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Fiblet Princess
Posted: Saturday, December 26, 2020 3:27 PM
Joined: 6/10/2019
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I am so proud of myself! DH had me pick out a pair pair of slippers on line for my Christmas present. He kept forgetting that we had done this. The day before Christmas when he again needed reminding, he said but I wanted to give you something else. 

I thought of a watch I recently received for doing a survey online. So I said to him “you also bought me a beautiful watch. Are you ready to wrap my presents?  So I brought him the slippers and watch and he was proud as punch to wrap the beautiful presents he got me.

So I crowned myself fiblet princess. I’m sure that there are fiblet queens and kings on this forum. Won’t you please share your stories?

Posted: Saturday, December 26, 2020 3:34 PM
Joined: 4/2/2018
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No story from me, but that was quite a gift you gave him, even though he doesn't know it.
Posted: Saturday, December 26, 2020 3:39 PM
Joined: 8/22/2020
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Sweet story Whyzit. Yes, you gave him a very memorable and selfless gift and I bet you'll always remember it. I think most of our Fiblets fall into that category.
Posted: Saturday, December 26, 2020 5:09 PM
Joined: 6/12/2016
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Way to go Fiblet Princess! You have a good heart! Thank you for sharing this with us! My most recent successful Fiblet was telling my Mom the tub was stopped up. To make it believable I made a big X across the tub with black duct tape.
Posted: Saturday, December 26, 2020 8:08 PM
Joined: 10/24/2018
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Whyzit, that was a beautiful gift idea. Such a tiny thing, and so much love and joy. 

My best fiblet with Mom was always, "I have to go to the bathroom (not necessarily true), do you want to go first, or after me?"