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Just need to talk to my friends (129)
Posted: Sunday, September 27, 2020 10:25 AM
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 Cool, cloudy and a little windy this morning.  Expecting thunderstorms this afternoon and night.

 Weird thing happened this morning.  When I went out to feed Tom and Jerry I noticed a twig about 8" long laying on top of the back tire of the car.  I picked it up and a thorn about 1 1/2" long was stuck into the tire and when I pulled it up it made a hole in the tire and air started coming out.  I didn't see the thorn until it was already out and I couldn't get it back in - silly to try that.  So, here I am with a flat tire on the car.   Called AAA and the guy came from Henryetta - about 30 miles away to change it.  I had him mark the spot so it would be evident when I had the tire fixed.  I had opened the trunk so he didn't have to touch it - changed the tire and, of course, not being used for months or years it was low.   He said he'd put air in it (we have an air compressor) but I told him I could do it - really didn't want him inside the car.

 Had to hold my AAA card so he could take a picture (had on my mask) and then sign his phone with my fingertip.  All this time and from the time we heard his truck Stormy was really upset with barking and a low growl.    So, that was done.  After he left I backed the car up to the carport and turned on the air compressor.  Knelt down and aired up the tire.  After I got into the house I happened to think that he might have touched the fender and I hadn't had on my mask while I was airing the tire.  I don't think I touched the car.  When I got in, I rinsed my mouth, twice, with Listerine, sprayed my nose with that spray I use in the winter and disinfected my hands.  Why I didn't think to spray the fender and tire I don't know.  So - will be on my 15 day countdown.  Darn it, things happen that you don't even think about.  The thorn came from one of the Bradford Pear trees on our driveway.  The little limb or twig must have been torn off when someone passed and how in the world it stuck into the tire I'll never know - wouldn't happen again in a hundred years - even if you set it up yourself.

 Didn't go up to see the girls - they're up by the MH and I can see about 2/3rds of them.  Did see two of the babies earlier.

 While the guy was changing the tire Patsy called - she had dropped her phone in a cup of liquid and was trying it out.  When I was airing up the tire Jack called - said the phone wasn't working right so I told him what I did when I got mine wet.  He said she had been laying her phone on top of a big plastic cup with a lid on it - had liquid in it.  But, guess she had drunk some of it and forgot to put on the lid and laid her phone on it and down it went into the water.  She has lots of trouble with cell phones.

 So, that's my start to the week - in my wildest dreams I would never have thought the thorn thing would have happened - didn't even think about such a thing.  I guess it'll be all right since I don't think I touched the car fender and the car wasn't in the same place where the tire was changed and I wasn't close to him without a mask - then at least 6 ft.  (now they're saying 26 feet).

 Got to watch a little of Meet the Press - all about the upcoming debate.  I had fixed my hot tea but it got cold so will stop and heat it up and drink it.  Already had my cereal.

 Hope everyone else's day has had a better start.  See, the whole world is weird.

Jo C.
Posted: Sunday, September 27, 2020 11:07 AM
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Judith, the sneakers I want are thru SAS and come in a triple width; they are nice looking and are very expensive; but SAS shoes last forever.  I will probably have these a decade or so.  

 Here is a link:

The sneakers I want are order number 2100 and are called, "Tour Lace Up."  They are white ad have a bit of pale blue on them. 

 I want to get a pair of plain black "ballet" type shoes; but they come in double wide and not triple.  Their shoes tend to run nicely, so if I do get these, and if just a tidge snugger than I wish; and they may not be, I will have them stretched.  If way to narrow for my clodhopper feet, I will return them.

Many of their shoes have deep toe boxes which is lovely and plenty of width in the toes also.  Some of the most popular are covered by Medicare for diabetics, (I think onc per year), when there is a podiatry prescription for them.; I do not have diabetes, so I pay.  The most popular in the podiatry regard are, the "Free Time Walking Shoe," number 0083 and the velcro closing, Me Too Walking Shoe, number 1580.

Unfortunately, some of their shoes show in ugly colors; just use the prompt and press on the whites or whatever colors you are interested in.

 I did try looking at Zappos, (nothing), and have looked at some well known shoe names, but they usually only come in wide; not double or triple wide.  I am going to look at some other shoe sites that are valid and carry good quality.  I know; that is a whole lot of money for sneakers, but knowing the quality and the longevity, I am not concerned.  If the triple wide are too wide, I will just change it for the double wide.

 Sure do miss the wide shoe store for women that used to be near me; they carried all sorts of brands and al kinds of shoes.  Anyone with a fit issue is going to pay more for adequate shoes.  Some brands list "wide" or "double wide," and they are nowhere near that.

Bathroom carpets in my main upstairs bathroom have died, and I do mean died.  I have been looking for new ones but could not find the color I wanted in the size I needed, so I am going to make a switch to an alternative acceptable color. I really hate shopping.    I will order online and then do contactless pickup; but that means I am not 100% sure of the accuracy of the color online.  But hope springs eternal . . .

 The shampoo you are asking about that I got was good for my hair; it may not be for someone else. As said, it takes care of frizz, but not the lack of a good cut and boy; does mine ever need a good cut with a good shaping; ah well.  Here is the shampoo I got:  Enjoy Balancing Shampoo.  Next time, I am tempted to buy the Luxury Shampoo.  Every three or four washes or so, I use Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo to get spray out of my hair.  I use only a spritz of spray on the top of my hair and use from time to time, the Enjoy spray-on conditioner; but not often as the Enjoy shampoo alone seems to keep the frizzes at bay.

 Saw what appears a very pretty bathrobe at Vermont Country Store. It popped up when I was looking for something else; it is not in the paper catalog and not in the robe section online; and it strangely does not come up all the time.  So, I got the number, I think I will order one and see how it fits; if it is good quality, will buy a second.  Good long bathrobes are so hard to find.  I do not want the tie around the waist type,  it makes me look like an overstuffed sausage.  Also rather tired of the standard shiny velvety velour long robes.  There used to be such lovely robes for women,  but honestly, not any more.  The robe I really loved and that was so pretty finally wore out; gone.   It would be nice to be able to have a seamstress to make copies of well loved items, but that is not going to happen any time soon.  Or perhaps ever.  Where in the world are all those wonderful seamstresses gone? 

Gads; my husband belongs to a group of retired men from where he worked.   The name of their group is,  "The Romeos."  What?  I said when hearing that; it means, "Retired Old Men Easting Out."  Funny.  They had stopped meeting for a couple of months due to COVID, but they have once again been in full swing for a few months.  They call and ask husband to go; but no way will he do that.  He has even sent them emails regarding COVID and inside restaurant eating to no avail; and these are all older men and most with health conditions and not in the best of shape overall.  They do whatever, which means there will be 20 to 30 guys sitting around the same table without masks while they eat, talk, laugh and cough; shoulder to shoulder, face to face.  DH says, "It is only a matter of time."  And then they go home to wives and other family members.    Common sense does not always prevail.

 Yes; I saw the nomination for the Supremes; no comment. Sigh.   I actually turned off the news this a.m. and all channels had their Sunday morning political programs going; I simply shut off the TV. As for the debates; I will not watch it in real time.  We will record it and then if I find myself clenching, I will fast forward until the "stuff" is passed.   Cant' believe this is what I am doing; two Master's Degrees, working in a profession for years, and here I am, turning off news and fast forwarding some of the debate because I am so sick of it all and getting unsettled by the monumental lying and nearly unbelievable manipulation.  Enough!  Omigosh, I am getting too old for this merde.  Tis the worst I have ever seen.  Never thought I would feel this way.

 Please do get your ballots; be sure you are registered properly and everyone, please do vote.   No matter who your choice, vote.  Cannot fathom trying to scuttle the election; that is the line drawn in the sand for me.   Democracy.  Seems strong, but it is actually frail; it depends upon all of us to keep it in its place of honor.


Posted: Sunday, September 27, 2020 12:57 PM
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Merde, indeed! I actually know young people who are ready to leave our country. Sad.

The confusion with the Enjoy is the fact that the labeling and packaging has changed and of course Amazon has some of everything...old, new and variety.

Thank you for the shoe info. I like the ballet slipper too.

I wash with Dawn every one in a while and use Moraccon oil onditioner. Another product I like is the Jojoba oil from Trader Joe's which I occasionally use on my hair but usually as a lotion.

New baby squirrel in the crabapple tree by my bedroom window. He came within 2 feet of me this mrning. 

Did anyone catch the PBS on Borneo? So interesting.

All is quiet today and dark out. Time to watch some episodes of The Crown. I might try making the pineapple dump cake.

For Lorita....

Posted: Sunday, September 27, 2020 3:49 PM
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 Seems like it's taking a long time after I click on "reply" until I can.

 It's been a lazy Sunday. I haven't laid down yet but all the girls have.  Stormy and I just drove over and everyone was laying down except  Stanley and while we were there he laid down, too.   Took down the flag when we got home in case the wind is strong tonight.  While I was over in the pasture I saw the most beautiful, blue flower - a big clump of them about 3 ft.  tall.  After the rain, while the ground's still wet I'm going to dig it up and transplant it by the yard fence.  I don't see many blue flowers.  In fact, so  may of our wildflowers have disappeared in the meadows and pastures.  I used to be able to see many different kinds until a few years ago when everyone started spraying so much.  Now, there's only a few - wish it would get rid of Snow on the Mountain.

 Judith, very interesting article you gave me the link for. I read all of it but still I'll let it lay and be safe - may even spray it.  But, when I do the return envelope's glue works before it should.  I guess there's been problems like our pandemic all throughout history - never had heard of them poking holes in envelopes but maybe it worked.

 I just opened Thursday's WM boxes, wiped down things and brought in all but three cases of cat food.  I found some cherry jam on the WM website so I'm anxious to see if it's really good. Wanted some sliced peaches and ordered a can - it's huge - like the ones the restaurants use. Guess when I open it, I'll freeze most of them.  I'm so hungry for one of those quick peach cobblers - maybe next week. 

I've had trouble with my right heel for about three years.  The winter boots I was wearing were hurting and I checked and there was a very strong string from one side to the other in the back.  It had already damaged my heel so I can't wear a shoe with a back in it. But, I can wear boots in the winter and they don't hurt.  I have Morton's Neuroma in both feet and I'm wondering if there's a special kind of shoe that would help that or if there's some insert that would work.  My doctor said a Podiatrist could give a cortisone short that would help - another last resort.  Strange that my feet look normal but feel like the soles of my feet are all crinkled up or that  I have something in my shoe.  Sometimes my feet feel cold and other times very warm.

 I'm going to try to watch the Debate but don't know if I can watch all of it.  May get too upset - if I do, I'll change channels.  Didn't get to see much of the news shows this morning because of the tire - probably about the same thing.

 I did open my ballot this afternoon.  I can't mail it back tomorrow because I ran out of stamps until the mail carrier brings some tomorrow.  Very important that everyone vote -  no matter who you vote for.  We can't have that freedom taken away.

 Hope all of you have enjoyed the day - I'm looking forward to some rain tonight.

Jo C.
Posted: Sunday, September 27, 2020 4:24 PM
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I prefer not to purchase products for hair and skin through Amazon.  Some of the stuff from providers may be old, some of it not the actual product, etc.  The imposter stuff and packaging  is so good, one would hardly ever notice.  I call and buy mine through the Enjoy Company. 

 Poking holes to fumigate mail; that must have taken so much time.  Makes me think of poking holes and fumigating some people -  joking, joking!

 I decided that I am at a point that many things I will now buy will last me the rest of my life, so if my sneakers are pricey; I shall  probably never have to replace them, or not for years.  At least they will fit!  Ode to joy!

Did you see the new men's jeans from Paris?  No lie; not only are they "distressed," they have large, large "grass stains: on them all down the front; even in areas one would not have grass stains, (designers probably never mowed a lawn in their skinny lives.)  Permanent faux grass stains.  Over $1,000 a pair.  Who in the world . . . . hey; I'll get you a pair of regular levis and roll you around on the lawn for awhile  . . . there you go . . . Paris chic!!!

As if unsightly holes in jeans is not enough, (and  if you've noticed, the holes have been getting bigger and bigger), the new fashion I saw on a fashion program is to have house paint splotches down the front of jeans.   How ahem; interesting.  Evidently some folks have too much money and not enough to do . . . once again, put on your jeans, come on over; we will paint something big and you will be nouveau fashion.  Desole if I hurt any feelings.  I have now exhausted my French for the day.  Someone should teach me to swear in French.  Then I could mutter and mutter when irritated to the brink and no one in my circle of life will know what I'm saying!  Tres Bon!

 Would love to be able to speak French.  I listened to a French teaching tape on my long freeway trips back and forth to work; all I got out of it was, "la pomme de terre" which translates to, "earth apple," which means potato!  Huzzah - I could really go places with that!

  Jfkoc; you mention birds.    We always, through the summer have them chirping like mad; especially early a.m. and around 5:00 p.m. when they seem to be returning to nests and favored trees; but I have not heard any lately, and for California, they do not usually pack it in until later.  Wonder if all the smoke from the fires have changed their behavior.   I am looking forward to cooler weather where we can open doors and windows and feel soft breezes wafting through and listen to the sounds from outside.  I love the smell when the lawn is fresh cut and the way the wind wafts through the trees making the leafs talk to one another.  It really relaxes me.

Well; thank you for that link Judith, I shall go and read and learn something new that I had not heard of before.   Now I want to taste Joan's jam she put up last week. Bet it is delicious.  What a thoughtfful idea for gifts that will be greatly appreciated.

 Almost October; four more days . . .. time is moving fast, even in isolation.  Bad year begone!  We need a fresh new start with some sparkle and care.  We can dust off the next three months, the new year is almost here - may it be a far better one than this poor old one.  As I have said before; "hope springs eternal."  I have recently learned where that quote came from:

 “Hope springs eternal in the human breast;
Man never Is, but always To be blest.
The soul, uneasy, and confin'd from home,
Rests and expatiates in a life to come.”
Alexander Pope

 On that note . . . . exit stage left . . . .


Posted: Sunday, September 27, 2020 4:29 PM
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Judith, a baby squirrel!  How cute that must be.  I've never seen a baby.  We have one that I sometimes see in the tree outside the kitchen window.  Probably eating black walnuts.  Haven't seen him in a few days.

You wash your hair in Dawn?  How do you ever get it rinsed- makes so much lather.  Does it work well?  I might try that.

I did see the show about Borneo.  Some place.  Interesting how that band of monkeys got across the river.  What a cute baby that was.

Dark here, too.  Hopefully. Rain tonight although we need to get hay baled.  

Jo C.
Posted: Sunday, September 27, 2020 7:05 PM
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Judith, I read the link; oh my stars and garters!   A fait accompli it seems.


Posted: Sunday, September 27, 2020 11:14 PM
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Hi Everyone. Thank you all, for your friendly and warm welcome notes back at the beginning of this thread. I do appreciate every one and wish I could thank each of you individually. I don't know how you all keep track of each note and each person and am sorry I cannot keep up with replies. I will just do what I can, but please know you're all appreciated even if I don't mention your specific references.

Joan, you were one of the first people I met on here and it was nice to know you were in CO. I was concerned and touched by the courageous journey you shared with your husband. It's great to see you here and I hope you are well. Yes, I live in Monument along the front range between Colorado Springs and Denver. We're on Palmer Divide which is a bit higher than the surrounding area.

I've been busy being Grandma to my 4 mo old grandson, Jackson. He is just the sweetest blessing and gives me a purpose. So fascinating to watch his development and how quickly he grows and learns new things, reaches new milestones. Last week he learned to reach and briefly grasp a rattle hanging from his playmat gym. Fun to see his "firsts." So nice to be appreciated by our son and d-i-l.

A totally different item: The other day Steve didn't remember we flew into Raleigh NC for our youngest son's wedding early last March, just before everything shut down. I never know what he is going to forget and what he'll remember, but it's always a slightly rude reminder he's not his old self. Some part of me must slip into a weird conscious denial of what's happening to him.

To cheer myself this week I picked out a jazzy version of a Christmas piece to hopefully memorize by Christmas. It takes me forever to memorize stuff. But I so enjoy the music and use it to perk myself up. Just need to make myself sit down a few minutes each day to practice at the piano.

I'll close for now on that note and wish you all a good night! ~Helen

Posted: Monday, September 28, 2020 4:58 AM
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Hope you had a good night too Helen.  

Suppose to be our last warmer day for awhile.  May be the end of summer.  Will miss being able to sit on porch when I can no longer do that.  

Take care

Posted: Monday, September 28, 2020 10:00 AM
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Posts: 19109 wonderful to be with a baby. I keep telling myself to keep notes on the

Sayra....not to worry, this porch is open all year...rain or shine

I guess I just use a little bit of the

Posted: Monday, September 28, 2020 10:53 AM
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 Helen, how sweet to have a four month old grandson to be around.  I know your help is much appreciated. 

 I play the piano, too, but haven't in years.  I know it needs to be tuned.  When I was in high school I played for all the occasions in school.  I need to get back to playing some.  Don't know if it's like riding a bicycle or not - never forgetting how to play.  Some day I'll see.

 It's hard when our loved one begins to forget things and how to do things they've always done.  I can vividly remember when Charles couldn't remember how to sign his name or what came after the letter "C".  Another time he was driving his tractor and forgot to lift the front-end loader before he moved it.  Things he'd done a thousand times.

 Sarah - it's cool here this morning.  I saw another roll cloud this morning - didn't take a picture of it.  The last one was dark and kind of angry looking - in a cloudy sky.  This one was in a blue sky and was white - frothy looking - from the east to west horizon.  As it passed over the wind got stronger but is calm again.  We had some rain last night - didn't get close to the gauge to check but probably half an inch or a little more.  The wind must have been strong because there's a limb in the yard off the Royal Empress tree just outside the yard.  They've begun to bloom so there's blossoms all over the yard.  The smaller one by the corral, probably 20 ft. tall, has a couple of clusters of buds so I'm glad it will be blooming. The other one out there was broken so another small one will replace it.

 Talked with one of my sisters-in-law in the Texas Panhandle last evening.  She was 85 yesterday and had just gotten back from Dallas.  One daughter lives there and another lives in Sugarland so she came up to Dallas and my SIL and her DIL drove down.  She said everyone was wearing masks down there.  They ate every meal out in restaurants which required wearing a mask to enter and exit but not while eating, of course.  She said it was 92 in Dallas and 66 in Pampa when they got home.  The front had already gone through there but not here at that time.  The weather is definitely changing.

 Saw the girls as they came out of the barn and off to graze.  This morning Penny was babysitting with the three little ones - yesterday it was one of the other moms.  I was worried about Barclee last night - he was sleeping on the divan and I heard a thud - he had fallen off. After that he walked around and around in circles and kind of coughed or sneezed - must have hit his nose on the floor.  I picked him up and put him in the chair with me and he seemed better and did sleep well last night.  I just got him up and he's wandering around in the kitchen. 

There's an ad on TV now for Prevnar 13 pneumonia shot.  In 2017 I got the other one Pneumonia 23, I think and was supposed to get the Prevnar 13 in a year - didn't get that done.  When I get my flu shot I'll ask the nurse if I should have one or the other again.  I've had pneumonia a couple of times so want to be safe.

 Didn't take down the trash this morning - not enough to worry with so haven't done much of anything.  I need to do my ballot this afternoon and write a thank-you note to my sister's MCC personnel to thank them.

 Sara, I hardly ever sit on the front porch.  I think when the holly gets trimmed I will more often - now when I sit in the swing I can't see any direction except north.

 I'll stop and feed Mr. Barclee.  Hope all of you are well this morning.

Posted: Monday, September 28, 2020 12:29 PM
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Would turn into a popsicle if I sat on my porch.  It’s closed in but no heat out there.  Remember how good it felt one early , sunny, spring day this  year when I was able to sit out there.
Posted: Monday, September 28, 2020 2:02 PM
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Sara, how true that is- only seems like it was a month or so ago.  This summer, this year, has passed so quickly.  Before long we'll be talking about how much snow we've had.  Hope we don't get any although I do think it's pretty- looking at it through the window.

Just finished drying a load of clothes I washed last night.  Now have to fold the towels and put them away.

It's a beautiful day-kind of chilly to me.  Will have to get out the thermals before long.

I just talked to Sarah.  She evidently had a seizure in the bathroom yesterday and fell against the stool.  She says she thinks she fractured some ribs- can feel the fracture. Todd's going to come home and take her to the hospital or she's going by ambulance.  I told her she needs to tie a pillow to her back and one to her front and wear a helmet.  She agrees.

This is good weather for Sheena and Stormy.  They've been out for a long time, laying under the holly.  Guess I'll stop and go to the mailbox and raise the flag.

Posted: Monday, September 28, 2020 4:27 PM
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Good afternoon.  We’re having sunshine and crystal clear skies, along with a cold front that’s keeping our temperature around 61 for a high today.  Just a little chilly for me.  Overnight low was 32.  A little chilly too.  

I took a ride with two close friends to a quaint little mining town near here called Marble.  The still mine marble and truck it to the Western Slope of Colorado where it gets milled into tiles and slabs and then shipped around the country.

My grandmother lost her first husband in a coal mine and her second in the Marble Quarry.  She raised her two daughters by running a boarding home for the miners.  They moved to the town I live in after a flood demolished their home.  She was one tough lady who didn’t let defeat get to her.  Just picked up the pieces and moved on.  

The changing colors were at their peak this weekend.  So bright and beautiful.

Helen, there’s nothing quite like being a grandmother and the joys that come with it are many.  Yes, I’m doing well.  Harv passed in January of 2019.   I can’t believe it will be two years coming up.  Thanks for the kind words.

I’m so happy the Restore pick-up guy took all but two items I wanted to get rid of.  I felt so blessed that all that stored stuff will have a new start and I don’t have to fill up the dump.  They wore masks and so did I.  We’re weren’t in close contact, so I felt very safe.  I’ll still be a bit watchful for two weeks, but I can’t worry now because it’s behind me and there’s nothing I can do but wait patiently.

Jo, I would gladly send you a jar of jam if I had your address.  Lol  it’s a fun and enjoyable activity I like to do.

I sure need some fall and winter shoes too.  I have to try everything on because the sizes are never consistent.  I have short feet and most stores don’t have my size.  It’s frustrating to order and have to send back all the time.  

Poor Sarah.  She has to hurt everywhere.  My heart goes out to her.  It has to worry Todd some too while he’s away working.  

I’m waiting for my ballot.  We get mail ballots in CO, so voting is easy.

I haven’t done one constructive thing today.  I need to get on the floor and do my exercises.  At least then I could claim I did something. 

Have a nice rest of the day and evening.  Joan

Posted: Monday, September 28, 2020 5:26 PM
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Joan do those kind of days make you more tired than when you’re busy?  They do me.  Sounds like your grandmother was one of them tough old roots.   





Posted: Monday, September 28, 2020 5:38 PM
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Yes Sara, I feel lethargic and sleepy.  Thankfully the day is almost over.  My grandmother was a strong one for sure.

Posted: Monday, September 28, 2020 6:40 PM
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 Same for me - if I don't do much during the day I am more tired than if I'd worked all day.  But, good for a change.

 I think our mothers and grandmothers were strong women -  had to be and so many of us have inherited that trait.  Joan, my relatives back a couple of generations were coal miners in Arkansas.  I can't imagine going underground to work.  I've been through a couple of caves but would never do that again.  I was scared the whole time.  Coal mining was dangerous work for sure.

 What a nice trip to Marble.  I bet that was interesting.  I had no idea there was a marble mine nearby - I say, nearby - kind of- at least our States border each other.

 It's been chilly here today - 74 was the high in Tulsa - going to be 46 tonight.  Guess I'm going to have to work on our propane stove and if I can't get the pilot light to burn blue will have to call that chimney sweep.  Just do not want to have anyone in the house.

 I called Directv today to make sure I wouldn't lose more than the local channels on the bedroom TV - I won't - so I'll see how it works out.  There's plenty more to watch and I can watch local ones in the LR.  They told me they could send the replacement box or whatever it is and I could hook it up.  If I did that, I'd probably lose all the channels - so we'll see.

 Isn't it awful, Joan, to have to worry when you're around anyone unfamiliar and feel we need to count down the days.  It's so scary because they can seem completely well and still shed the germs.

 Sad time of the year for me - always has been.  I love October but for some reason I feel sad - guess it's because things are going dormant and it seems so quiet.  You can actually tell the difference in the sound of planes in the fall from the summer.  I can remember one trip we made to Eureka Springs back in the mid 90s.  The weather was beautiful and we were in a park overlooking a lake with a little island in it.  I was sitting on a downed tree limb and was crying.  We came home on that Sunday and my mother passed away on Monday morning.  That was part of it, I'm sure.  But, I've always felt sad in October.  I have noticed a few yellow maple leaves and a few on an oak or elm. 

 Stormy and I went down to see the girls - didn't have to go too far because they were scattered out and I saw everyone but two babies - saw them earlier today.  Then, decided I'd clean out one of the water tanks in the garden.  I'd filled, and run over, the other one.  Of course I got stuff all over  my clean shirt - never fails.  I'll fill it tomorrow.  It's metal and some of the inside seems to be peeling off.  I'd like to get two more rubber ones before winter because the one in the lot leaks sometimes.  Will have to figure out how to do that.  They're big and might be able to fit a couple in the PU bed but not if I bought feed.  Will have to get some creepfeed for the three little girls before long.

 Just had supper - farfalle and shell pasta with English peas.  I sprinkled three cheese powder over it.  Sheena loves farfalle so she helped me eat it - even ate a few English peas.  I think I'll make one of those chocolate cakes tomorrow and maybe some muffins or a loaf of bread. 

 Filled out my ballot today - then noticed you have to attach a copy of your driver's license or voter registration card to it.  My printer/copy machine isn't working so I can't do that - unless I just send the card.  My mother registered me when I was in my teens and I've never used the card.  I had to reregister this year because I hadn't voted in a while.  So may just attach it.

 Just saw a woman on TV with a mask that was transparent except for the edges - wonder what they makes those out of - probably the stuff they make the face shields from. 

 I'll stop and see what needs to be done before dark.  I may watch the Chief and Ravens.

 Hope you all rest well tonight and are well.

Posted: Monday, September 28, 2020 6:52 PM
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Hello All,

I have had a very taxing week and I have missed all your postings. 

My 92 year old Mother passed away this past Thursday. She has been having heart problems and other old age issues. She was staying in her home with my nieces son (21) and daughter (23) taking care of her. Doing the best they could. My Mom has been in the hospital and to rehab 3 times this past year I was surprised that rehab even sent her home a few months ago. She was having a hard time getting out of her chair and fell Monday she was then taken to the hospital and put on hospice I was told she had no longer then 2 to 3 days. I left my home Thursday for my 7 hour drive to Sacramento, California., I ran into a lot of road construction and the after work traffic in Sacto so it took me 9 hrs to get there. My Mother passed away just as I was parking my car. I met my Brother at the main door and we went into see her she was at peace.   

We had a lot of family members and neighbors in and out of her house Friday.  It was nice seeing how many people cared. 

I knew these kids that took care of my Mom needed a rest so I took them home with me., STUPID me. I never think before I open  my mouth. My Moms dog also came with us and Molly is not happy about that. I will either take them home or put them on the train. I plan on keeping them here for 3 weeks., 

What I am worried about now is no one had mask on during our visit. STUPID us. So now I am on a 15 day  count down and we are all prisoners' in my house.  Please pray for my sanity.  

Hugs Zetta 

Posted: Monday, September 28, 2020 7:15 PM
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Oh, dear Zetta, I'm so very sorry.  Losing a mother is a terrible thing to happen.  I think it's something a person never gets over.  She had a long life but even at 92 it's never long enough for us.  After that long drive I know you were exhausted to have to face that.

 You need to rest now - let those two kids take care of things.  They're young and bounce back quickly.  Poor Molly - I know she'll be glad when the other dog is gone. 

 Again, I'm so sorry - wish there was more I could say or do.  Just rest now and try to heal.

 Seems like so many of us are in the 15 day countdown.  We're not used to all of this and we do things and then think about them.  Just adds to your load.  Sleep well tonight.

Posted: Monday, September 28, 2020 7:42 PM
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Thank You Lorita,  I am doing good my Mom and I were not real close we did not have the traditional Mother Daughter  relationship. She has not been well for along time. The kids are doing real good helping me whenever they can I am just not used to having people around.  

Brody my Moms dog is a chihuahua mix like Molly, I am hoping they make friends because I may keep Brody here. He is 10 years old then Molly is 6 they never did get along at my Moms house so I am hoping to change that so I can keep him here with us. 

Have a Good Night. 

Posted: Monday, September 28, 2020 8:17 PM
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Zetta, I'm sure the loss is still great.  Glad the kids are helpful.  You might take advantage of having a young man around for a while to do odd jobs and he'd probably be glad to help you.

Hope Brody and Molly can learn to get along.  Since you may keep him would be much better.  Not pertinent here but when I was in high school I had a boyfriend named Brodie- we called him Bubba- good old southern nickname, isn't it?

Watching Chris Cuomo- very interesting!

Rest well.

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We had 1.83in of rain yesterday evening.  Guess I won’t get to put out any compost today.  Got a little done yesterday.  Have to do it slowly so my muscles don’t revolt too bad.  Don’t have too many bags of it left anyways.  

Guess will clean house and cook today.  Going to make meatloaf. Working on a new tote too.  This one is for my sister and is winter fabrics.  Ordered a dress pattern off of eBay and if I can find some material I like,  will try that later on.

Really like the onions  from my garden.  Using the white ones first as their storage time is less than the red ones.  Going to get my order in early for next year if I can as really like them.  Will need to plant my garlic in a week or two.  Have it laid out on the counter so won’t forget.  Have a little more to dehydrate from this years harvest.

Used my zucchini relish in my sloppy joes and it is ever bit as good as pickle relish.  Will have to see how long it will stay good.  A jar of relish probably lasts me a year.  This may not stay good that long as the store one is probably full of preservatives and this one is not.

Enough of that.  Take care


Posted: Tuesday, September 29, 2020 8:55 AM
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Sara, is the compost some you've made this summer- black gold it's called.  It makes things grow like crazy.

Aren't the things you raise  leagues above what we get in the stores.  Do you order onion sets or plants?  Our feed store always has them so when they appear we know spring isn't far away.  I like the purple onions to eat raw and yellow to cook with because they're a bit hotter.  White ones are always so nice and sweet.  We used to raise those- Bermuda onions.

We also used to make zucchini relish and, you're right, it is delicious.  Sara, we used to heat our relish really hot, have the jars and flats really hot, then fill the jars and put the filled jars in a hot water bath for so many minutes.  Then, we'd take the jars out of the wAter and listen for them to seal.  Always good when we heard the last jar pop and seal.  I probably still have a jar or two under the cabinet.

We had .6" of rain when the front came through so we're good for a while.

 Went out and fed Tom and Jerry, then Stormy and I checked the girls.  I stood at the fence a while and Sally and Penny came over, then the three little girls.  When we came back the babies were having breakfast.  I came out one more than we have-better than one short.  When I first go out in the mornings I hear cattle bawling.  I think it's Darwin feeding.  It sounds like it's from the north.

We drove down to the mailbox to mail some letters.  I had stamps in the mailbox the mailcarrier had left so got that done.

Having juice and watching the weather.  The car thermometer said it was 48- as low as 37 in Tahlequah- Cherokee Capital.  Many more hills over there.

Sara, do you wear dresses a lot?  I can't remember when I last word one or a skirt.  For a few years after I started to work we couldn't wear pants. After we could almost all of us wore pants only.

Enjoy the beautiful day.  Back later.  You know I've never made a meatloaf but Charles made delicious ones.  I think he put catsup on top and had a sauce to eat with it-too many years ago to remember for sure.

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Lorita...since you hate going into town so much how about having a "town day". You could set aside one day and just go back and forth. It would help your battery too. Get your affidavit notorized or your ID copied. Drop off the cat to be fixed. Get the water tubs. Put the feed into the tubs and stop by the grocery store. Fill a gas can, One trip you could use the Pickup and the next take your car. If you do it on Monday your can drop off your trash. BTW, how far is it to town?

Zeeta....please accept my condolences. It is hard to loose a mother no matter the age. It leaves us sort of at loose ends. 

Joan...interesting about marble. The drive had to be fabulous. Lots of Aspen?

Sayra...just reading your posts makes me want a

Posted: Tuesday, September 29, 2020 11:20 AM
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I don’t wear dresses a lot because hard to find a nice casual one.  If I could find a pattern I like would make some.

Ordered onion plants from dixondale farms this year.  They are located in Texas.  They said you could wait up to three weeks to plant them.  Lesson learned put them in the ground as soon as you can because those did way better.  This was a mix of three types of onions, one was walla walla which is not a storing onion.  The reason I fiddled with some of them was because I didn’t know where to put them.  Next time I will just put them somewhere quickly as possible and work around them.

Yes food from your garden for the most part is way better.  Ate the last container of corn from last year today so will start on this years now.   Corn came from  from a local farm.  To me it is the thing that tastes closest to fresh.  

I should learn to hot water bath.  Know it is not hard.  Has any of you guys used one on a smooth top cook stove?    I read that you can’t.  Have also read you are not to use cast iron skillet on them but I do all the time and have no problems.  Sometimes what you  read And real life are different.


Posted: Tuesday, September 29, 2020 2:12 PM
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Judith, that would probably work but I wouldn't be worth anything the rest of the week.  We're about 12 miles from the town with a population of about 4,000 and 25 from the one with about 45,000,  three miles from the convenience store- not much there though but I do get Gator has there.

If I had the 50 lb. Sacks of feed put in the tubs I'd never get them out - tubs are deep.  Still nothing too pressing right now.  I can jump the PU if needed.

I did get in touch with the guy who will clean out the barn.  He said in 3-4 weeks at $70 an hour, probably 4-5 hours and they'll scatter it on the pasture and do a little more repair work.  He has a pretty big crew and they're fast.  Just so it gets done before I close the North door.  Ray will bring the little bales of hay next month or in November. Then I'll close the barn for the winter.

I'm filling water tanks in the garden- wAter pressure is really low.

I made 16 blueberry muffins and one of those chocolate cakes.  Not feeling too hot today so nothing else today except going out to turn off the water.

Sara, if you can find a good basic dress pattern you like you can use it and modify it any way you like.  I used to do that when I sewed and enjoyed it.  Sometimes I wonder what happened to all those dresses I made. Seeing used to relax me, would not have the patience now and too old to fool with it.

It's warm and calm.  Five of the girls are laying under shade trees in the garden- guess the others are in the barn.I

Going to stop and call the MCC.  Back later.

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Hi all,

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom Ladyzetta. 

Sorry I've been MIA. My cousin was here for a week, gone now. I didn't really get a break since she was teleworking. She will be back in November so I think I may go home for awhile then.

We finally got the bank to cooperate with the court order (attorney had to send letter threatening contempt of court charges against the bank) still having problems with another bank (where the monthly checks will be deposited in order to pay our uncle's monthly bills) 

My cousin and I are thinking of contacting the local news station to put the bank in the "spotlight" let's see how quickly they cooperate after being a news story.

OT is coming today (3rd time) to see if uncle will shower, this will be the last time we try this.  

Seems like every step we take forward we get pushed 2 steps backwards. Phone court pushed back from September 23rd to November 3rd. Not happy about this due to we need to finalize this settlement agreement regarding our uncle's trust so the "other side" can't inherit it all when our uncle dies. 

Shame how a 2nd marriage with a greedy and coniving wife and HER sons can make so much of a mess!!! 

Much cooler weather here in Vegas......thank you, thank you.


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Lorita it is called incredasoil.  Not really compost.  More like a soil amendment.  It’s made locally by a Mennonite farmer.  He makes from stuff on his farm such as cornstalks and other things.  It is very good.   

Judith have to stay busy.  If I didn’t would fill blue and tired.  Working keeps my mind occupied and awake.

Lorita you like sweets as well as I do.  Going to make a carrot cake before too long.  Think mom is looking forward to it.  Ordering curbside from WM this week and they don’t have 8oz crushed pineapple.  Will have to wait til next week when will order from Meijer’s if nothing happens.  Then will have every.thing I need.

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Husband said I am not good looking. That he was the only man who would have me I am so ugly. And he said other bad things. Hard to take this.
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Beautiful day here.  Not real warm, but comfortable.  I took out some flowers that got frozen last night.  Squash and tomatoes also frozen.  I guess it’s time to trim things back and winterize.  The guy drained my swamp cooler and covered it for the winter yesterday. I’ve scheduled to have sprinkling system turned off in the next week or so.

Yes Judith.  Lots of Aspen trees in this area.  The scrub oak turns pretty colors too.  

Sara, I use my water bath pot on my solid surface all the time.  It doesn’t hurt the pan or stovetop.  I read where we should only use flat bottomed pots and pans on the surface.  Most are flat, except the canning kettle I have has ridges on the bottom.  I haven’t had any problem.  

Zeta,  I send my sympathies to you for your loss.  What a long drive.  It’s good the extra company helps out while they stay with you.  

Lorita, enjoy the rewards of your baking spree this morning.  

Nicole, I hope your uncle bathed and that you can find time to relax.  Banks are notorious for standing their ground and being stubborn.  They had all my accounts messed up when I went in to change over to the trust.  Took a month to get all that corrected.  

My break is over so will get moving again.  Haha.  Actually, my back feels so much better if I don’t sit a lot, so I’ll putter around and get a few things accomplished.  Laundry is done and put away.  I need to figure out something to cook for tonight.  Meatloaf sounds good but no defrosted hamburger.  I’ll find something to get started.

Have a great rest of the day.  Joan

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So not a good plan, huh.  I like to keep going once I have left the house. I plan my ventures by direction. I do not go in 2 directions in a given day. Is your convenience store on the way to town? Did you say that Patsy and Jack use your same shopping area. Is Patsy any better?
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Thank You  Judith,  Nicole and Joan for your kindness, I am doing fine. I do enjoy some of my family being here they will go back to Sacramento in 2 weeks. My dog and my Moms dog seem to be getting alone I do hope so I would like to keep my Moms dog here. 

The skies here are blue not much smoke here. Its 86 outside I am looking forward to much cooler weather. 

Take care all I hope your all having a nice day. Hugs Zetta 

Posted: Tuesday, September 29, 2020 6:50 PM
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 Banks can cause problems, Nicole.  This happened with my sister the first of this year.  They closed her accounts and sent cashier's checks to Sarah who had to go down and try to get it straightened out.  I'm not sure Sarah ever got that straightened out.  Hope things work out and you can get things done before long.  Nice that your weather has gotten cooler.Hope your uncle consented to having a bath today.  It will make him feel better and maybe not dread the next one so much.

 You know, Sara, I used to make carrot cakes but haven't made one in a coon's age.  That was one of my niece's favorite cakes (Cheryl, Sarah's mom).  I used to always make one for her on her birthday.  She was partially raised here on the farm, too.  I still haven't done the pick-up thing from WM but do order online from them quite often.  Do you have what they call Instacart where you live?  We don't and never will have anything like that out where we live.  Patsy was wishing they had it because Jack is getting to the point he's afraid to go to town, because of the virus and his poor vision.  She says she worries every time he goes.

 Welcome to the forum and thread, Breezylady.  Don't take things he might say to heart.  They all say hurtful things from time to time - sometimes I don't think they realize what they're saying and how it sounds.  But, don't argue with him - just let it roll off your back and don't even reply.  Again, welcome.

 Joan, I love the yellow color of Aspens, especially when they're mixed in with pines.  Never will forget how pretty they were in NM that October we were there.

 Don't you hate it when frosts or freezes come early and freezes things?  I remember how pretty the flowers always were in the late fall - like they were trying to hurry and bloom and make seeds for next year. My roses are still blooming - had one on one of the new salmon colored knock-out roses yesterday.

 What kind of jams and jellies do you like to make?  I know homemade is so much better than the store-bought.  Have you ever made jalapeno jelly?  Charles liked jalapenos so we made that every year.  I think he ate it on crackers with cream cheese - not sure about that.  I doubt that I did because I can't tolerate really hot things.

 Joan - I haven't "tested" the cake yet but did do quality control on the blueberry muffins, four times.  They were pretty good - it was a Krustez mix.  I ordered a three-pack of that some months ago and had never used it.  Next time I use one I'll make a loaf instead of cupcakes.  I didn't use eggs in it - I cracked one and it was frozen so used applesauce instead.

 Judith, it is a good plan - but maybe one trip a day.  No, the three stores are all in different directions; west, NE and SE.  I do what you do when I go to town - make my guess you'd call it itinerary so not to waste time.  Usually get feed first and end up with groceries last in case I have something frozen.  I think, in a few days, I'll jump the PU and drive it down and get the two batteries, have it serviced (no oil change needed) and get the car tire fixed.  Not sure if I'll get feed yet or not - the little girls are still pretty small but will need anaplas blocks (will have to have a new prescription for those).  The tubs will have to wait until I don't get feed because they're big.

 Yes, Patsy and Jack shop in the little town where I do and sometimes in Eufaula which is a bit closer to them.  That town doesn't have a WM but does have a grocery store our town doesn't have.  There used to be one there but WM drove them out of business. 

 Thanks for asking  - Patsy is about the same.  Still can only walk a step or two to get to her walker.  The only place she goes is from the love seat to the bathroom.  She's a diabetic and has terrible peripheral neuropathy - says she can't feel her legs or feet at all.  This has all happened since her problems earlier this year.  She bought a Zinger (kind of motorized WC) but hasn't used it very much.

 Zetta, so glad that Molly and Brody are getting along all right.  It would be good for you to be able to keep Brody and would also be a friend for Molly.  Are you enjoying having someone with you?  A neighbor who was my mother's age, years ago told me she liked having her kids visit but when the last tail light turned west on the county line  she was happy - that's when they were leaving. 

 We had a beautiful day - it was in the mid to upper 70s but it was cold in the house - warmer outside.  I had a fluffy throw over my legs this afternoon when I was watching The Waltons and wore a vest when I went to see the girls this evening.  Supposed to be some warmer tomorrow.  Glad the smoke isn't as bad now.  I'm looking out the front door at the pond - the water looks like glass and the trees on the road a quarter mile away from the house are reflecting in the water.There's a little hill between the pond and road - never have figured out how those trees reflect in the water.  But, I don't know why the sky is blue, either.

 Well, not long now until the debate.  Just noticed when I turned on the laptop that it's going to be on YouTube.  I did lose all the local channels on the bedroom TV this morning.  It's not a black screen - there's a note telling you who to call if you want to get the new equipment and there's music - Spanish, I think.  We'll see how this goes.

 I just put Barclee outside (Stormy's watching him) so I'll stop and go get him.  I'll see you all tomorrow.

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Breezy lady I understand.  In my case I’m dealing with my mother.  Know when you’re dealing with a husband it is different.  

Thank you Joan.  Might look into getting one.  Would have more room in my freezer then.  Don’t think they are too expensive.  What flavors of jam/jelly do you make?  Do you use fresh fruit to make your jam/ jelly or frozen?  If you use fresh where do you get your fruit? 

Zetta very sorry about the loss of your mom.  

Meijer’s used instacart in the past when I have done curbside there.  There are advantages and disadvantages to instacart.  When I was at Meijer a couple of weeks ago looked like maybe they have their own shoppers now.  Guess I will find out next week if nothing happens.  We have had a big break out of Covid in a minimum security prison in our county.  Also wondering if there is one in a nursing home as see a lot of 70 and 80 year olds too.   Quite a few hospital admissions for 50 and up.  Wouldn’t think there would be that many 70 and 80 year old prisoners but maybe there are.  Know the guards aren’t that old.  We have a maximum security prison in our county too.  So we have a lot of potential.  Tomorrow is when stats come out for nursing homes so will find out then if that is an issue also. 

Good night everyone



Posted: Tuesday, September 29, 2020 9:54 PM
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Good night, everyone.  Sleep tight and don 't let the BBB.