We are giving the folllowing supplements that are controlling delusions , agressiviness , hallucinations , agitation , depression of my aunt with advanced dementia . Friends of mine are using the same supplements with their relatives with dementia with the same good results to enhances cognition , mood and behavior .

This use of that supplements do NOT have NONE scientific foundation , but it is working for us we observed , in an empirical way , that the enhancings in the mood and behavior disorders starts just in the next day after the patient takes the supplements . and in some cases starts just a couple hours after the patient takes the supplements that I describe bellow,. They stops to have delusions and agressiviness , and starts to be very calm and cooperative.

As I wrote above , it do NOT have none scientific foundation .

Only the MEDICINE DOCTOR OF THE PATIENT can gives permission to use that supplements .

We use (in an empirical mode):

GLUCOSAMIN SULFATE : 200 (two hundred) miligrams four times a day (works as a tau stabilizer and as a alternative fuel to the brain) Based in : J Alzheimers Dis. 2006 Mar;9-Impaired brain glucose metabolism leads to Alzheimer neurofibrillary degeneration through a decrease in tau O-GlcNAcylation-Gong CX, Liu F, Grundke-Iqbal I, Iqbal K.)

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L-CARNOSINE (it is NOT L-carnitine) : L-carnosine have antioxidative , antiglycating and have metal chelator propierties , We give 80 (eight) miligrams 3 times a day at meals.


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L-GLUCURONOLACTONE : Wer are giving 200 (two hundred) miligrams 3 to 4 times a day . It derivative after liver metabolization it is the GLUCARIC ACID . L-glucuronolactone and glucaric acid (we can find glucaric acid in high amounts in apples too) , are the most powerful detoxyfiers substances , that works as a powerful antioxidative natural supplement and have too peroxinitrite scavengers propierties ,and it is a heavy metal chelator too , and it is a mitochondrial enhancer and works as an alternative fuel to the brain .

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Extra virgin coconut oil - 01 TEA SPOON at meals 3 times a day . To patients that have diarrhea with extra virgin coocnut oil we makes massages with a TEA SPOON of coconut oil 4 times a day in the arms of the patient . Extra virgin coconut oil has comproved trans dermal absortion . Based in :Indian Pediatr. 2005 Oct;42 Transcutaneous absorption of topically massaged oil in neonates.Solanki K, Matnani M, Kale M, Joshi K, Bavdekar A, Bhave S, Pandit A. Department of Pediatrics, KEM Hospital, Pune 411 011, India.

As I wrote above , that are ALL EMPIRICAL USE , AND ONLY THE MEDICINE DOCTOR OF THE PATIENTS CAN GIVES PERMISSION TO USE THAT SUPPLEMENTS , and the use have to be under supervison of the medicine doctor of the patient , mainly in patients that are using blood thinners as aspirin (acetyl salcylic acid), once antioxidative supplements can increase the effects of aspirin as a blood thinner.

But it is working to my aunt and to relatives of friends of mine that have advanced dementia with mood and behavior disorders.