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Just need to talk to my friends (131)
Jo C.
Posted: Tuesday, October 20, 2020 10:06 AM
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Oh boy; I am on a food memory kick.  Had to smile at the "difference" between tomato sauce and tomato gravy.  There is a cultural and even individual Italian family culture difference regarding those two terms.

In some families, especially in some geographic areas,  it is tradition that ALL red sauces for pasta are called "Gravy."  In other families, it is tradition that ALL red sauces for pasta are called, "Sauce."   So; that becomes a matter of preference and family tradition and it even causes arguments between some factions.   In my mother's Italian family, it was always called "sauce;" never, ever gravy no matter what type of "sauce" was made.

In my DILs family; it is always called, "gravy," no matter what type of "sauce" was made.  Vive la difference!   If it tastes delicious, that is what counts no matter the name. 

As for tomato preparations; I no longer routinely use tomato paste in a can; I like the tomato paste in a tube.  So much fresher tasting with none of that tinny taste and pretty much no waste when wanting only a small amount. 

 Somewhere, I have some lovely recipes put together in a little book by an Italian Sausage maker. I shall have to find it and give an easy recipe or two.  House smells so good when cooking such items.  Reminds me of home when I was a child.  Mother's family is Italian and great cooking, and then father's family is Scandinavian; their lovely home aromas came from Swedish cardamom seed rolls, Swedish rye bread which is actually like a sweet, soft bread, saffron buns and other breads.   We shall forget the stench of Norwegian Christmas Eve tradition of  Lutefisk.   We kids refused to eat it which disappointed my father no end.  But omigosh, how it stunk up the house; gelatinous blob traditionally cooked wrapped and tied in a muslin cloth in boiling water with some herbs and needs to be soaked first to get all the salt out as it starts out as dried cod which is hard and heavily salted to preserve. 

There is a town in Washington State called, "Poulsbo," it was actually settled and put into place by Norwegian settlers and is on the ocean.  (Town citizens call where the ocean reaches the town, "the fjord.")   Really a very pleasant place.

Anyway, whenever visiting the Pacific Northwest, we always stayed some days in Poulsbo.  We spoke to a person who told us of his church and its plan for a Lutefisk dinner for the entire community as well as nearby communities . . . . EXCEPT . . . . no one remembered to put out notices or newspaper information for said communities.  Come the big dinner day, they were left with 200 pounds of grossly reeking Lutefisk.  Could not easily get rid of it, so they had someone come with a backhoe, dig a hole, and they buried the darned stuff.  I always wondered if anything grew over that spot or if even the grass refused to be near it.

 When at my Italian side of the family for dinner; the table was filled with wonderful colorful food.  When at my Swedish/Norwegian family for dinner, everything on the plate seemed to be white except for the Lingonberries.  White fish, boiled potatoes, pickled herring, and good old spoonful of red Lingonberries.  But the caring was the same, so it made up for the differences.

 I used to love the Scandinavian dish called, Rotmos (pronounced rootmoose.)  It is potatoes and rutabaga mashed together with butter and a little milk just like mashed potatoes.  Really good, but I have never made it myself.   I love root vegetables so it is odd I never made that.

 In the U.P. of Michigan, one of the most popular dishes is that of pasties. Love, love, love pasties, but a lot of work to make.  That initially came to into play from the Welsh as the largest employer of the U.P. were the multiple iron ore mining companies and so much of the population worked for the mines.  Men would take the pasties to the mine for lunch and re-heat them with candles.  Pasties continue to be a mainstay in the U.P.  One of the pasty shops known for their excellence will flash freeze pasties and ship them in freezer containers overnight, but they cost a fortune.

So many of us, unless we are of American Indian heritage, have famlies who came here from somewhere else and their food recipes came with them.  Such a melting pot of food and wonderful flavors.   Too much of that is at risk of being lost as our society moves faster and faster and has little time for such endeavors.  I would love to be at Joan's house when she is making her jams; can you imagine how good that smells?  Now I am drooling, so best to get breakfast; it is already 8:00 am where I am, so guess it will be toast with peanut butter and some blueberries.  Would love it to be, eggs benedict with Canadian Bacon, but too bad about that.  Only time I have had it is when we go out to breakfast once in awhile and that is not happening for pandemic reasons.  I loved the ones they made at Ruby's Diner.  They also make wonderful thick cinnamon french toast, that is my husband's favorite.  Okay; I am shutting up, I have now put you all to sleep.   Sorry.

 Okay; off to the blueberries,


Pooh Bear
Posted: Tuesday, October 20, 2020 1:09 PM
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Hello.  I am brand new to this site.  Kind of found it accidentally while searching online for some sort of dementia ID bracelet of necklace.


I care for my husband who has moderate to severe Alzheimer's, plus he's essentially deaf (although loud noises drive him batty ... I don't understand it either, and very severe cognition deficiencies.  He cannot communicate verbally.  Can't get the words out.  His most used word is "NO".  Like a stubborn 2-year-old.  To say good morning or any greeting, I just wave at him.  He'll wave back but won't speak.  When he does try to talk, it comes out as just jibberish.


Well, I'm hoping to make a friend or two.  


Thanks for being here.  At last I have something to read to fill the quiet lonely hours.

Posted: Tuesday, October 20, 2020 2:13 PM
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Hi Pooh Bear and welcome to our thread.  Lots of good people here who will be your friend.  We've all gone through most of what you're dealing with so we understand.  My husband had vascular dementia - I lost him almost six years ago after seven years of caregiving - he was mostly deaf, too - wore two hearing aids and loud noises also bothered him.

 Jo - all those delicious Italian dishes sound so good.  Have never eaten too much of that type of food although my sister cooked it quite a lot. She made the most delicious spaghetti sauce from scratch.    Do you cook a lot of Italian food? 

 I made another one of those chocolate cakes and after I let it cool a bit put a thin layer of chocolate frosting on it so, of course, had to have a piece.  If I do say so myself, it was delicious, really hit the spot.  Also have a fresh loaf of bread an hour and half away from being done.  Sara, what kind of buns do you make?

 Had a call from friend, Carol, in Muskogee.  She said not many people over there are wearing masks.  They go out to eat on a regular basis and said in most places only staff are wearing masks.  The City Council had another vote last night about making mask-wearing mandatory.  It failed 5-4 - closest vote they've had so far.  She said they had been to the best Barbeque places - "My Place" to eat and as they were leaving they met a little man coming in wearing a mask.  She said he looked at them, then looked inside where no one was wearing a mask and turned around and got into his car - he was from Texas.  Her sister lives in Tyler and says almost everyone is wearing a mask down there.

 She was able to get her flu shots, after a couple of failed attempts, at a drive-thru at a little hospital north of town not far from her house. 

 Just got in from checking the girls - almost everyone is laying down sleeping or just chewing their cud.  I always feel better when I know everyone's okay.  Two cats are still sneezing.  I gave them, Lillie and her son, Sammy, their Baytril - not easy and they spat most of it out.  Seems like I can't sit down unless at least one cat wants to lay on my lap.

 We got 1.2" of rain - great!  We really needed it and it's still kind of drizzly outside.  Carol said we were supposed to get more late today and tonight.  Something's burning south of here - probably old hay.  I have feedsacks I need to burn but I'm not good at that so I won't do it.

 I'll stop and watch The Waltons.  Hope all of you are enjoying the day.

Pooh Bear
Posted: Tuesday, October 20, 2020 3:32 PM
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Thank you for the reply, Lorita.  DW's doctor just said "Alzheimer's dementia" and prescribed Namenda.  She said it's not Lewy-Body or Parkinson's, or some other kinds I can't remember.

But ... what is vascular dementia and how do you know? I mean, how did they diagnose that particular type ?

I'm happy I found this support group


Posted: Tuesday, October 20, 2020 3:56 PM
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Pooh Bear, initially Charles was diagnosed as having Alz. but a couple of years later another Neurologist decided, after testing I believe, that he thought it was Vascular Dementia.  The way he explained it, and the way I understood it, was - if you have a screen (which would be the brain)  and big sections of it disappear - that's alz; if only a strand of wire here and there disappear it's Vascular dementia.  With Vascular Dementia there's a decline, then it plateaus for a time, then another decline, etc.  At least this is the way I understood it.  Charles and I never, one time, discussed it.  I saw no reason to do that and apparently he didn't either - no questions from him.

 He took Memantine (Namenda) and Exelon for quite some time.  Then, toward the end we decided it wasn't helping, but then restarted it just in case it might be helping.  We didn't know for sure either way because we didn't know how it would have been without the medications.

 He did well, I think, or maybe that's the way I wish to remember it.  He was ambulatory, fed and clothed himself but did become incontinent a few years later.  He was happy and loved to go to town and look at things and read labels.  We live on a ranch and run cattle and we went together every day to check the cows.  He helped me feed and was able to drive his tractor until the last two or three years.  After that I took on the job of feeding hay but he still helped with feeding cubes and enjoyed it.  We had a good life together although there were ups and downs.  He would get into drawers and empty them and I'd never find the things that were in them.  He wandered, or walked off, probably three times.  I was able to get him back once and a neighbor brought him back another time.  Life with dementia isn't easy - you just have to be able to take it one day at a time and do the best you can.

 This forum was my support group.  There were none in our area and I'm not a joiner so wouldn't have gone anyway.  We had no relatives in the area - his lived in Texas and mine in OKC so we dealt with it the best we could.  Charles was a veteran of the Korean War and our VA Medical Center was fairly close by.  We got a lot of help from them so we were lucky in that respect.

 The loaf of bread is out of the bread maker.  Just buttered the outside of it and am letting it cool for a bit  and trying to resist slicing off the top and having it with Boysenberry Jam. 

 Still cloudy and damp here.  Maybe we'll get more rain tonight.

 Poor Bear - I'm glad you found the forum and our thread.  Please feel free to ask any question you might have no matter how insignificant you think it may be.  Many of us have lost our loved one, some years ago, but still stay here in hopes we might be able to help someone and because we've made friends over the years and treasure those friendships.  You're more than welcome.  We compare this thread to sitting on the porch visiting with friends.  We discuss any and everything.

Posted: Tuesday, October 20, 2020 4:25 PM
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Hi Pooh Bear,     Welcome to our thread of friends. There are a lot of caring loving people here and we all have something to share about the journeys we have been on. My DH passed away 2 years ago he had dementia. Please feel free to ask questions you will get lots of answers and vent if you need too. Everyone here understands.

Lorita,    I bet it is real sad when you take the calves to their final resting place. I imagine this is something all cattle farmers have to deal with. 

Joan,  Sorry to hear your hands are bothering you. My niece has problems with her knees her Doctor gave her a prescription for a real strong Tylenol and it seems to help her a lot.  I am also glad you are not close to the fires. When we had the fires close to me they were still 60 miles away but the smoke was so bad.

I remember the gravy my grandmother made I am sure it is a common gravy one you probably do often. It was with the white gravy made in the pan after she fried the chicken. I have tried but I never even came close to it. Not sure what I am doing wrong. 

Our weather man is saying we could be seeing snow this week end. With my new car not being 4wd I might been staying home all winter. I was told by a lot of people that a front wheel drive with studs on it will do real good in the snow. I hope they are right.

 Take Care All, Hugs Zetta 

Posted: Tuesday, October 20, 2020 4:30 PM
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I mix equal parts butter and flour.  Then add tomato juice and cook til it thickens.  Season as you like.  I always eat it on macaroni.  We never referred to it as gravy though but see why it is.

Fixed some deviled eggs to eat with supper tonight.  Had not had one in a long time, tasted good.

Take care

Posted: Tuesday, October 20, 2020 6:40 PM
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Zetta, how do you like your new car?  I don't remember what kind it is.  Many years ago I used to use studded tires and they worked really well in ice and snow.  Our pickup is 4wd but not the car.  The Jeep we had was 4wd and it really came in handy during our ice storms.  Hope you don't have snow.  Our weatherman said there might be a little sleet north of us next week.  I'm not ready for that.

Sara, I received my face shield.  It was flat - I expected it to be curved.  No assembly required except to put it on.  I didn't because my pony tail got in the way.  Does the foam part across your forehead hurt or bother you? 

I was reading about the tomato gravy and it said it would be good on peach cobbler! Can't imagine that.

I kept hearing a cow bawl and one of the moms kept looking east. Thought maybe her calf got out so checked and he was n the barn.  I took her in and showed her but I think she knew he was there.  She's wanting out with the others- just found that - should be using it. * talking about the cow emoji I put it in and when I post, it disappears.

It really warmed up this afternoon.  Had the front door open and it frosted over or steamed up because it was warmer outside than to in.  I need to get one of the electric stoves out- it's chilly.

I'll stop for now.  Have a good evening.

Posted: Wednesday, October 21, 2020 3:43 AM
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Glad you found us Pooh Bear.  As you have probably noticed we talk about many different things on this thread.  It will hopefully be a place to find a little comfort for you.  Live in north central Ohio.  My mother has some form of dementia.  She refuses medical care of all types.  She had a stroke couple of years ago and was totally uncooperative at hospital.  Also help get groceries for a friend who has Alzheimer’s.

Lorita just use any bread recipe.  Then use dough setting.  When dough is ready, shape dough into buns, let them rise, bake usually 12-15 minutes.  Been thinking about fools but haven’t got around to that yet.

My face shield does not have foam, it is just hard plastic.  Does not bother me.  I would think the foam would feel soft.

Been very dark here the past two days.  We got over an inch of rain.  My grass is coming up very nicely.  The weather has been perfect for it.

See you later

Posted: Wednesday, October 21, 2020 7:43 AM
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Sare, fools?   Is your face shield flat until you put it on with the strap that makes it curve?  Seems a bit short and open on the sides but I've never seen one before..

I'm still laying in bed, dressed.  It's so very foggy I can't even see the other side of the garden.  I'll stay here until it lifts some.  Watching QVC because I can't get local channels on the TV in the bedroom unless I get different equipment.  Did get an email saying they can bring it to me for me to install - may do that but this seems okay now.

I think I've decided to wait til next week to take the car in and try to find a place to get my flu shot.  I'll have to get up to the convenience store for Gator gas in a few days.  I'll get milk and eggs if they have them.Usually deliver those things on Thursday.

Guess I need to put feed in the creeper today - too wet yesterday.  I heard a cat sneeze so guess they're awake.  The GPs are waking up - at least Stormy is.  Barclee and Sheena are still asleep.

I need juice so guess I'll get up.  Glad I have a loaf of fresh bread.  Do wish it made a bigger one.  Could use the dough setting that would be bigger.  Maybe next time.

I'll be back.  Hope we all have a good day.  Heard Minnesota is having snow!

Posted: Wednesday, October 21, 2020 8:57 AM
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Have a face shield like you are talking about.  Thought It would be preferable.  When I got them liked my original better.  They aren’t super long and don’t enclose the sides of your face.  That is why they should only be worn with a mask. 

They gave more dark and rain today.  The sun is shining right now though.  Will be lovely if it shines all day but will just have to wait and see.

Feel caught up now.  Got all my garlic dried so feel like don’t know what to do with myself.  Will have to try and find something.  Will make lunch before long.  Thinking about trying to make beef and noodles.  Thinking about making macaroni and tomato sauce for supper, guess have that on brain since talking about it yesterday.

Will have leaves to rake when it dries up some.

Posted: Wednesday, October 21, 2020 9:38 AM
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What brand of bread machine do you have? I want to order one.

BIll is afraid the VA will stop his compensation. He hears news about cutting back on Veterans. I just tell him not to worry they have him rated totally disable. He says all the time he is tired of hurting and not feeling good. Can't walk very far without holding onto me. It hurts his hip bone to walk and he stumbled.

I think not getting around anyone since March maybe getting to him. I take him to sit on porch and watch the birds I feed everyday. 

Can't get around sons or grandkids because kids in school and sons work.

Doctor said he is high risk and stay away from people.


Posted: Wednesday, October 21, 2020 10:50 AM
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 I'm pooped, bushed, worn out, etc.   This morning when I went out to check the girls I found everyone but two were standing at a fence looking into another pasture.  I saw another cow over there so hurried over.  Another new baby boy, brown this time.  He was laying down so went back and opened and closed gates hoping to get them up.  No way was that cow coming to the house.  Not a heifer - one of our older cows who had a bad abscess a couple of years ago so I can tell which one she is.  She wanted to go to the MH - not wanting me to be around her baby.  Finally decided this wasn't going to work so got the baby (big baby) in the floorboard of the Gator on the driver's side.  Now to figure out how to drive it with the baby filling the whole floor.  Got the baby to the house but the mom would not follow - took off to MH.  Got the baby north of the house and closed the gate.  The girls are trained to come when I honk the PU horn  and, I had put 200 lb. of creep in the feeder this morning so they were thinking "feed".  I honked and they all came running.  I got the baby over close to the fence and mom saw him - got her in with him - thank goodness.  I was a bit worried about her because she doesn't breathe too well sometimes and she sounded like she'd breathe and kind of cough - sort of like a car that's trying to start.    I just checked and she's not doing that now.  I know it's because she had run so much.  Never know what to expect when I go out in the morning.  I had noted that a big cow was supposed to calve Nov. 9 - maybe this is her.  She is big!  Baby was just now trying to lay down and couldn't get it done - got his front legs down but the back ones wouldn't fold.  So, three little girls and three little boys.  I'm afraid the cow may have stepped on the baby when she knocked him down before I got him in The Gator. That happened to one last year.

 Sara - this was the only face shield I could find that was made in the USA.  I had planned to wear a mask anyway so maybe it'll be okay.  Where did you order the one you like and what is it called?  I may order one of those.

 Shirley!   So good to hear from you.  I think of you often being there in Florida with all of that virus around.  I'm glad to hear that you and Bill are staying away from people - I'm doing the same and plan to continue.  Sorry to hear he's not doing too well.  Can you drive around some so he can see people and maybe not feel like you all are alone.  I bet he enjoys watching the birds - I know I do.

 My bread machine is as old as the hills - Charles bought it in the 80s.  It's called "The Bread Factory".  Probably don't even make them now.  I'd like to have one that lets you add things as it works.  I've never tried it with this one but I think it would stop and not go on - someday I'll try.  I've tried putting raisins in when I first start it and it beats them to death - can't tell there was a raisin there except for the color. 

 If you can get QVC they've had a couple on there that look really good.  The first one I saw a few weeks ago was just under $60 and the last one was close to a hundred.  Don't know if they're still available.  I heard that after the virus began sales on bread machines went up either 400 or 800%.  I think I'll just continue to bake my own bread even after this is over.  It's so much better.  Mine takes about 3 1/2 hr. to bake.  When it's baked, it beeps and then keeps running for 10-15 min. to cool the loaf.  I turn it off when it beeps and take it out, rub butter over the loaf to keep it soft and let it cool out of the machine. 

 Going to stop for now and drink my hot tea that's now iced tea.  It was sunny early but is cloudy now with some wind.  Supposed to be 83 today but I saw the weather this morning and I think it's next Tuesday that it's only supposed to be in the 30s.  Not ready for that.    Hope everyone's okay this morning.

Posted: Wednesday, October 21, 2020 2:13 PM
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BREAD.....this is the recipe I use. You can add anything you want. It looks beautiful and very hand made.

Wait....I think this overnight is the one I have made

Posted: Wednesday, October 21, 2020 2:53 PM
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Hi all,

Husband made a surprise visit. So nice to have him here. Really good for my uncle to have another military man to talk to.

Have caregiver coming soon so husband and I can spend a few days together away from everyone. 


Posted: Wednesday, October 21, 2020 3:13 PM
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Mada reusable face shield.  Got it on amazon.
Posted: Wednesday, October 21, 2020 3:48 PM
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The freshly baked loaves of bread sound so delicious that I just ordered a bread machine from Best Buy.  I've never used one before and I'm looking forward to trying it out.    I enjoy reading this site.
Jo C.
Posted: Wednesday, October 21, 2020 4:21 PM
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It is great that your husband made a surprise visit, Nicole.  What a delightful thing to have happen. 

Welcome Pooh Bear; we are pleased to meet you, this is a very nice ongoing Thread to come and share all sorts of things; much "off topic" and just to talk.  Nice to chat and have a short respite from everything dementia.   We kind of think of this place as everyone who comes to talk here is sitting on the front porch together with the rest of us.  Doesn't matter the weather where we live; on this front porch it is always a very nice afternoon. 

Well Judith; the food on, "Jo Cooks," site looks SO good and pretty much down home cooking; I am now SO hungry; I want some but then I would have to shop and then cook, and somehow I do not see it turning out the same.  Maybe next grocery order. Got a Betty Crocker Cookbook from 1959, some of those recipes really bring back memories from childhood.  Ina Garten makes those Molasses Crinkle Cookies, but she puts bits of candied ginger in hers; that sounds delicious. That and a cup of tea on a cold afternoon sounds like a winner. 

Lorita, you are certainly running a maternity ward for cow-moms recently; they really are producing.   I cannot imagine how you got that calf into the vehicle, had to be hard to do but glad you were able to do so. 

As for your question regarding me making Italian food, my specialties were lasagna and manicotti; have to say my manicotti was really lucious; no recipe, just by touch, smell, sight and a taste and instinct I guess.  I no longer make them, it is only the two of us now and my knees are not pleased (understatement) to stand in the kitchen for the long amount of time it would take to do it, (hours), but I sure did make a lot of it over the years.  I do not do much heritage cooking; my parents were born in the U.S. in Michigan as were my siblings and myself and so I am second generation born here; no connection to the three countries, that our grandparents came from.  We all came from somewhere else; it is interesting how many people had to meet and come together in order for all of us to come into being.   Both sets of grandparents would not let any language except English to be spoken in their homes so neither our parents nor the grandchildren learned a second language which is too bad.  Both sets of  grandparents took English lessons right away and got citizenship as soon as it was possible to do so.  Speed assimilation and success in their lives and work; they sure worked for it and earned it. 

I have done it . . . I am going to go ahead and get a haircut.  EEEK!   I know; I still second guess that decision, but it is so very bad it is beyond  the beyond.  I have tried to cut bits and ended up making things far worse not to mention what happened with DH's attempt to assist.   It is now a bulk that will not stay in any sort of order or even tolerable disorder and drives me nuts.  Ten months of my hacking at it in what I thought were subtle bits and pieces; shame on me, the end result is really bad. 

So; I will shower and shampoo my hair leaving it wet.  The beautician is coming to the house and will cut it outside on the back patio as I had mentioned before.   Both of us will be masked, I will wear my own coverup, and probably gloves too.  Want a cut only and then will go into the laundry room, take off clothing and into the wash along with my mask in a mesh bag and then up into the shower.  I know; overdoing it, but I just hate having to do this at all.  It has been 10 months since last cut, so I can go for months again before having to repeat.

 I decided to do this now while the COVID numbers are lower than they have been as they are expected to ratchet WAY up over the next month into five and six months; heard it this morning on the news that this winter will be the worst ever for numbers than we have ever had in the past.  Some areas of the country are already running out of hospital beds.  Geeze. 

 Pooh Bear, if you want a whole lot of input regarding any problem issues, you can come here and talk and you can also go out onto the Spousal Forum and initiate a new Topic of your own which will get you a lot more input from a variety of people.  I found this place with its Forums such a help to me, sometimes it was the only thing keeping my head above water.

My dear friend had her shingles vaccine over a year ago; she did the series of shots in a timely manner.  Well . . .  a few days ago she began to have pain on the top of her head; not a headache, but pain.   She said the next day she could see a rash on her forehead.  She was still in considerable pain that was pretty bad.  The doctor took one look and said - Shingles.  It involves the top and side of her head with the lesions going down onto her forehead and into her eyebrow and involves her ear.  The pain is excruciating and she has to take Tylenol with Codeine to even have it modify somewhat.  She is miserable and so wondering how this happened after having had the vaccine.   I can only imagine.  Doctor said it would be between four to six weeks for it to improve.  She is on an antiviral med to hopefully help it from worsening and hopefully to help it to improve a bit sooner.

 My goodness; enough already!  We can only hope that 2021 will be kinder.  This has been a very bad, lousy, stinkum, no-goodnik year.  

A person the Today Show this a.m. was showing how to wear masks and DID address those people who do not cover their noses with their masks, hurray!  Finally someone said something about that.   Usually do not hear that mentioned. 

 We could use some good old-fashioned feel good movies and some really hilariously funny movies or programs these days; a good laugh really is good medicine.   I found an old Pearl Buck book; "The Good Earth."  Last read it in seventh grade for pleasure; will go ahead and re-read it at night and see if I recall the characters very much.  Seventh grade; that was a whole different life; gosh Pearl Buck in the seventh grade.  Was a reader back then too.

 Hope you will be able to get your bedroom TV up and running Lorita, it would be great to have that when you are all tucked in this winter.  It's always something it seems. 

The homemade bread sounds wonderful, I looked up bread making machines and omigosh they are expensive.  In the hundreds around here.  Guess we shall pass on that. 

 Have a good afternoon and evening and may all go well,


Posted: Wednesday, October 21, 2020 4:45 PM
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Got my flu shot!!  I called the health dept. On an off chance they might have some.  They did get  a few late yesterday so I asked if they'd hold one for me for tomorrow.  Anyway decided I'd go this afternoon.  I drove up, called them and they let me in, completed the form I had to sign. Used hand sanitizer afterward. Only two people in there. It was the Fluzone shot - got it in the right arm. I can still tell where the shot was given last year.  So glad I happened to call today.

Went by and got the car checked and the tire I had fixed put on- no charge.  I just could not make myself go to the grocery store.  I would love to have one of those huge, baked potatoes they used to have at Western Sizzlin but not enough I guess.

I'll write more later.  I've only had two muffins and a pkg. of peanut butter crackers today so need to.think of something for supper.

The baby was standing up when I got home so let mom in  to him but don't think he nursed.

It's 85 today!

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I'm back.  Goodness it takes a long time to get the form to reply.

 Nicole, so happy for you and your husband.  How great it must be to see him and to be able to get away for a few days together.  Enjoy every minute.

 I know your uncle has enjoyed being able to visit with another military man.  I know when Charles would go to the VAMC there were no strangers.  There's a bond between those men who have served and are serving.  So nice to see that.  They're brothers!

 Judith - did you make the no-knead bread?  I haven't looked on the website yet but is that the one you bake in a dutch oven?  Jenny Can Cook videos has a good one of that kind of bread. That's where I got the chocolate cake recipe - it's so good and so easy.

 Thanks so much, Sara.  I'm going to look for that one.  I took mine with me this afternoon but didn't need it.  The guys at the tire shop didn't have on masks but I had my window down about 2-3" and had on my mask so I felt safe.  Same at the health dept.  the two girls who were there had on masks.   My arm is a bit sore.  I've heard you should exercise it after the shot but I sat in the car for 45 minutes or so and didn't.  I've been doing it since then.

 Shirley, please assure Bill that nothing's going to happen to his VA check.  I think that's well taken care of.  He's totally and permanently disabled so it will be okay.  You and Bill are doing exactly the right thing - staying away from people - the only sure way to stay safe.  Can you have your groceries delivered?  I do envy those who have that option.  Thank goodness for and Amazon.  By the way, when I came homo I opened the mailbox (a big one) and it was filled with the box containing that big can of pumpkin. 

 Doityourselfer - good for you.  You'll enjoy it so much.  I've been converted.  We've had ours for years and used it quite a lot at first but not much for probably 20 years.  I've used the heck out of it lately.  I'm a bread lover and have really enjoyed it.  Glad you're enjoying reading our posts - just old friends visiting on the front porch.  When it gets colder we may have to move inside.

 Jo - I have an old, old Betty Crocker Cookbook.  I think the head nurse on Urology gave it and a Better Homes and Gardens cookbook to me when I got married.  I have really used it.  My mother had a Watkin's Cookbook that she used; then, when my sister got married she used it and made notations in the margins.  There are some wonderful recipes in it.  Somehow it's been misplaced.  Sara, the poof monsters struck again!

 I feel so sorry for your friend and those shingles.  Years ago we were going to have Charles get a shingles shot and the VA doctor told us it was only about 50% effective so we didn't do it.  I had a very mild bout of shingles a couple of years ago on my left shoulder.  I got to Urgent Care and got medications for it, then followed up on the next Monday with my doctor.  You know, after all that time and a mild case I still feel itching in that area - scares me.   I can't imagine having it on your head.  I'd be scared it would get into my eye.  I hope the medications help her soon.

 I'm with you about wearing masks not covering your nose.  Frustrating but I know they do slip down.  The ones I wear have a piece of metal across the nose so it snugs it down pretty well.

 Pearl Buck:  I love those books.  Also love The Good Earth.  No idea how  many times I've watched that show.  She was such a good writer.  I'm watching lots of old westerns - Gunsmoke and Tom Selleck movies.  I've been watching way too much of CNN but I do enjoy it.

 Just saw one heck of a good speech by Obama.  He was in Philadelphia - what a speech maker he is.  Really anxious to see how the debate is tomorrow night.  Heard they're going to cut off the mike of the non-responder to a question for two minutes, then open both of them up for the next 90 seconds discussion.  We'll see how that works.

 About the bread machines - they're not that much on QVC if they still have them in stock.  I have no idea how much ours was.  I do remember when one of the social workers was telling me about them and that he was going to get one for his wife.  I couldn't believe you could just put ingredients in the canister, turn it on and a few hours later actually have a loaf of bread.  And - it smells so good baking and that first slice - oh, my goodness.

 I missed the last ten minutes of Obama's speech - went out to check on Gator (new baby boy's name).  He was laying next to Bubba.  He got up without me helping him much and walked around. His little back isn't real straight yet but it will be. He's a pretty fawn color.  Didn't get him to nurse but he knows where it is and she does have milk - I checked when I first got them up - at least two quarters are good and the other two look okay.  In fact, I think she has five or six teats (many of our girls do).  He doesn't look too lank for a one-day old.  Mom seems nervous and because of the awful abscess she has some years back she has some trouble breathing if she exerts herself too much.  She'll settle down - I'm sure she's had babies before.  She'll stand for a little while, then moves.  If he isn't looking good in the morning I'll give him a bottle (still haven't put it up from giving Casper his bottle). 

 So, all in all, it's been a good - new baby that seems to be doing all right and got my flu shot and the car serviced. 

 Jo, I don't know how I got "Gator" in the Gator either - had to do it because his mom was trying to get him away from the house. I tried to get him on the other side but couldn't - he's heavy.  The hardest thing I did today though was getting the car tire in the trunk.  It's not much more than half as big as a PU tire but it's heavy.  Hit my knee doing it but got it in.  Sometimes, when there's only one to do something, it has to be done regardless of how hard it might be.  In the past I might have called Darwin to help me get the baby to the house (I've done that a few times) but with the virus can't chance it - anyway, he's 84 but he's strong.  I remember one time he came to help and I drove his Mule and he sat in the passenger side with the baby on his lap so the mother could see him.  It's very risky to pick up a new baby and take him to the barn - unless you can make sure the mother keep very close and knows what's going on.

 Okay, I've said enough. 

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O MY, Lorita,       I hope you had your help button on when you were out there lifting that baby. I changed my bed sheets yesterday and I have a big heavy comforter on it and I must have shook it the wrong way because my back is sore today. I have shook that thing many times but that's the only thing I can think of that caused my back to hurt. I will take some Tylenol before I go to bed and see if that helps. I have a heating pad on my back right now and it feels real good.

You said you can't remember what my new car is well it is a 2018 Toyota Corolla, I love it. But I have always had a 4wd in the snow. This is front  wheel and everyone is telling me they handle good in the snow and ice. I will put studs on when the time comes. I am worried I may had trouble getting out of my drive way. When they plow the road they always leave a bank at the end of my drive and my other cars I had were big enough I could just plow through,    And that was fun but this car is lower to the ground so I may not be able to get out.  

I am glad you got you flu shot one less thing to worry about.

Nicole,   I bet you enjoy having your husband home and I bet he enjoys being home.

You all talk about making bread and it sounds Yummy. I am not a cook it sounds like too much work for me. Can I just buy some bread dough and put it in  a loaf pan  and do it that way?

Good Night All, Sleep Well, Hugs Zetta   

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Lorita,   I forgot to congratulate you on the new baby. Jo was right you have a maternity ward for cows. I love that you named him Gator. Last week it seemed you had 3 babies now its up to 6 I bet more are coming. I am sure they keep you busy and you love every minute of it. Good Night.
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Of course not, Zeta, it was  safe in the bathroom.. I did have my.cellphone though.  It'll be okay as long as a cow doesn't get me down.

Sorry about your back.  I know that hurts.  Maybe the heating pad will help.  I have one on my arm right now, too.  It's not too sore, just want to head it off.  Those comforters are unwieldy and heavy. Hopefully your back will be better tomorrow.

When they grade our roads they leave extra dirt at the end of our driveway, too.  A person has to have a pickup or 4wd, high vehicle like a Jeep.  I've wondered about front wheel drives, too. Our neighbor us a mechanic, should ask him.  So glad you like your car.  We had a Toyota pickup years ago.

I'm watching the best show about Pandas.  Guess it's CNN, nature shows and Westerns for me.

Thanks, Zetta, I do love it except when we lose one or something goes wrong.  Normally we've always preferred spring calves but anytime they come is great.

Had English peas and instant butter and herb potatoes for supper now a piece of chocolate cake calls me.  Wonder if I'll answer (of course).

Sorry, Sandy, I really try to remember to wear the medical guardian.  I did wear it to town!


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Glad you got your flu shot and a few other things done.  Wish the grocery store was a little closer to you.  I’m no expert on COVID, so remember that when you read this, just my thoughts.  From what I can tell it is all about load.  How long were you exposed.  Have trouble with getting overwhelmed by it sometimes too.  Have to remember more people don’t have it than do.  So not everyone we meet is contagious.  Probably most people are not.  At the grocery store our contact with one person is very limited. Tomorrow I will curbside at Walmart. That will basically Be no contact.  Have SUV, they put it in the trunk, they sign.  Have to go a small bulk food store because mom only wants her cheese from there lol. Will have to go in there.  Will do things as quickly as I can, will not be around any one person very long.  Friday have a curbside order for Meijer.  Will again be no contact basically.  Like spreading it out but hard to do when you live far out like you do.  Plan on getting food from red lobster Friday or Saturday.  Will order and pay online.  Will have them place it in trunk.  Always tell them,  I will close everything.  Already have  the cooler and trunk open when they come out.  Wait til they are gone before Shutting everything.  We are starting to surge here in Ohio.  They say the majority of it is from people gathering together, no guidelines being followed.  Woke up Friday or Saturday one and neighbors across street had a driveway full of cars, several cars on street.  Guess they had all stayed all night.  They have gotten away with this type of thing since March.  One day the sniper may shoot them. I don’t want to get shot, hate being sick.   Like you, order quite a few things on line too.  Hope this might help you a little.   

Nice having you on the porch with us doityourselfer.  You will have to let us know how it goes. The more you do it, the more comfortable you get with it.  Please come sit with us anytime.

Jo hopefully things will go ok.  Jean has been going once a week since they opened back up here in Ohio.  Jean does a lot of things .  She is extremely high risk.  So far she hasn’t got shot either.   

Going to check out that JoCooks website if my memory holds out.

Zetta hope your back comes around.  You know have been using one of those hand held massagers several times a week before I  go to bed and it has really helped my back to be less stiff.  You can buy frozen bread dough at store.  When I used it a time or two thought it was good.

Hope everyone has a good nights rest.

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Went to the VA yesterday to go over options with my Urologist for the prostate cancer. Because of my other health issues he ruled out surgery since it was a four hour operation. Since it is a high grade cancer besides the radiation treatment a shot in the stomach every six months would be needed. Before treatment starts I need a visit with the radiologist, ct scan and bone scan. If the cancer is localized we will start radiation and hormone therapy. Evidently the shot will keep the cancer from growing and help with radiation treatment. Radiologist already called and have Monday morning appointment. Still waiting on call for scans. 

Had my flu shot while at the VA and will get Lou's the 1st of November when she has her Dr. appointment. Sure wish they could wave a magic wand to cure her dementia. Sure would be nice to have my wife back for support as I go thru all of this. She still eats a good breakfast, but evening meals has been difficult. It's hard to cook her a good meal and get her to eat. I have more luck with carry out than a home cooked meal.


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my husband has the same cancer. In 2001 they said his Gleason was  7 -8

and it had spread to his nerves. He did 5 weeks chemo and 45 days of high power radiation. Then he started a hormone implant in the stomach every 3 months of Zoladex. It help to decrease the cancer. He could not take the new  Elagard for his treatment he had a reaction to it.

He was 53 and has agent orange. When he turned 70 they stopped the treatment.

When he got home from radiation he would eat a grill cheese and did not get sick. I also bought him cheese goldfish crackers to snack on and it helped.

He was losing hair before treatment and now has a full head of hair.



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Shirley, thank you for sharing your husband's story. Two years ago I was told that more than likely I had prostate cancer but over 70 they did not treat because it being slow growing, I would probably die of something else first. Last year with psa increasing they suggested a biopsy to make sure it wasn't the aggressive type, but I refused since I had achalasia surgery coming up. Now with psa up more I agreed to the biopsy after I mentioned what I was told about being over 70 and they said me looking like I still had a good 15 years left it was now recommend to treat me.

Now it's a waiting game to see if the radiation and androgen deprivation therapy is all that is needed.

I forgot to mention, even though prostate cancer is also a normal condition of men as they get older, mine also has been determined as agent orange. It has been proven to have a high rate of occurrence from Vietnam veterans. 


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They told Bill the same thing. We were told that agent orange prostate cancer is very aggressive and surgery would make it spread faster.

It is now in his bones. He also has 6 of the other diseases from agent orange.

Bill being in the Army on the front line was sprayed all the time. He said they had to have it to keep alive due to the thick jungle they could not see the Vietcong.

I'm glad they are going treat yours. Just take it easy when you have treatment. It does make you weak. Are you going to have help with Lou at this time? You will need to rest when you get home from treatment.

Will keep you in our prayers. 


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 Lots to read this morning.  Ron, I'm so glad you finally got to talk with the doctors and get your treatment plan laid out.  Things have really changed since I worked in Urology.  At that time I never heard about anyone being treated for CA of the prostate except withi a prostatectomy but usually an orchiectomy (my doctor called it orchidectomy). 

 I'm so glad you have Shirley to talk with since she and Bill have gone through this.  It will  help to compare notes and see that things are progressing as they did with Bill. 

 Shirley, I'm sorry that Bill is having so much trouble - he's had a long haul with this cancer.  I know how hard it is to see this happening to him - and it's happening to you at the same time.

 Ron, I know how much you need the support of Lou at this time - wish I could help - but you know we're all here to help support you as much as we can.   Glad you got your flu shot and that Lou will get hers soon.

Sara - thanks for the information.  I'm glad I got those things done yesterday, too.  None of it planned.  I just called the health dept. on an off chance they might have some shots.  They told me last week they might not get more.  So,  had to get it into gear and get down there.  Really glad I got the car checked out and the right tire put on.  Every little bit helps.  

 I heard last night on TV about the 15 minute exposure, too.  Doesn't have to be a continuous 15 minutes but can be spread out over several hours with short exposures.  This thing is so scary.  I'm glad you're able to get curbside service on so many things. I don't have an SUV but they could put it in the car trunk or the PU bed.  So far I'm doing all right without going to the grocery store.  As long as I can get eggs and milk at our little convenience store.  I think it would be good if they kept a few vegetables - potatoes, onions, bananas.  I know there are people in our little town who can't get to a grocery store. 

 I'm going to have to go to the vets this afternoon.  Sammy is sneezing and coughing a lot and last night he was laying on my lap breathing with his mouth open - ears and nose were hot.  He's still doing it some this mooring and Lilly's sneezing, too.  I called the vet's office and told the girl who answered so I have an appt. for 2 p.m.  I asked her if that's a time when not many people are around (those times are few and far between).  She said I can call them when I get there and they'll come out and get them, take them in for treatment and bring them back.  I'll feel safer doing that.  That's what they were doing when this first started but I think they had kind of stopped doing it.

 Gator is up and around some and doesn't seem lank.  He seems strong but walks very slowly.  I think I saw him jump just a bit.  His little back isn't straight but I'm forgetting that he's only a day old and they lay around for several days. I know his mother knocked him down and rolled him so just hope she didn't step on him.  I was right there but it happened so fast I'm not sure.  I tried to give him a bottle - no way - so he must not have been hungry.  Funny - he was laying down and eating dirt.  I think he was trying to eat leaves but got some dirt.  I just looked out the window and his mom is laying down close to him.  I still haven't seen him nurse though.  I gave the three moms some more hay and some creep - then heard another little calf bawl.  It was one of the little girls who was in the east lot.  No other cows around - somehow she got separated from her mom so got her in with the others.  When I went up to check the girls, I saw the two babies with a cow who was babysitting - somehow she let the baby get away from her.  They may have been changing pastures or something.  Anyway, she's up in the lot with two other babies.

 My arm was a bit sore last night so put a heating pan on it for a few minutes and this morning I can hardly tell where the injection site was - barely sore.  It's so strange because in my left arm I can still tell where the site was from last year.  I think I'll get the shots at the health dept. from now on.  We used to always get them there. 

 Talked with Sarah a bit yesterday.  She had just left Dr. D's office.  The stoma site is infected so he told her she needed to see the ostomy nurse.  Don't know what he's going to do.  Also talked with Patsy while I was at the Tire Shop.  She's not doing well and is sleeping a lot.  Good to talk with her. 

Ron and Shirley - my cousin, Patsy's brother, was in both the Korean and Vietnam War and was exposed to Agent Orange.  Awful stuff.  He had many problems from it and then it caused cancer of his throat.  He passed away about a year ago - in his early 80s.  The VA was very good to him - giving treatments, medications, service connection - the whole thing.

 Guess I'll stop and check on Mr. Barclee.  Everyone looking forward to the debate tonight? 

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We got home from the vet about 20 minutes ago.  So, we were gone almost two hours.  Good thing we went - they had a really bad upper respiratory infection and the Baytril and Amoxicillin I'd been giving them hadn't touched it.  The vet gave them one or two injections and I have stronger medication to give them along with the rest of the Baytril.  I hadn't planned to go in so one of the girls came out and got Lilly and Sammy.  Almost everyone going in and coming out had on masks so I went in with my mask on.  Didn't get close to anyone and didn't touch anything except the meds.  Lilly talked all the way home - both of them have disappeared now.  When he was getting ready to give her the injection her eyes were as big as saucers.  Sammy weighs 10 lbs. and she weighs 11 /1/2 - said they were big cats but he didn't know which breed.

 I feel better about Gater (guess I'll spell it with an "e" so we tell he and the Gator apart.}  He slept a good part of the morning when his mom was in the barn.  I got him up about noon and walked him to the barn - walked pretty good for a two day old.  I called his mom and she came out and when he went over I tried to get him latched on.  Didn't work - he latched on himself with his little tail wagging.  So, guess all's well.  You all know me well - I have to have something to worry about and it seems like there's always plenty.  The little calf who got separated from everyone is still in the lot with the others - when we got home I saw the girls were coming down from the MH - guess mom will be here before long.  I bet she's hungry - missed lunch.

 I had thought, momentarily, that I'd go up to the convenience store when we got home and get gas and see if they had eggs.  Too tired.  It's in the mid to upper 80s and pretty hot - tomorrow is supposed to be at least 40 degrees colder.

 Hope all of you are having a good afternoon.

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Good idea about gator/gater.

Got on Jo cooks some today.  Will take awhile to look at all those recipes.  

Raked leaves today and sweated a bit.  No rain today, we’ve had dark rainy days most of week and they may come back tomorrow.  Sitting  on the porch eating supper, haven’t got to do that for a few days.   

Glad you were able to go into the vets office.  Feels good to do something a little normal.

Curbside at Walmart gave me 2% milk instead of whole.  Mom didn’t want that of course.  Thankfully one of her neighbors is taking it.  Another neighbor is getting her whole milk.  It’s funny, she always wants him to get her a few items.  Think she doesn’t want to lose that connection.  Can understand that.

Have had a hard time finding rubbing alcohol.  The major stores if they have it, only have a few bottles. Went into drug mart today to get furnace filters.  Happened to think about looking for it while was in there.  They had a shelf full.  Could not believe my eyes.  Have not seen that much rubbing alcohol in one store since Covid started lol.  Know where to get it now.  

Hope everyone gets a good nights sleep.


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Sara, glad you're getting to sit on the porch for supper.  It's warm enough here.  I've been sweating every time I've been outside.  Finally the girls got close enough to the house for Suzy and her mom to hear each other.  She'd bawl, then I'd hear her mom and you could tell she knew it was her mother.  .  She got down here and then I had to figure out how to get Suzy out with her - three big cows and three babies to contend with.  But, she's out with her and latched on for supper.   Gater's inside the pen in the barn.  Maybe his mom will go in and feed him tonight.  Hopefully, they'll all stay in the barn because there's upposed to be a super cold front come through about 3 or 4 in the morning with some rain.  Stormy went with me to see the girls this afternoon - hasn't gone for the last three or four times. 

 It was kind of good to get out and really am glad I got the cats over there today.  I doubt there's a busier place in the county - people coming and going all the time.  Little old people (like me) bring in their little dogs and cats and men and women bringing in horses in their big trailers. 

 Joan - how awful about the fires west of Denver.  Heard Estes Park had been evacuated.  The fire, it said, was burning 6,000 acres an hour.  If something doesn't get done about global warming the whole world will burn.  Saw a news report form Billings, MT - it was beginning to snow.    So, the weather all over the Country is varied.

 Sara - glad you got all your grocery shopping and deliveries done today.  I usually get 2% milk - just have gotten used to it but I don't blame your mother for liking the whole milk better.  Good that it worked out so you didn't have to go back to the store.

 My knee's hurting this evening - don't really know why. I can barely tell where I got my flu shot and no reaction at all (knock on wood). 

 I saw some of the cutest little puppies at the vet's today.  One lady had a box with two little ones (they were black and brown) and another woman had a cute little brown one.  I watched when she got out of her car and brought it inside.  She kissed it before they went in and when they came out, she kissed it again.  Little old people (that's me now).  When I worked on the EENT ward I met a little man and his wife - he was in for cataract extraction.  She'd come to see him every day and leave so she'd have time to get home to Tahlequah before dark.  Charles and I visited with them a lot.  After her husband passed away she moved to an Assisted Living Center.  When we'd visit she'd talk about the "little, old people" who lived there.  She was probably well into her late 70s or 80s.  Guess it just depends on how you feel about things.

 Better stop and warm up my English peas and potatoes.  Kind of hungry tonight.  Hope all of you have a good evening - watch the debate. Curious about how it'll be this time.

 I've had  my days mixed up all week.  This really doesn't feel like Thursday - seems like it should be Friday.

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Hello everybody.    Ron,  I would highly suggest that you look into Home Chef.   They will send you meals that just needs little work.   Go on Google.   You order what you like.  They send meals accordingly to your schedule.    My SIL gets this for him and his wife.   It gives him a selection and how many times you want them.   You run out of ideas what to cook and this helps so much.  

Worked outside today .   Beautiful day.  Dug up my Cannas and put them away for winter.   Cleaned out garage and put my canning supplies on a metal shelf with my canned goods.  Found some canning lids that I didn’t remember having.  There was a shortage of lids this year and here I had a bunch unknown to me.    My garden is done but needs cleaning up.  Waiting for plants to dry up.  Easy to pull that way.  

My grandson had a beautiful wedding last Saturday.   It was held outside.   Now, 

two more weddings next May.  

Hope everyone is blessed.  I know I am


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 Goodness, someone left the north gate open - it's turning cold.  When I woke up it was around 60, it's now 50 with a stiff north wind.   Ron, it's coming your way!

 When I went out this morning, Gater was out in the lot with the moms and other two babies.  He jumped around a little bit and was so cute crossing over some mud and water where one of the tubs had leaked.  His little back is still a bit curved but it'll straighten.  Tina and Sassy were outside the gate with Sally watching them.  All the other girls must have spent the night in the garden or somewhere south and they came through and have disappeared.  Saw Rose Bud get up - I hold my breath every time I see her laying down.  Hopefully the little girls will stay with her.  I gave the three moms some creep and some more hay and water. 

 Stormy was thrilled when he saw me this morning.  Put his feet on my shoulders and gave me sugar, then ran around in the yard like a big puppy.  He and Sheena decided they'd come in out of the cold for the day.  Gave Tom and Jerry the last of the catfood in the PU so had to take 40 lb. out and put it inn so I wouldn't have to do it tomorrow.

 The cats ate pretty well this morning.  Sammy's laying in the chair beside me and I can hear him sniffle now and then.  Glad I got them to the vet yesterday instead of waiting until today.   I do wish I'd stayed in the car yesterday - cats were inside being treated and then I decided I'd go in and see what he said.  Only he and one of the girls were in the exam room and we weren't in there long.  When I came out there were a few people in the waiting room (it's a big room - used to be a car dealership).  Everyone was spaced way apart and every one except two had on masks - not including the employees - but I had mine on.  I was away from everyone except Amanda when she was checking me out.  Used hand disinfectant when I came out to the car.  This morning I put on my mask and sprayed a fine mist of water toward it - nothing at all came through. Didn't touch anything except the medicine bottle and syringes.  Even put down a paper towel on the counter when I wrote my check. So, guess I'll be all right - will do the 15 day countdown anyway.  I hate having to do that but guess it's better to do.  Seems there's a lapse sometimes and I do something that I later regret.

 Just as I was getting ready to leave home yesterday a big truck drove up - I went out and it was a man from some big fuel company.  We had a natural gas line that runs across the north part of the farm and he said they had found a little leak next to our neighbor's house that they needed to fix.  Said it wasn't much of a leak but they needed to repair it.  Had to have permission - so they'll come today, dig a hole, repair it and I made sure they're refill the hole and make it like it was.  They have two more miles of the line to walk to see about leaks - said that would make 30 miles they'd walked and checked.  Also found a small one at Honey Springs, several miles east of us.  That's one of the Civil War battlegrounds.

 Watched the debate last night - much better than the first one although there was some friction and some interruptions.  Only 10 or 11 days to go but I imagine it'll be a few days before we know the results.  Millions of people have already voted early - looks like there will be a big turnout.  Glad I got my vote in already.

 I was filling one of the water tanks a while ago and for some reason checked my phone and it said "no service" - had never seen that before.  It's a 3G flip phone and they've said it will have to be replaced at some point.  I was afraid this was the point - but when I got inside it was all right. I have a landline but no long distance carrier so the only people I could call would be local. 

 Judy, sounds like you got a lot of things done yesterday.  What color are your cannas?  I think they're so pretty but for some reason they don't do well here.  I'd love to put tall red ones in front of the pipe fence that goes from the corral to the yard  but I've tried and they just won't grow.  The house by the library in our town has a big bunch of them and they're so pretty.  I've seen orange ones and think I've tried them - but no go.  You said you were letting your plants die so you could pull them easier.  Good idea.  The purple basil is now leafless so it needs to be pulled.  Jo - you remarked about how cute it must be to see one of the babies laying in the purple basil.  Yesterday I was outside and Bubba and Casper were both laying in it.  This stuff is everywhere.  Many years ago one of the social workers brought me a plant of it - planted it and it has spread like nobody's business.  It's really a pretty summer plant.  Always have wondered if you could use it in cooking.  I don't really like the taste of basil so just as well.

 Hope you all are well this morning.  The front has come through all of our State except the far SW corner - pretty near Ron.  It's 17 degrees colder right now than it was this time yesterday.  Need to check that stove and see what I can do about it.

  Will stop and finish my juice and fine something for breakfast - probably toast or cereal.  Back later.

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Cannas are pretty, but have never had much luck with them either.

Sunny, windy day so far here.