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A Vascular Cause for Alzheimer's
Posted: Tuesday, June 19, 2012 7:22 PM
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From Alzheimer's Daily News:

(Source: PRNewswire) - There is a well-known link between Alzheimer's disease and a gene called ApoE4. In fact, people who carry two copies of the gene have approximately 8 to 10 times the risk of getting Alzheimer's than those who do not have the gene.

Up to now though, little was known about how ApoE4 contributed to Alzheimer's deterioration of the brain. However, scientists from Rochester University and the University of Southern California have shown how ApoE4 can unleash an excess of the protein cyclophilin A into the cardiovascular system, causing inflammation in atherosclerosis and other conditions. The study also found that ApoE4 makes it more likely for cyclophilin A to accumulate in cells that help maintain the blood-brain barrier, reducing blood to the brain and allowing toxic substances to infiltrate.


Dr. Robert Bell explained, "Increased cyclophilin A causes a breakdown of cells lining the blood vessels in the brain in the same way as found in cardiovascular disease or abdominal aneurysm. This establishes a new vascular target to fight Alzheimer's disease."


"This cyclophilin A, genetic link is crucial," Jeffrey Epstein, of the Jeffrey Epstein Foundation, asserts. "It will allow scientists to chemically inhibit vascular disease in conjunction with genetic therapy. But it will also help scientists concentrate on other protein inducing genes as possible offenders."


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