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Link to Living Wellwith Dementia
Posted: Sunday, June 28, 2015 4:28 PM
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Allen Power MD gave talk on his work changing the dynamic and general conversation about living with dementia and a link to that talk is in blog above.

Just as Supreme Court has made way for the right to marriage for everyone no matter sexual preference after many years of individuals changing the view on being Gay/Lesbian, we are able to change the treatment of people with dementia when we understand how to communicate with loved ones living with ALZ and other cognitive disorders.

I have EOAD and post on that board the TRUTH that we do not become empty shells and deserve respect and a good life despite having cognitive problems. While a cure is probably not attainable, a life with meaning is if we learn how to make this happen.

May we all work for human dignity being preserved no matter if we can draw clocks or count backward by 7s from 100.

Love and Courage