplane makes when it flies over - even the wind sounds different.  This afternoon when I was out in the pasture I saw some of the prettiest cloud formations - looked like a stack of fluffy, white pillows.  Reminds me our news this morning mentioned a meteor shower tonight.

 I lost a long thread so I'll stop and post this before I lose it, too.  Enjoy the evening.    

Posted: Sunday, October 18, 2020 10:17 AM
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 It's cloudy and feels like rain - temp is in the upper 60s so right now it's nice.  I hope we do get some rain to settle the dust and get the dust off things.

 I woke up about 5 and couldn't go back to sleep - no reason except my knee was hurting.  Guess I walked too much yesterday.  Last night when I was getting ready for bed I started looking for my cellphone and couldn't find it.  So, without my knee sleeves on, I went out to look for it.  Looked in the carport and PU twice, in the car twice, went to the barn, then walked out to the creepfeeder and anaplas feeder.  This, in the dark at 10:30 at night.  Never found it so came back in and decided I'd have to go up in the pasture this morning and try to find it.  I've lost so many things in the pastures I had no hope.  So, just before going into bed I moved the laptop and there it was!  I was dreading trying to remember names and numbers on the phone.  I'm going to go through it and write all of them down in case I do lose it.  I started doing this a few years ago but gave up.  I wouldn't know anyone's numbers if I didn't have the phone. 

 I've been watching news shows this morning - about the same on all of them.  Just now I thought it was 11 but it's only 10. 

 Max is better but Sammy's sneezing so last night I gave him some Amoxicillin and Baytril.  For some reason the Baytril is not something they can tolerate very well.  I think they lose all of it.  It's chewable but these cats won't do that at all.  I was also worried about Lillie.  When I fed them she stayed on the divan - got up a little while ago and is eating some now.  Guess I'll call the vet's office in the morning and see if they'll send me a couple of bottles of Amoxicillin.  This cold will go through all of them because they're so close together.

 Haven't gone up to see the girls - they're on the other side of the pond and I can see all but a dozen or so.  The two moms and babies are okay this morning - saw them having breakfast.  I opened the gate and they're in the paddock west of the house - there's grass in there and they have hay.  I gave them creep last night and will again.  I saw two of the little girls (5-6 months old) leaving the creepfeeder this morning so they've found the feed in there.  Guess I'll have to put in more than 50 lb. at one time.  I'll check it after while.

 Nothing else going on here this morning.  I have to do dishes - I'm down to one fork and no bowls.  I should start using paper plates and bowls and plastic spoons and forks - Patsy says that's what they do.

 I'll go for now.  Hope everyone's okay.  Just got Mr. Barclee up - he was sleeping so good but it was time. 

 Sara, while I was waiting for this to post I could see your post about using blackstrap molasses when you bake bread.  How do you do that?  Do you put it in the bread machine at the start or when you get the dough out.  So, peanut butter and crackers with chili?  Never have done that either but I do mix peanut butter and peach preserves together to eat on toast.  I think peanut butter's good with anything.  Not sure about putting it in chili - but it might be good. 

Posted: Sunday, October 18, 2020 4:39 PM
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Molasses serves as sugar just like honey would. Have a book, The Bread Baking Machine Book by Marjie Lambert.  Has good recipes and tells you how to substitute things.

Very cool day here.

Made roast and apple crisp today.  Now will have lots of broth for cooking this week.

Finished my sisters tote.  Attached a picture below.

Hope everyone gets a good nights sleep.

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Posted: Sunday, October 18, 2020 4:40 PM
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Hello All.

Lorita,   I have a little purse type thing I put my phone in it has a strap so if I dont have something on with a pocket to carry my phone in I put it in the little carrier and carry it around like that.   Patsy gave you a good idea about the paper plates and plastic silverware. I use alot of  paper plates I use real forks, spoons and knives I just wash everything after I use it and I never have anything dirty laying around. So paper is the way to go.   

It was pretty cold here this morning with some wind. Its has been a bit warmer this afternoon so I have had my door open enjoying some fresh air.

Happy Sunday to all of you. Hugs Zetta 

Posted: Sunday, October 18, 2020 6:07 PM
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Got the dishes done and put  away except for the LocknLock.  Now to keep it that way. Zetta, I do all right for a few days, then back slide.  I have paper plates and bowls so I'll start using those.

Sara, the tote is gorgeous!!  I know your sister will love it.  You could make those and sell them.  I have a bread recipe book that has a lot of recipes but it's not for this machine.  I have the instruction book for it but somehow we lost it's recipe book.  I bet the molasses really makes the bread taste good.  I can remember the taste of sorghum and butter on biscuits- very distinctive taste.

Zetta, I have a little purse thing that I can put around my wrist. I wear pants so there's always a pocket but I have had things slide out.

It was warm here today until about one or two, then the front came through with a cold, North wind.  Kept hearing a cow bawl so went out to see about it.  The two moms are in the barn with the boys.  Casper is filling out and his black hair looks like velvet. I still hear the cow now. Others have gone to the NE pasture.  It was cold so decided I'd need a heavier coat in the morning. Went to the storage building and go one and Sheena was stretched out on a blanket asleep.  I have both of them inside now.

Sammy's sneezing.  Gave him some of Max's medicine last night and today. Max seems okay.  I'll have to get more because all four will probably catch the cold.

Joan, just heard about the awful fire around Boulder.  Glad it's not that close to you. Sounded like it just exploded this weekend.  

It's been a long afternoon. Talked to Sarah and she's not doing well.  Do wish there was something I could do to help.  She sounds so depressed.

Sleep well tonight.

Ten minutes later:  Went out to check and the girls had come up to go into the barn but the gate had blown closed.  Opened it and wired it back- told them it wss open so maybe they'll go in the barn.  Lots of them are on the south side of the house out of the wind. When I hear a cow bawl for a bit, I like to check. Mother always said if a cow bawls, there's something wrong or bothering her.  I'd tell her that's what a cow does.  She was smarter than I but I've learned better.  It's misting and things are damp.

Good night.

Posted: Monday, October 19, 2020 12:06 AM
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About chili. One fall I came across a pumpkin chili recipe. All you need do is add a can of real pumpkin (nothing added, no sugar and spices like for pie) to the sauce. So I tried it. It just tasted like good ol' chili and no one knew there was pumpkin in it until I told them! That makes it a Fall dish for sure, lol.

The bread some of you talk about making sounds so good; love the aroma of baking bread. I've got an old breadmaker, but have been too lazy to come up with a recipe for a while. Maybe will get inspired.

Joan, sounds like you made some good dishes for your gd. Lorita, hope your knee/s soon feel better; glad you found your phone. Every so often I temporarily "lose" mine and it's frustrating until I find it again. They are a way of life now.

I called last week to make an appointment to get my flu shot and let them talk me into seeing the Dr for the Medicare wellness check. I also need to find out about getting the second pneumonia shot, since I got the first one last year Am having second thoughts, thinking of calling and canceling the wellness check and just get the flu shot. I just don't want to be there longer than I have to. Am provoked at myself, too, for gaining weight since a year ago and struggling with feeling down. All the dr will do is "pat me on the head and say, see you next year," so why bother.

Today we got a reprieve from the terrible drought. A cold front came through and along with it dense fog, which thankfully raised the humidity level despite no rain.

Wishing you all a goodnight ...


Posted: Monday, October 19, 2020 4:06 AM
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My mom is starting to frequently call me several times a day.  Think for the most part it is for socialization.  That’s ok.  Now and then though she asks me a question that I’m not sure if it is for socialization or if she truly doesn’t know the answer.  Took her some roast beef yesterday and apple crisp.  We loved left over roast beef sandwiches growing  up.  She called me later asking me how she should fix the sandwich.  

Call her every morning and give her the weather report for the day.  Sometimes she is having trouble getting what I’m saying about that.    Not sure if she is truly having trouble with it or if it is because her mind is on something else.  

Helen think maybe my massage therapist use to talk about putting pumpkin in chili.  Have never tried that.  Have lost weight with pandemic, assuming it is due to not eating out as often.  Do pick up curbside now and then but not once a week like I use to eat out.  Sorry that you are feeling down.  Have kept all my doctor appointments.  Have my eye appointment today and that is the last one for me hopefully til next year Good Lords will.  Would encourage you to do that if you can.   Makes life seem a little more normal.   Was having a battle with negative thoughts due to winter coming few weeks ago.  For me personally got to realizing, I’m not here by myself, God is always here with me.  That has encouraged me and I remind myself of that.  Not dreading winter now.  Don’t know how physically active you are able to be but for me keeping busy helps me immensely.  Even just cooking, cleaning, sewing.  Anything that keeps the mind from stewing in a quagmire. 

My bread machine is quite old too.  In fact it was my mom’s at one point.  A year or so ago seen one almost exactly like it at thrift store for $5.  Bought it and a few times I have used both at once if I need bread and buns at same time.  Hope you get to feeling more encouraged Helen.   

Talk more later



Posted: Monday, October 19, 2020 6:32 AM
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For those who are interested in jfkoc's tomato gravy and still have tomatoes-

That recipe (so good) is the 3rd of her Tomato Sauce Trilogy. Here are the other 2-

(sorry, there is a paywall for some)
Posted: Monday, October 19, 2020 10:54 AM
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Love the Times article! Thank you. 

So tomato sauce is the same as tomato gravy. I always wondered what tomato sauce was.

Posted: Monday, October 19, 2020 11:37 AM
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 It's cold here - 49 degrees right now but much colder and drizzly earlier.  At least the wind isn't blowing.  When I got up this morning I heard cows bawling which is pretty unusual for right here - Darwin's are always bawling early but not ours.  I went out and the gate I'd wired back had blown closed so the girls were either in the lot and couldn't get out or out and couldn't get in.  Got that fixed, then left to see if I could see everyone.  Kept coming up one short (hate that) so drove back into the garden and found one of our big cows - she had had her baby but had lost it.  Again, I couldn't see a reason unless it was because the baby was on his back and might have strangled - unable to clear his throat - but, she may have turned him over, too.  I hate mornings or days like this - just hate to find new babies not up and around.  I'm a bit concerned about Little Sally now - I have her down to calve about the 9th of November but she was up by the gate this morning so I'll try to watch her closely.  The poor cow ate the afterbirth and has left.  I hope she doesn't go back.

 Filled the water tanks and have been watching Denim & Co. - now on CNN.  Did you all hear that Trump called Dr. Fauci "a disaster" and they are "idiots".  They said Dr. Fauci was interviewed on 60 Minutes last night - sorry I missed that.

 Helen - if you like I'll post the bread recipe I've come up with.  I took the one in the instruction book and modified it a bit - no milk, little more water, more sugar and oil as the shortening.  I really like it and it makes the best toast. 

 My knees are all right now but I've been walking a lot so we'll see about them later in the day.  Can't decide why adding the pumpkin to the chili - to make more fiber - but, then again, I like pumpkin in anything.  I had a couple of the Spice-Pumpkin muffins for breakfast.  I want to make either a pumpkin pie or soufflé this year - didn't get it done last year.  Not really a soufflé - I just make the filling like I would make the pie, then bake it in a dish or soufflé dish.  Really good and not as many calories - of course, there's always the whipped cream.

 Sara - sorry about your mom - kind of sounds like things might be taking a turn - but I hope not.  As we get older, our memories aren't as good.  You should hear Patsy and I talking - one will start to tell something but can't remember a certain part of it - the other one can't either but we both know what we're talking about.  Odd, though, that your mother would have forgotten about how to fix the sandwich.  It's hard to see our mothers forget how to do things.  I went through this with my mother.  We only lived about a quarter mile from her, on the same farm, and I'd talk with her and see her several times a day but still I missed things that others who weren't around her could see. 

 Helen, it's gotten to the point I don't want to get off the farm.  I did take in the PU last week for service and to get feed but I didn't get out of the PU.  I have to take the car this week to have a tire put on and have it serviced and get my flu shot.  Again, shouldn't have to get out of the car unless I get brave and go to the grocery store.  I need potatoes, onions and eggs plus some dairy things.  Not sure if I'll do it or not.  I got the Pneumonia 23 shot in January 2017 and was supposed to get the Prevnar 13 the next year but didn't.  Now, I'm not sure what I'll need.  I will talk to the Health Dept. RN to see when I get the flu shot.  I also  kept my eye exam appt. in June but I wore two masks and everyone except a couple of people in the office wore masks.  I did the 15 day countdown.  I felt safe doing that.

 Sammy's sneezing this morning.  Gave him the Amoxicillin and will give the Baytril later  I have enough Amox for a couple more doses.  Called the vet's office to see if they could send some in the mail - haven't heard back yet.  If they can't do that I'll pay for it over the phone and drive over and pick it up.  I wasn't going to do that this morning because I have feed on the PU and it was rainy - can't get the feed wet.  I'm sure the calves have eaten the creep in the feeder so I'll need to put in more today or tomorrow

 I think my phone's working - it didn't for a while last night.  Sarah said she had called two or three times and it only buzzed - I was away from it and didn't hear it.  Later, called Patsy and had her call me and it rang.  I've had it for at least seven years and it's a 3G so may need an update soon.

I'll stop for now but will be back later.  Hope all's well with everyone this morning.

Posted: Monday, October 19, 2020 12:36 PM
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Strange things:  Three things have disappeared from the living room.  The plastic bag holding nail Clippers, every boards,Emoji and a few other things, the mask I made in early March and the heavy metal comb I used on the GPs.  I never took any of those things out of the LR.  The mask has been on my helmet on the dining table all this time.  I've looked every where thinking the cats had moved them but two of the things are heavier than they could carry.  Also a couple of things from the bath and bedroom.  I know they're here, but where?  I can understand how someone might think someone had come in and gotten them but it couldn't happen here with doors locked and the GPs.

Charles had an aunt in Arkansas who was convinced that someone would come into her apartment at night through the window and steal a cup or glass every night.  She was sure of it.

Guess I can make another mask-  had never worn that one because it was heavy(three layers). But I need those nail Clippers and the comb -if I reorder I'll find them.

Anything like this ever happen to any of you?

Posted: Monday, October 19, 2020 2:56 PM
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Hello All,

Lorita,  So sorry you lost another calf. Do you have someone who comes and takes care of the bodies? Hopefully you are not having to bury them.  Do the Mothers usually always go back? it seems like you said the last Mother was real sad and went back. 

 I wonder if your GPs moved the things you are looking for?  I think they will turn up, did you look too see if they fell down and went behind or under something?  If they had fallen to the floor the cats might has pushed them under something.

Sara,    Sorry to hear that your Mom is having issues. Sounds like she is lonely and a bit confused. You take such good care of her I bet she enjoys your visits. I bet this winter you can keep busy just baking for her and the friend you care for. They are both lucky to have you.

Not sure about the pumpkin and the chili, I may have to try that. I like chili in the winter I dont make it from the start I really like the Nalley's can chili. I will usually add some more hamburger then after I get a bowl of it I sprinkle cheese and chopped onions on it, Yum, I like it with corn bread. 

My niece and I are still trying to get Molly and Brodie to be friends. The other day we took them for a ride. It started out with her and Brodie in the back seat and Molly and I in the front. And it ended up that way. As it is we cant leave them alone together.  Its a work in progress.     

Good Day to All, Hugs Zetta 

Posted: Monday, October 19, 2020 4:15 PM
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Things like that happen to me sometimes Lorita.  Use to say the poof monster was here.  Sorry about your little calf.  

Rainy day.  


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Zetta, the mom did go back.  I went out earlier and she was laying close to her baby.  Just now she wasn't  real close grazing.  I heard her softly bawl a couple of times.  Makes me so sad for them.. They grieve just like people- for days.  Days like this make me want to quit but then I see the other babies or a new one and I change my mind.

Looks like I may not get a flu shot.  I called the health dept to make sure when you don't need an appt. and was told they ran out of the 65 and over shots last week. They only get 20 per week and they're gone in less than an hour. Not sure if they'll get more.  Same thing with the pharmacy.  Didn't check WM but probably the same. Will check with my doctor in the morning. I think I did earlier and was told they only have one kind.  I imagine I can do without it by staying home and wearing a mask when I do go to town.  Probably more old people so should have more of shots for us.

Sammy's still sneezing- just gave him Baytril after the fight.  It must taste awful.  Had a call from the vet's office to tell me the meds will be in my mailbox a little later.  I think Toad's going to bring it by.  They're so good to me and I so appreciate it.

It's been cold and dark all day - kind of fits my mood.  Zetta, I've looked everywhere I can think of, under things with a flashlight, behind things and all I see is dust and bunches of GP hair.  I need to mop!  I guess out of sight out of mind.

CNN says over 28 million people have already voted.  I don't think they count mail in ballots until election day.  Anyone going to watch the debate if it happens?

Better go see the girls before it gets dark.

Jo C.
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Lorita, I am sorry to hear of the loss of the calves, that is such an unexpected loss.  The poor cow mothers, I can imagine how difficult it is for you to hear them crying out for their babies. 

Sayra, what a lovely tote you made your sister; boy, wish you were my sister!   I did have a sweet little sister, but she passed away.  Still miss her though that was long ago; you are awesome with your family.

 The Marcella Hazan recipe for the easy tomato sauce is interesting; it looks like a thin sauce.  She also has a good recipe for Spaghetti Bolognese; yum!  One can find her recipes online using Google; they are repeated multiple times.

Also watched a video of a young TV chef making Marcella Hazan's easy sauce with tomatoes, butter and onion. She showed a very easy way to peel tomatoes. I had been taught to dip them in boiling water so that the skins loosened and split, but she said to put your fresh tomatoes in the freezer and freeze them until hard.  Then take them out and let them thaw.  The process of freezing make the skin split and come right off with no effort.  She said it did not affect flavor or texture, but think I would want to try one first to see about the quality.

Some idiot set a ballot box on fire last night; so glad ours went directly inside the post office.   Out here in California, some Republican group is putting out their OWN ballot boxes at sites with signs on them for general public use; it is not legal but they refuse to take them down and keep them down.  What that group  hopes to gain, I cannot figure out.  Sometimes people are just plain cuckoo.  

Lorita; about the flu vaccine.  We are told by the infectious disease professionals that it really is best to to get one; especially if older as age makes a person far more susceptible to viruses as our immune sytems are a bit weakly wonky.   Try calling Walmart pharmacy as well as the local larger pharmacies and any market pharmacy, and if out, ask when shipments usually come in and call and call again until you find one; then beat feet to go and get it.

 I know you ask about the "different" flu shots.   That may cause a mixup when you talk to someone.  Basically, all places will have only ONE brand of influenza vaccine. The most common vaccine most available for the elderly will be the High Dose Fluzone Quadrivalent Vaccine. 

 If you ask the doctor's office about the vaccine; they will say they have only one "type," but then ask if they have the High Dose Vaccine for the elderly.  If some places say they have "two" types of vaccine, ask what that means.

 They may say "two types" if they mean the regular dose vaccine as well as the higher dose senior vaccine.  It is indeed two types, but probably not what you were thinking of when asking.

You should be able to find and get a senior HD Fluzone vaccine, but you may have to be willing to look a little more at other places which may have them.   Last year, the pharmacy near me said they also ran out quickly; so I told them I would come in to get the vaccine within minutes of being informed it was available; so when they got a shipment, it so happened I had just called and they put two back for me; one for DH and one for me. Went and got them right away.

This is going to be an ugly winter season for COVID due to an inept national approach and failure of many citizens to consistently adhere to best practices and on top of it, we have the annual influenza epidemic about to come upon us.   Not wanting either of them, but oh boy; the viruses can live on surfaces longer than we originally thought, and I want to lessen risks as much as possible so I do not inadvertently become infected despite using good practice measures.  It is not 100% immunity, but better than zero and also hopefully if flu does get us, it will be less overwhelming in its effects.   Fuss and bother; so much to worry about. 

Talked to my hair dresser yesterday.  She is seeing clients in the shop and said she does not socialize EXCEPT with her three adult sisters and their families each week.  Well; that is a large family and they are all exposed to one another and all that they had come in contact with.  I had planned to have her come over and just cut my wet hair outside on the back yard patio; cut only.  Both she and I would be masked and I would wear a cover of my own, but I do argue with myself; cannot afford to get "it" as DH has diabetes and other issues and I have an immune system lack due to an old surgery from many years ago.  Drats!  Boy, do I ever debate all of this.  IF I decided to get a cut I would want it asap due to the fact that the pandemic is expected to expand by leaps and bounds over the next one to three months.    Look out Thanksgiving!  Too many people will take too many risks and then carry the virus to others; Dr. Fauci has spoken about that.   Best to let go this year so those we love will be with us next year when hopefully things will be in better control.  Hopefully.

Just put together a list of what to have in the house for "sick days," such as the flu and made it pretty comprehensive and then sent it to all the kids so they would have it and be able to put together sick day supplies for the cupboard, or in a box in a closet or even slide it under the bed.  We shall see.  Sure hope they check the expiration dates on their OTC meds from last season. 

We are hopeful that we will have temps down in the 70's next week; a great improvement over the 100's we have had the last week.   We shall see how that goes; summer did not want to give up and kept teasing us.

I saw CostCo was selling "cocoa bombs."  Huh???  Seems they are round hollow milk chocolates balls stuffed with cocoa and tiny marshmallows; heat milk, put "bomb" in cup and voila!   Clever, but I think I would rather make my own cocoa.  Well; I do not drink cocoa but rarely; I like a nice cup of Earl Grey Tea.   I get Stash Tea brand and do decaf; it is really good quality.  Hard to find it in the market all the time, so often have to buy it online.   They have all sorts of teas.  I remember when I was younger in my marriage, I used to drink the Constant Comment brand of tea that had oranges and spice in it, nice warm tummy treat on a cold day.  Never have been a coffee fan; don't know why, it smells good while perking.

As for wandering items; isn't that annoying as all get out?  I do think there are little vexious pixies that are tiny imps who like to giggle while they hide things and then when we are not looking, they put the items right back again where we had already looked and get pixie giggles again!   If I ever catch those little rascals . . . . . .

Has anyone else watched the ongoing seasons of, "Last Tango In Halifax," from PBS?  Really good show.  Last season just finished, I find DH and I really enjoy it, but it must be watched from first season, otherwise it will make no sense whatsoever.   Might be able to find it, "On Demand." Several other shows from the Brits are now on PBS and are also good watching; they do a fine job and am pleased not to have all the "Hollywood-itis" effect that we seem to foster over here in so many of our shows.

Don't forget to wear your masks; to cover noses as well as mouths; and to wash the mask or discard it after each use even if you think it is still "clean."  I know; nag, nag, nag.   Take good care, you are all precious.


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We have three major fires burning right now.  Lorita, the Boulder fire is relatively new.  All three are in Northern Colorado.  One fire crossed the Wyoming border and is burning in Colorado.  No moisture in sight.  This drought has to stop.  Seems like we’re burning like California.  Hopefully by the weekend we might get a few drops of rain.  Boy, that would be so wonderful.  

Sorry you lost another calf Lorita.  I know it’s to be expected, but still sad.  

Sara, sorry your Mom seems to be more confused.  I sure hope it’s just her wanting your attention, and not a decline.  I know when Harv would slip backward, I would always tell myself we could still manage, then would pray he could stay at that stage and not decline further.  We all know how that went.  You are such a loving caregiver.  Your Mom and Jean are fortunate to have your help.

My house cleaner was still sick with a cold today, so I cleaned upstairs.  Will clean main floor tomorrow.  I’ll see how stiff my hands are tomorrow.  It’s not terribly dirty, and is all picked up and ready to clean, so I’m sure I can get it finished tomorrow.   

I voted and dropped off my ballot, so I’m happy I got it done.  I always vote, so not really anything new.

Nothing great going on here.   Guess I’ll settle in and see what’s on tv.  Have a nice evening.  Joan

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Jfkoc:  Tomato sauce is not the same as tomato gravy.   Tomato sauce is tomatoes peeled and puréed to a sauce. Also, there is tomato paste which is same as sauce only a paste that has less moisture.  Tomato gravy is made in a skillet like regular gravy with flour and tomato juices.

I have canned tomatoes for 50 years but never made tomato gravy. 


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Hi Judy,  Nice to hear from you.  Guess I have made tomato gravy many times.  Makes sense because make it just like would make gravy.  Love it on macaroni, have eaten it since I was a child.  My one grandma made the best.  Can never get mine as good as hers.  Make it with tomato juice usually.
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 It's damp, cloudy and foggy out this morning.  When I was out just now I heard some thunder.  There's some rain SW of us heading our way.  It's been drizzly the last day or so but not enough moisture to more than settle the dust.  It's foggy and can only see about a quarter mile - I think I see some of the girls, hopefully all of them, up by the MH and across on the other side of the pond.  I won't go up this morning.  The cow is not where she lost the baby - always glad when they decide to drift off. She was a cow who may have lost one before and knew it wasn't good to stay around; the other one was a heifer and really didn't know what to expect.  When I first got up I went out on the porch - Stormy and Sheena were stretched out asleep but came inside.  I saw Casper having breakfast.  When I went out to feed Tom and Jerry (they actually let me stroke their fur while they were eating) I stopped and petted and talked to Casper.  He's not much bigger, if any, than Sassy.  His hair is so black and soft - looks like velvet.  Bubba was laying down so talked with him a bit. Then petted his mom and talked with her.  I always try to make a point of touching them or talking with them - so most of our girls are pretty gentle.  It thundered while I was out so maybe....

 Jo, the pharmacy I use and the one at WM are the only ones in our town.  I would imagine since the health dept. and one pharmacy are out of the flu shots, WM probably is, too.  But, I will call.  You know I can still tell exactly where I had the flu shot last year - my arm still aches some. I guess she touched a nerve.  This RN had given me the shot before and I didn't feel a thing.  I'm just hesitant to go into the doctor's office although I think I've seen her give the shots in the waiting room.  Anyway, not going to do it today.  There's a health dept. in Eufaula and one in Muskogee but both of them are not close. 

 Tomato gravy --- how do you make it - guess I can google it but you all know how.  Do you use flour and oil or shortening and then add tomato juice like you'd add milk?  Wonder if V-8 would work?  I've never heard of tomato gravy; white gravy, red eye, etc. but not tomato.  I think people in the NE have something called Sunday gravy.  Wonder what that is?   My favorite gravy is chocolate gravy - haven't made that in years.  There used to be a little café in our town that had that on the menu but I doubt it was made like my parents made it - they used water instead of milk- not because they didn't have milk but guess it's the way their parents made it. 

 I spoke too soon -Barclee was ready to get up so went in to get him and looked out the window and the cow is in the garden again.  I went out on the porch and talked with her and she looked at me and bawled - breaks my heart.  Thank you all for the kind words about the baby - makes me feel not so alone in my sadness.

 Joan - so awfully sorry about the fires in your beautiful State.  If something isn't done about global warming the whole world will burn and we'll lose so many of our beautiful animal species.  I'm glad they're not near you. 

 Be  careful doing all that housework - it'll make your hands hurt again.  Is it arthritis?  I have awful arthritis in my hands but unless I do something for a long period of time they don't hurt.  Yesterday I wrote down all the numbers I have stored in my phone and by the time I finished I couldn't move some of my fingers.  I know I don't have much strength in my hands.  Years ago Charles and I stopped at a convenience store to get a bottle of pop.  I went in and when I came back we tried to open them and couldn't get a grip so I saw the owner coming out and I hurried out and had him open them - kind of embarrassing.  After that I carried a piece of stuff you put in vegetable drawers so we could get a grip on them.

 It's raining!!  Sounds like it's hard - let me look.  It is a hard rain but probably won't last long. The two girls have taken their babies into the barn and the others are drifting down this way.

 Zetta, you asked about burial.  We had Buck, our horse, buried when he passed away years ago but don't bury the cows.  There's a place on the farm, way down on the west side - not close to anyone where we take them.  If I can't handle it myself, I ask Darwin and he does it.  Charles used to do it but after I lost him I have had to.  I hate doing it but can't leave them out in the pastures.  It's hard to do but they're all together.  You know I try to do it when the other girls aren't around but if they are, they follow me and stand around for quite some time - kind of like they're having a funeral - probably are because it's part of their family.

 Jo, you mentioned that the covid germs can live on things longer than we think.  I have catalogs that I've sprayed, still laying on the porch - just can't bring them inside yet.  I did receive my face shield yesterday but it's still on the porch.  I didn't realize you have to put them together.  I spray things I get in the mail and leave them out on the porch for a while - about the only things I bring in are bills that have to be paid but eventually the other things get inside.  Darn, just hate to have to do things like this but I guess it's become a part of our lives.  You know, there's no way to tell what awful, terrible things are laying dormant just waiting for someone or some thing to let them loose on us. 

 Haven't been watching any ongoing shows lately.  Just the routine things, old shows and quite a lot of CNN - love Chris Cuomo and especially Don Lemon. 

 Judy, glad to see your post - haven't heard from you in a while.  Like you, we've always canned tomatoes and made salsa.  Kind of miss that but it's a lot of work.  I'm going to try that tomato gravy - I love pasta so it would be good on it.  If I open a jar of spaghetti sauce I can't use it all before it goes bad - same with salsa.

 About freezing those tomatoes to peel them instead of putting them in boiling water.  Our vet told me that's what they do - they freeze the little tomatoes in the summertime and when it's time to make stew or whatever, they let them thaw and the peeling comes off.  We've always used the hot-water way but I have quite a few of the small ones frozen so will probably do it this winter.  I think it would take longer to freeze and peel than it would do use the hot-water bath method.  Would be cooler though.

 Weather just said we may have our first freeze next week.  I need to see what I can do with our stove - the pilot is burning yellow instead of blue which means the vent or whatever it is isn't clean.  I think I have a can of "air" so maybe that'll work.  Just hate to have someone come inside to do something to it.  Also need to call the guy who's going to clean out the barn before winter.  After Ray brings the little bales of hay I'll have to close the north doors but won't do it until it's cleaned out and hay is in the crib.  I started to cut the wires on a bale a day or two ago and my wire cutters are rusted shut so had to use the hay hook.  So, have to order another one of those.  Guess I should keep it in the house until I need it instead of in the barn.

 Going to stop and find something for breakfast.  It's almost stopped raining but maybe we'll get more later today.  Wish I could see all the girls.   I tried to proofread and now it's raining hard again.

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I forgot to mention what the woman at the health dept.told me about pneumonia shots.  She said they were giving them if you didn't have insurance.  If you have insurance they don't give them.  Sounded odd to me.  I got the pneumonia 23 one in Jan. 2017- never got the Prevnar13.  Now, don't know what, if any. I need.