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Is Lack of Honest-to-Goodness SUNLIGHT making Alzheimer's worse?
Posted: Thursday, September 5, 2019 12:50 PM
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Since the new Light therapy device that shown improvements in 11 people, and I don't think it flickers: What if:

What if the whole reason for the problem is our modern day deprivation of Sunlight, in all its glory,  including red light and Near Infra Red light.

1. In North America,  adults don't nap in the day anymore. (Those who do, do it under insufficient/ LED light)

 b. When we napped in the mid-day, sunlight or NIR was reaching our faces, and shone down through the less bulky cartilage in our noses and reached the brain? The skull is thick, and there are many different types of tissue 

2.  We've replaced our incandescent lights and fires with LEDs. LED's don't replicate the energy from the sun, just the portions we can see. 

3.  We spend way more time indoors than we ever did.

4.  We've added many layers of material between us and the sky -they scatter and block light and Eletromagnetic Radiation. Prior to the introduction of steel framing, buildings topped out at 4 stories. Now sunlight+ emr would need to get through.. how many floors for those of us in apartments. I think sleeping under a tree or even a rock, or under bamboo fronds, per Moana , had to mean we were more exposed to EMR.

4b. Even our windows, which used to be a pane of glass, are now pane of glass/airgap/pane of glass x  2 or 3.  What happens to How does NIR light at 700nm(nanometers) to 11000 nm travel through that?

5.  Insisting that we stay awake all day, rather than wake early, siesta then work socialize, means most of us miss the NeuroProtective Effects of Sunrise and Sunset.

6. Patients get worse fairly quickly after they have been institutionalized. There isn't enough staff to every patient outside everyday, whenever they want.

As a culture we have decided the top floor is the best, and the basement is the worst, basements are rented by students. The wealthy often rent or buy the penthouse and have lovely expansive balconies.

Dogs and cats instinctively sleep in sunny windows. We gravitate towards light much like plants to, perhaps the reasons for it are broader than we realize.

I wonder:

How AD and brain disease rates compare in countries that have a 9-5 workday vs. a early rise, siesta, cook and socialize in late afternoon and evening cultures. If we could actually compare them accurately.

If part of the awesome-ness attributed to the mediterranean diet actually comes from the abundance of exposure to the full range of electro-magnetic radiation from the sun.

If someone will build a Red light/ Near InfraRed Version of the false skylight?

This may not be true: I've heard that when white bread was introduced and people were concerned about the lack of vitamins, manufacturer's assured them, the vitamins had all been added back. Except Vitamin K, because it hadn't been discovered yet.


What if the Red light and or NearInfrared light that we used to get from the sun is our Vitamin K. Manufacturers didn't recreate it, because they hadn't realized that it does something/ we need it.

That energy that is missing from brain cells, that no one totally understands yet, could it be linked to energy from the sun that we can't see, hear or feel. 

All of those LED lights saving us hundred of dollars in electricity bills, may be leaving our bodies without that extra energy that our brains need to thrive and ultimately, survive. 



Posted: Thursday, September 5, 2019 9:35 PM
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Ok, so that was my all-inclusive light emitting diode`s destroying the planet-conspiracy rant. Over my lunch hour!

But I may have jumped the gun. I am going to go back into the trial info to see if the light was pulsed or continuous because medx has more than one device, and it sounds like it has different setting options.

Posted: Thursday, September 19, 2019 9:55 PM
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You might be on to something. I believe our bodies, brain included, do need specific amounts of exposure to real sunlight and fresh air. An afternoon in the great outdoors always makes me feel much better.
Posted: Thursday, July 9, 2020 2:37 PM
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In the late 1950's a disc Jockey named Peter Tripp stayed awake for 200 hours to raise funds for the March of Times.

He had hallucinations and become paranoid and delusional, on air.


"After 120 hours, he began having hallucinations. He walked into a nearby hotel room to shower and change, and, when he opened a chest of drawers for his clothes, saw flames shooting out of the open drawer. At first he thought that the scientists had set the fire, trying to prank him or make him drop out of the contest. Then he began believing the scientists were in a conspiracy against him, and wanted to frame him for a crime. When one scientist, a stuffy dresser, came up to him, Tripp believed that the man was an undertaker come to bury him, and ran away into the street."

Note: there is a horrible photo of "Freddy" from Nightmare on elmstreet above the article