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Drainage of toxins from brains
Posted: Saturday, August 22, 2020 4:56 PM
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Hello everyone...its been a while. Mom died two years. On a whim I ordered 23andMe kit and found out I have one Apoe4 gene. I'd been shell shocked for four weeks and then decided to read the message boards to see what Lane and others have researched the past two years. I have started on a vegan diet because it was discovered that people in Ethiopia (who are mostly vegan) have shown a higher incidence of that gene but have a low percentage of dementia. I use mom's old Vielight. I have taken RediMind for a month and think that my word recall is better. I have also started an amazingly long list of supplements and vitamins. I have given that list to my oncologist while tearfully (emotionally I am still very fragile) asking if there was another medication other than Arimidex because the suppression of the estrogen producing enzyme seemed to have added to my brain fog. I remember that mom seemed to become more confused after her 5 year stint on Tomoxifin.(sp?)

Anyway, she also had the habit of sleeping on her back with no pillow. I wondered if the brain could easily drain the toxins.  Just a thought. 

Good to hear from you all. Lane, I'm going to start aromatherapy.


Lane Simonian
Posted: Saturday, August 22, 2020 6:53 PM
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I was sorry to learn of your mother's passing, wolfewoman.  The years that follow often bring back memories of both happy and sad times.

This is a relentless disease but there are things that can help both in its prevention and treatment.  The ApoE4 gene(s) amplifies various stresses to the body.  If you reduce oxidative stress through a vegan diet (lots of polyphenols) or certain supplements you essentially neutralize or somewhat reverse the impact of the gene.  I had not seen the Ethiopian study but it makes total sense.

I looked up the ingredients in Redimind.  All of them are helpful as antioxidants.

I have read a fair amount regarding good sleep and its role in helping remove toxins from the brain, but never had considered sleep positions.  Just found this.

I am interested to see how the VieLight and other light therapy studies turn out.  

I hope that the aromatherapy will be helpful for you as well.

Good to see you back here, wolfewoman.