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Grape seed extract clinical trial directed towards Lane S.
Posted: Monday, July 4, 2016 10:21 PM
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i want to post to see if anyone on this forum knows about the viability of high doses of grape seed extract.  There is a clinical trial starting in New York City using a maximum dose of 1000 mg of a special purified formulation of grape seed extract for the clinical trial in a well known hospital and research center. I want to see if my spouse can get into the trial. It is supposed to work on the Tau tangles and stop the progression of the disease at its very best outcome - I know this is a miracle.   Just slowing the progression would be fantastic.  

Lane do you have any comments. I am curious what is your professional background. 

Lane Simonian
Posted: Monday, July 4, 2016 11:12 PM
Joined: 12/12/2011
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This is the right approach.  Compounds such as in grape seed extract should at least slow down the progression of Alzheimer's disease if they reach the brain in high enough concentrations (they should help "de-tangle" tau which improves neurotransmissions and partially reverse the oxidation and nitration that lower acetylcholine levels--allowing for the greater retrieval of some forms of memory).  I hope that your spouse is able to get into the trial and that it will produce good results.

I am a history instructor.  I studied environmental history, the history of science and technology, and Latin American history.  Most of my biology classes were in ecology, evolution, and conservation, but I also learned some biochemistry.  I began studying Alzheimer's disease twelve years ago because my aunt and cousin were in late stages of the disease and my mother was in the early stages.  I began to use aromatherapy three years later and certain aspects of her memory and mood improved: she could recognize her home again, she slept better, she stopped having delusions, she could remember her own name (and spell it), and our names, and she was much more aware and alert.  She lived another five years before dying of causes unrelated to Alzheimer's disease.  

I may not be able to respond for a few days, but I will try to return as soon as possible. So much going on in the news regarding Alzheimer's disease recently some of it positive.

Posted: Tuesday, July 5, 2016 3:15 PM
Joined: 12/17/2015
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Thank you for your reply. I respect your opinion. I know there is a lot going on in the news. Specifically about the Salk Institute. I use Lavender for aromatherapy for me and my husband. I also use lemon balm for him to help him sleep. I went over a bunch of supplements with our new neurologist who specializes in Alzheimer's. I asked him about your list. He only approved of curcumin and Omega 3. He rejected Rosemary and the more stimulating supplements and herbs. He only approved of 500mg of curcumin and the dose studied was 2000 mg. so i think it is a waste of money. The best product to cross the blood brain barrier is formula devised by UCLA rearchers 

I read your posts but they are difficult to understand  perhaps too sophisticated for me  But keep on researching.