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Tau stabilizing drug clinical trial
Posted: Wednesday, October 26, 2022 7:13 AM
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I try to keep track of drugs that could be effective in treating Alzheimers and this one looks promising. TauRx announced the results of its phase 3 trial for hydromethythionine mesylate (HMTM) in patients with early, mild and moderate Alzheimers and results showed either improved cognition or stabilized cognition. It also showed reduced rates of brain atrophy when compared with historical matched patients with AD. HMTM does it by stabilizing tau rather than by reducing amyloid beta. Also no ARIA abnormalities were found. In the case of Biogen's aducanumab and lecanemab, ARIAs were found in some patients after MRI scans.

HMTM was derived from methylene blue, which is a staining agent in biology which has been in use for more than a century. Since HMTM turns a patient's urine blue, they decided to give very low doses of methylene blue (methylthioninium chloride) to the placebo patients so that their urine would also turn blue. This would prevent patients from knowing if they were taking HMTM. However during the trial, it was discovered that even very small doses of methylene blue could possibly have a small positive effect on AD, thereby complicating the comparing of the two groups. They are working on this problem and I believe it has a good chance of eventually getting approved for AD and other dementias.