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Long Fight now over
Posted: Saturday, December 28, 2019 9:46 AM
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Good morning to all,

Since my last post a few weeks ago I have spent some time away and will be leaving again today for some needed time away from everyone. My mother passed and lost her long fight with ALZ she finally went on to be with others gone before her this week. 

We had her funeral and a celebration of her Life during the past few days. She was a hard working lady and I am so glad to know within my mind she is in a better place. Her faith allows me to know she is in a place that she has her mind back and is healthy once again. She suffered a long time with this terrible disease we all are facing in some fashion that are on this board. 

I hope you all have had Merry Christmas and looking forward to a Great New Year. 

I will not be posting for quiet sometime. I hope and pray you all are safe in the time to come.