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Go to for information on 3 new AD drugs
Posted: Thursday, July 12, 2012 7:58 AM
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Press release at for Gammagard, which was released in injectible form this month. 


Further information on  Three drugs mentioned in the article are Bapineuzumab (Pfizer); Solanezumab (Eli Lilly) and Gammagard  Baxter

Lane Simonian
Posted: Friday, July 13, 2012 11:32 AM
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The mistake drug manufacturers and researchers have made is to assume that if you clear amyloid plaques you cure Alzheimer's disease.  The study on a gene mutation that blocks amyloid plaques and protects against Alzheimer's disease seems to add confirmation for this hypothesis.  But the problem is that amyloid plaques are part of the process that leads to the formation of peroxynitrites which are the true cause of the disease.  If you could remove every single amyloid plaque from the brain, the damage that peroxynitrites have done to critical receptors, enzymes, and transport systems in the brain would remain.  At best you could only stop the progression of this disease with this approach.  To treat the disease effectively you need to use peroxynitrite scavengers that are found in various essential oils, spices, and other plant extracts.  This quote remains my favorite. 



[Clinical trials with over-the-counter supplements have concentrated either on
items which suppress inflammation, or on antioxidants which scavenge oxygen
derived free radicals. Most of these items have proved to be worthless in the
treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Similarly most drugs used to treat Alzheimer's
disease do little to slow the deterioration, but instead offer a mild temporary
symptom relief. However, evidence has been accumulating that the primary driver
of Alzheimer's disease is a nitrogen derived free radical called peroxynitrite,
which may mediate both amyloid and tau accumulation as well as their toxicity.
Excellent results have been obtained with peroxynitrite scavengers, with
reversals of Alzheimer's disease in human clinical trials being repeatedly
demonstrated. IMHO [in my humble opinion] the only thing which may be  preventing the abolition of Alzheimer's disease is the mental inertia of scientists, as well as the bureaucrats who fund them. Unfortunately, most bureaucrats keep throwing money into repeatedly testing discredited interventions, while ignoring successful
ones. Common sense is anything but...]