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Posted: Thursday, July 12, 2012 11:33 PM
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I'm just posting this to get any feed back on what this website may have to offer about this supplement Anatabloc and if anyone is using it or knows of anyone using it. I have been reading about this new supplement on the market but only reading it from a investment meassage board point of view, which I feel is hyped up because people only want to make money off of it. Facebook has testimonals on there page as well and good ones at that, but what I am looking for is......


Bottom line............ does it help with Alzheimer’s disease? 


I am providing some information for you to read and for all to make their case about Anatabloc vs  Alzheimer’s. Really all I'm looking for is the truth out there and what better place then here?





Star has a product (Anatabloc) available off the shelf at GNC stores that reduces beta amyloid and can help people with Alzheimer's. The Star Scientific President (Paul Perito) was quoted in the PR as saying he wanted this study done as soon as possible, so the results can't be that far off.


First, look at this article in The New York Times yesterday....   


Know read about Anatabloc...



Posted: Friday, July 13, 2012 12:57 PM
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There was some discussion about this last year on the old board... 


My dad has taken both CigRX and Anatabloc.  To me, they had a positive impact on his mental abilities.  I don't know if it was purely coincidence, but every time he started taking it, in about 2 weeks, he came down with some sort of infection.   The first time it was pneumonia.  Then it was an astonishingly fast infection from a bite from a cat (matter of hours), followed by a series of urinary tract infections.  Each event I attributed to other causes, but I don't know now.  Arhtritis drugs they advertise on TV block inflammation, but inflammation is what the body used to fight infection.


This has been my observation.


My thinking is, if anatabine helps but has side effects that must be addressed, then it is no worse than those other prescription drugs they advertise on TV all of the time that take more time listing the side effects than the benefits of the drug!


[By the way, I accidentally clicked on the "Report Post" button, but I didn't mean to.]