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Is Chronic Dehydration the Norm? JellyDrops Invented
Posted: Saturday, June 13, 2020 12:29 PM
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I didn't realize just how important hydration was,  -

that dehydration is a leading cause of death for PWD

 or how difficult it was for my grandfather to hold a cup until we tried to take him a cup of coffee on our last visit. But I still did NOT put it together until I watched this TedTalk video.

Rehydration for Dementia



Lewis Hornby had a problem: his grandmother with dementia wasn’t drinking enough, causing her to get severely dehydrated. See his sweet, and potentially life-saving, solution, which received multiple awards for design engineering and social impact.

These Jelly drops are solid and can easily be picked up, without being spilled. When offered to his gran-  on a special tray- she ate 7 of these brightly coloured 'treats'.

 Since they are not available yet, I wonder if would Jello cubes be any help?