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George K
Posted: Wednesday, April 11, 2018 10:43 AM
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 This is about the movie “Field of Dreams”.  Part of the movie’s story line is about some former Major League baseball players who are now deceased.  A guy builds a field in the Iowa cornfields and the players return to bodily form and do what they love to do - play baseball.  There’s a scene in the movie where, as the night falls, the players return to ‘death’.  In the movie death is represented by a cornfield that is threatening because of shadows – death is the unknown shadow to me.  In the movie, as the players are joking and laughing as they return to ‘eternal life’ for the night, death isn’t threatening to them at all.  As one of the players approaches the shadows, he joking lifts his hands and shakes and shimmies as he imitates the witch in “The Wizard of OZ’ who says “I’m melting!  I’m melting!” 

So what this all means to me is that death is not a frightening event as seen from the other side.  I believe God only exists in the present, so wherever God is it is always now.  That means my wife and two sons are not faced with grief about the past, or what has been lost.  They are joyous where they are.  I’m the one who lives in past and is not enjoying the present because of what I think I have lost.

I don’t know where I’m going with this, thank you for reading this and I hope it makes some sense.

Posted: Wednesday, April 11, 2018 11:26 AM
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Field of Dreams is one of my husband's favorites, anything to do with baseball really.

Of course, we miss those we love.  We live in the past, the present and the future, because they are all components of our life.  We try as best we can to balance those three components, trying not to let any one of them dominate our life, too much.  It's a constant juggling act, I feel.

I think what brings me comfort when I'm missing my loved ones, is that they are free from pain, illness.  I like to imagine a person who has passed, being able to live out eternity in the happiest and healthiest time of their life, nothing bad can happen to them, they are whole, free and happy.  One day, I look forward to seeing them again.  Until then they have to reside in my heart.  Some days are better, some days are hard, always trying to balance it out.

Posted: Wednesday, April 11, 2018 5:35 PM
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Interesting that you should mention Field of Dreams.. I was just asking my brother about ordering it...

But, in my perspective, my Dad, who passed on just Feb 24, is doing fine.  I had a dream the night after he passed....He was sitting at a table - no table I was familiar with, and I said to him, "Oh you are up!"    It was like in my sleep I knew he had moved on, but I so surprised to see him up in a chair..looking so healthy.  Then Dad replied to me, "Yeah, I'm fine."  When I woke up, it's like I know he is ok..  it's me who is dealing with him being gone.  (Almost like I used to wait for my son to come home...I would imagine everything, but HE knew he was fine.) 

I also my own sort of realization over this weekend.  Because my human mind is so limited, it's hard to imagine a forever, or an infinity.  In fact, being human, I don't think I CAN comprehend those things.   But, for now... I know he is ok.. no longer hurting, or confused, or weak.   And, I hear his gentle whisper, "Keep busy.  And take care of your mother."   He never said those things before, but I hear them now.   Even when he'd ask about where my mom was, he'd say "....your mother".. never your "mom'..    I can't prove, but I can feel and hear him in my heart. 

It's been six weeks and three days now.   But, I am doing my best to keep busy. 

Daughter who works (at least yet, I do)