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Just need to talk to my friends ,(172)
Posted: Sunday, June 5, 2022 4:51 PM
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I read the information that cones with scripts and it mentioned the possible problem with eye pressure.  Called the pharmacist who checked and told me that Chelsea is better for older people and there were rare problems with eyes..  Haven't talked with eye doctor.

I might take one or two Kubrick's a month mostly when I'm anxious about an appt. Or sonething.  Have done this for 60+ years.  I did read one account of a woman taking Celexa and Librium and almost died of constipation.  I asked my doctor and he said taking both is okay.  I might get a script for 30 filled twice a year.

My creatinine was 1.01. Creatine kinase was 27, two points below normal. TSH 5.5, one point above normal. Rest excel lipid panel was WNR.

Judith, I haven't been able to get in touch with Sarah for several days so don't know what she has decided about surgery.  I think she has an appt. on the 8th.  Dr. Baker I think.

I'll call the eye doctor and see what she says.  Pressure has been consistently around 16-19 since the iridotomies.  He did give me a low dosage10 mg., once daily.

I think I mentioned years ago I took an antidepressant and it caused my hands to shake. Told my doctor(not the PCP I have now)and she increased the dosage. Shaking got worse so I discontinued them. Don't remember what the name of the medicine was.  They're probably better ones now. 

Just too much going on this year.  Things should get better.  Thank you both for your concern.  I might try them. 

We had some rain but sun us out now.  I think the sweet potato vines are going to rejuvenate.

Thanks again.

Posted: Sunday, June 5, 2022 6:18 PM
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Going to drop a line now.  Hope to go to grocery store very early in am if Good Lords will.  Want to get back and get some things done.  Now that mulch is done, want to clean house, garage and porch.  Giving a bit of rain this week.  Giving that strong wind again too.

Got some kale and Swiss chard, froze them.  Have chamomile, oregano and thyme drying.  Had a salad with my own lettuce and green onion today.  So getting a few things.  Mom has strawberries coming on.  Hope to get a quart Wednesday when I take her groceries. 

Beth I’m so glad you made me aware of those bubble gum petunias.  I had a bed I didn’t know what to do with since I lived here.  Placed them in there and they look so nice.

Take care everyone




Posted: Sunday, June 5, 2022 6:47 PM
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Hi all.  My week with the kids was busy and fun. We were on the go every day and most evenings. I did get enough rest so was able to keep up. Ashlyn was one of three valedictorians which made me a very proud grandmother. I got to watch Ellaree play golf in the regional playoffs. She did well but didn’t qualify for State. It’s ok because she’s a freshman and has three more years to try.  

Got back and went to my granddaughter’s (who lives close to me) eighth grade continuation. I can’t believe my youngest grandchild is in high school.  How time flies by.  I guess that’s why I love seeing them as much as possible. 

This past week I helped with a funeral dinner and rested up. Next Thursday I’m off to Topeka to watch my first grandchild get married.  Good thing I like to go because this summer is packed full of fun. I have kn 95 masks and am hoping with the booster shots I will be protected. 

Lorita, so sorry for the loss of April.  Good your blood work was normal. Mine is kind of messed up right now. I have been in a flare with the autoimmune disease. I’m currently tapering prednisone and giving myself shots of a new drug. Hopefully it works and I can get it under control again. Enough about me.  

The flowers this year are beautiful.  I bought a few for the flowerbeds and planted two big pots of geraniums for the porch. They are so pretty.  The yard guy has my lawn looking go nice.  I guess the storms we’ve been having every week have helped.  I’m hoping the rain keeps coming. Everything is so green and lush. 

Sara, I need some of those flower cages here too.  They would help with the tall ones that tend to fall over.  I think I saw some at Lowe’s so maybe I’ll get a couple and see how they work. 

The graduation quilt is beautiful.  I know your granddaughter will love it.  

Hi to all on here. I keep up reading so know how you all are doing.  I hope everyone has a good week and that we all stay well.   Joan

Posted: Sunday, June 5, 2022 7:39 PM
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Joan, you are one of the busiest people I know along with Sara.  So glad you had a good time but knew you would.  Your granddaughters have  the prettiest names.  Kids do grow up fast but time is flying by for all of us.

I did get my periwinkles planted in the bathtub. I mentioned the little weeds that had the fluffy blooms well, the girls ate most of them.  All that grass and eating weeds.  I can't figure out where to plant all the caladiums. I think I'll make another big planter out of a blue mineral tub and maybe put one on each side of the gate.  I have three inside but one is filled with violets so maybe I can plant two or three in it. I'll have to go up in the pasture and find some dirt.  Saw several places where something had pushed up some.  If there are girls out there this summer don't know what to do.  They're poisonous to dogs, cats, horses and more.  Maybe not cows because each summer they eat the ones in the outside planter.  They come back thicker and prettier.

We gave some small, plastic swimming pools I keep water in for the GPs.  One was turned over and water collected in it where it was mashed down.  There was the prettiest big turtle in it a day or two ago.  I walked by and he was really watching me.  His shell had yellow markings on it.  Doesn't take much to make me happy to see him in the wster enjoying himself.

The freezer compartment is working good even with the frost. Refrigerator part is not too cool so turned it up all the way.  The repair appt. Is anytime between 8 and 5.  One time he came just after 8 so that would be good.

We got half inch of rain so the ground is damp - good for flowers and grass.  Heavy storms predicted for late tonight and in the morning.

Enjoy the evening.  I get my second booster in the morning and there are two softball games I want to watch later.  It's the women's college world series in OKC.

Posted: Monday, June 6, 2022 5:43 AM
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Ahoy there on the front porch -

I just felt like saying that for some reason. Hoping it doesn’t jinx us with too much rain anywhere. Think I learned that watching Gilligan’s island so much when I was little. 

Lorita, your dream sounded wonderful. Such a nice surprise to have a visit from & with your DH in that way. All of you taking care of yourselves with Drs appointments, I hope to find a reliable aide so I can do the same, soon. Way overdue for a checkup. And my hot LT fridge needs a diagnose and fixit appointment too. Basically new, and a lemon through and through. 

Sayra, thanks for the reminders about mask (he won’t allow it on anymore) or just holding it in front of his face when he’ll let me. Yesterday was not the day for any cooperation unfortunately and it is so frustrating. AD has him so confused, he’d rather struggle to breathe. So I found some quick projects to do to feel better about our situation. A few more wood surfaces got painted Freshened up a couple of old looking doors, a peeling windowsill, and started the porch railing. Just 15-20 mins at a time. Feels good to accomplish something, however small. I could just imagine your fresh garden veggies - already! Sigh. I will get to garden someday, somehow. 

Jo C, your story made me laugh. I like pistachios, but...Not the shoes! Yuck. I did not eat the handful of hidden treasure DH found in the closet. I hid all his shoes a long time ago to help slow down his wandering instincts. So at least that’s not where he hid the trail mix. But I never did find his stash. Hopefully it was just that one forgotten pocketful.

Joan, I misread your report as you had 95 masks (goodness gracious I thought, what’s she going to do with THAT many?!!!)) Then the lightbulb came on hahaha. A little slow on the uptake there. Congrats on all the great young scholars! Exciting to celebrate their hard work and accomplishments this time of year. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and week. June already. Yikes! Snuck up on me while I wasn’t looking. Time does fly when you’re having fun

Posted: Monday, June 6, 2022 7:47 AM
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Good morning all.

Lorita, I am so sorry about April. You and Mike did the best you could, taking very good care of her. 

Nicole, your hubby is amazing. It's obvious he loves you very much. I'm glad you are able to be with him again. Are you enjoying soccer? My grandkids that live close by play baseball and softball and we enjoy going to watch. Your new avatar photo: is that you dancing? Maybe your daughter? 

Jo, I wash my fruits and vegetables. I use either a Norwex fruit/veg scrub cloth or a wash cloth. I wash, rinse and then dry. With potatoes or carrots, I peel, then wash, then use a clean knife to cut them. I know all about hot second stories! We placed a window AC in our upstairs bedroom. Works like a charm. 

Judith, sorry to hear about your health issues. I guess this points to why routine screenings are helpful, to pick up things before they get much worse. 

Marie, your afghan is beautiful! It will be a treasured keepsake. 

Sara, it sounds like your garden and yard are coming along nicely. Too bad your mom wouldn't let you plant her peppers and tomatoes but you will likely share with her.  We received 2" of rain yesterday/thunderstorm but not severe. Might be heading your way. 

Day, congratulations on your promotion! I hope you will really enjoy your work. 

Joan, blessings to your grandchild on the wedding! You are keeping very busy! 

The garden is doing well. We have been eating spinach and lettuce. Lots of flowers, including peonies and lupines. Lupines are kind of an alpine flower (also similar/related to bluebonnets of Texas). I have many in my garden. I've attached a photo of lupines and one of my peonies. 

Have a good day. 



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Posted: Monday, June 6, 2022 2:36 PM
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Butterfly, it was a wonderful dream.  I dream of Charles often and they're always good dreams.  Just like being with him, guess I am.  We had a terrible thunderstorm about 3 this morning.  Lots of loud thunder that scares Sheena.  We had 2" of rain which surprised me.  I knew the roads would be flooded so thought about rescheduling my booster.  Took down the trash and it was flooded on each side of the gate and farther west.

Toad came and fed so he made it. Has to feed two different herds now.  Figured if he made it, I could in the PU which is high off the ground.  Got ready and took off about 9:30.  The water was pretty deep -  a car could not have gotten through.

Got the groceries including their last box of borax. Also got a small but heavy watermelon.  It was in the bottom of the big box and was hard to lift.

I was the only person at the health dept. until another woman came in for her booster. We had a nice visit before and after we got the shot while we were waiting the 15 minutes.  So far, my arm isn't sore.  Glad I decided to go.  

The PU window was down about 2" so seat was wet.. Of course my pants got wet. Glad they were black so no one noticed an old woman walking around with wet pants on.

Nice that you're getting some painting done. Always so gratifying to see how nice it looks.

Beth, your peonies and lupines  are beautiful.  My peony didn't even have buds this year. Maybe I can get the bulbs planted tomorrow.

Beth, thank you for your kind words about April.  Mike was here two nights in a row at 10 pm and two mornings at 7 to give her electrolyes and medicine.  He's such a caring, compassionate person.  He talked to April as he put down the tube.  I've seen him do so many things for the animals to make them better.  He's had to let several of our cattle and dogs go to sleep. That's what he calls it and I think that sounds so much better.

So far, the mother isn't calling her baby.  She was in the barn when she went to sleep and when they took her.  They grieve just as we do. We've seen so many instances of their grief and how they behave when they lose a baby or one of their herd which is their  family.

Watched OU and UCLA play softball. OU lost the first game but another is about to begin.

Butterfly,v sorry about your refrigerator1

Jo C.
Posted: Monday, June 6, 2022 3:33 PM
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Hello on a Monday; my week has started off with a stunning announcement, we just received a phone call that we have won $2.5 million dollars in the Publishing House Sweepstakes!  Imagine that!  All we have to do now is call the number the voice recorded caller provided and they will give us the money!   Wonder what we will do next to begin to spend some of it  . . .  perhaps after family is all taken care of,  I could fly all of the Front Porch Friends to a quiet beautiful vacation spot to meet where we will all have lovely rooms and fine dining and so much more  . . . but guess what?

I then got a text from Amazon telling me that I have a $695 order and to call and confirm so they can mail it to me . . . oh joy; what a surprise awaits because I do not recall what I have ordered.

As if!

 Beth; your peonies and Lupines are beautiful.   You have such a talent, can't wait for pictures to come when the garden is all abloom with so many colors and different plantings.  Truly that huge garden you have does show your amazing gardening talent and love you have for the earth.  I have never seen a Lupine or Peony in real life as they do not grow here, so looking at your photo absolutely charms me.

 Lorita, I am truly sorry to hear of the death of little April.   You and Mike made every effort to save her, but it was not to be.  I can imagine you feel that loss deeply.  I too had been wondering about Sarah and if she went forward with the surgery or not.  Somehow, based on past history, I think she would have given you a call if she did.

 Sayra, bet that salad tasted wonderful, and to think; you grew all of that yourself!  Must feel great to be able to do that.   Don't forget to wear eye protection goggles when cutting the wire, best to be safe.  I was thinking of you today; our county COVID hospitalization numbers are in the 600's and rising, and ICUs are filling up.  Busy time for Respiratory Therapists and RNs.  Somehow, I think it is best I am retired and as it is, the new equipment is not something I am familiar with.    Hope that your volunteer time is going well; what an asset you must be to them.

Mr. Ron; we miss you and are thinking of you.  So hope all is going well with you and Lou.  If you get a chance and feel like it, drop a line, we are keeping your Front Porch Rocker waiting.

And Joan; our gadabout lady - what fun you have been having!   You have wonderful grandchildren and I can imagine how proud you are of them; aren't they just awesome?   Off to the wedding soon, I can imagine that will be very special.  Will grandmother be in the brides room at the church watching and helping her dear one getting ready to walk down the aisle?  Such a special time to be able to take part in.  Lots of love and lots of photographs and lots of teary eyes before all the fun begins at the reception.  The circle of life continuing on unto the next generation to come.

As for the labs; I am not a physician, so this comes from my experience; always, always of course check with your doctor as I could be unintentionally off base - well, the Thyroid; the results change a bit as we age, but a lab level of 5.0 or above can indicate hypothyroid.  Sometimes it is not treated; other times at that level, very low amount of medication is prescribed.   The most common symptoms with that lab level that can occur are:  fatigue;  elevation in blood cholesterol; dry skin; muscle aches; feeling cold; joint pain; hair loss; constipation; depression; memory issues and others I do not recall at the moment.  As the lab value goes up, the hypothyroidism becomes more pronounced.

 Moving on to the creatinine levels; that can indicate kidney problems, but since those levels can also be different with a person's bodies - gender, muscle mass, age, etc.; the doctor would be looking at the GFR for the bigger answer to kidney function impact.  Glomerular Filtration Rate (I had to look up numbers as I did not recall them well.):

Stage One:  Would be GFR lab of 90 or above -  indicates mild kidney damage, but the kidneys are still functioning well.

Stage Two:  Would be a GFR of 60 - 89 - indicates an increase in kidney damage, but the kidneys are still functioning. 

 Stage Three:   Would be a GFR of 30 - 59 indicating a decrease in kidneys ability to function and there will probably be symptoms.

 Stage Four:  Would be a GFR of 16 - 29 which means poor kidney function and moderate to severe kidney damage.

 Stage Five:  A GFR 15 or under which indicates kidney failure and need for dialysis.

 BUN/Creatinine Ratio is another measure used with kidney function issues, usually 10:1 to 20:1 is a safe lab reading.   If higher, it can mean kidney involvement, but it can also indicate poor water intake.  So; the doctor is the one who puts it all together and decides what is what.  Having a little information about numbers gives us a hook to hang questions on when we have our next doctor's appt. As it is, the physician will in all probability want to monitor the labs to ensure all is okay.

Been watching the Queen's Jubilee Celebration; my goodness, it has been fun.   She really is cute, and still has that wonderful English Rose complexion.  Only Queen Victoria has been the other monarch to see the 70th year Jubilee; but Queen Elizabeth is outliving her.  It seems her health has not been as robust lately, she sure still gets out there and stands on those legs for such a long, long time when she must do gatherings; don't know how she does it.  Anyway; watching their celebration has been a respite from all of the dark things that have been continuing to happen.

Heard a funny little story about her which is also charming; if I can find it, I will Post it here, it is smile worthy.




Posted: Monday, June 6, 2022 3:43 PM
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Joan you are staying busy.  Sorry to hear you’re having a flare.

Lorita a lot of homesteaders use those kid pools for their animals.  Love to see turtles sunning themselves.  Doubt if I will ever see one where I live now.  Saw them where my mom lives.

Looks like we have some rainy days coming too, starting tonight.  We need rain.  Looks like it is coming our way Beth.  Your peony is a beautiful pink.

Butterfly here is hoping things work out for you getting an aide.

Mom gave me two quarts of strawberries today.  Made a pie out of one and froze the other one.

Take care everyone




Posted: Monday, June 6, 2022 5:40 PM
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Hello Front Porch(ers) "is that even a word? I will ask Alexa.

Sayra, do you use the red stalk when you cook your Swiss chard? I had watched a vegan online cooking clip where she chopped up the red stalk and stir fried that with the other ingredients. Looked good.

Did you mention Strawberry Pie........yummy. I used to make pie for all the family summer events....always a big hit!

I can only imagine how yummy your (fresh from the garden) your salad was......mmmmmmmm.

Joan, sounds like lots of fun planned with your grandkids this this summer. Congrats on your oldest grands wedding.

Jo, I now know i need to not be drinking anything while reading your posts...the story about your husband and the pistachios make me almost choke on my drink.....hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

So I guess with your new wealth status I can "borrow" some $$ from you? Interest free of course.

Beth your lupines/peonies are beautiful, can I please use your picture as my tablet screen lock picture?

The avatar I have is a picture of my beautiful model aunt. I miss her so much.

Lorita, I'm so sorry to hear April had to be put to sleep.



Posted: Monday, June 6, 2022 6:18 PM
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Hello All,

Lorita.  I am so sorry to hear about April. Iam sure losing a baby like that does not get any easier. I am glad you finally got your last booster, my arm seemed sorer with the last booster. 

It's nice that you still dream of Charles. I find myself still being really quiet when I get up during the night, so I don't wake Dan up, he has been gone for 4 years but the memory is still there. Molly sleeps on his pillow now. 

Judith.   I hope you're feeling better, and the doctors and all the labs are giving you some good updates. 

Sara.   You are always so busy. And on top of being so busy, you find more to do. Your salad sounded so Yummy. I need a good salad. I got same strawberries and a cantaloupe a few weeks ago and they had no flavor at all. I want a watermelon, but I am afraid to get one. 

Joan.  I bet you love being able to travel like you do and seeing your grandchildren grow up. Keep getting your rest so your travels will be enjoyable. 

Beth.  Those flowers are beautiful I love all those colors. I wish I could grow flowers but where I live there is not much that I can grow. Central Oregon's weather changes many times during the day. We were still getting snow last week. 

Jo.  My first thought when you said you won the sweepstake was O NO!  Years ago, a real old lady in our church though she had won the sweepstake and she was ready to sell everything she had so when the money came to her, she could travel. It took a while for the church people to convince her she did not win the money. I also have been watching the Queen, she is beautiful. 

I have been keeping myself busy. My summer pet sitting job is in high gear right now. The people I have been pet sitting for, for the last 10 years are in the process of moving to Texas. This will be my last summer with them. I will miss them, but I am going to enjoy staying home. 

I have been reading the daily post and you all have been so busy. Enjoy your planting and hopefully the weather is good for all of us.

Hugs Zetta 

Posted: Monday, June 6, 2022 6:28 PM
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Jo...I think it is the GFR she is tracking now that you explained it...looks like I am in stage three...yikes. They always test T4 free as well as the TSH.

Beth...your garden is so beautiful and pink is my favorite color!

Where is Ron?  Can we devide up his share of the Publishers Clearing House money?

Sayra...where do you get the energy. I worked outside this morning...loppers in one hand...the other holding on to my rollater...feet firmly planted on the walkway and not moving. I trimed up a volunteer tree so it now looks like a tree and is a good 20 feet tall. Yes, someone else was on a ladder cutting. Now the volunteer redbuds are nestled under the branches.

Poor little April....sad for you, Lorita.

Thank God for my grandchildren...they keep me distracted!

I meet tomorrow with the roofer at the flip house...anxious to here some options about lines.


Jo C.
Posted: Tuesday, June 7, 2022 12:52 AM
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Here is that link to the smiley story about Queen Elizabeth and the American tourists . . . you will need to scroll way down until you come to the video with the elderly gentleman who was her protective officer.


This really is rather cute, listening to the elderly police officer in the video gives it much "flavor."  Will need to scroll down to video with him:
Judith, any labs put in the Post are info only so as to be able to get questiions to the doctor; there will be many different thoughts about the numbers and how they relate to other labs and other parameters.
Good luck with the roofer and hope you get a good estimate.


Posted: Tuesday, June 7, 2022 7:36 AM
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Nicole, your aunt is beautiful! My niece was involved in ballet for many years. She did summer sessions in New York City; twice, I think. One was Joffrey. She is now a young woman, 3rd year med student, hoping to become a child psychiatrist. She still dances but just recreationally; at one time, she wanted to be professional. 

Nicole, feel free to use my pic. I'm flattered you like it that much.

More later.   Beth

Posted: Tuesday, June 7, 2022 8:51 AM
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Jo, how great you won the Publisher's Clearing House!  lol  When my mom was alive, she was scammed by someone who told her she won the lottery (she never played). The person was going to come to her house and do who knows what? I put the kibosh on that, thankfully.

Ron, we are thinking of you. Please let us know how you and Lou are doing. 

Fresh strawberries and strawberry pie - yum! The fruits of summer are amazing. Sara, it's great your mom has strawberries at the house.

Zetta, surprised to hear you had snow last week. I always thought Oregon's climate was pretty temperate. I guess it depends upon what area in Oregon.

Judith, hope you can keep the chronic kidney disease from progressing. So sorry. Are you enjoying working on the flip house? Are you still volunteering at the art museum?

We are getting a new roof today! We had hail damage. Thankful we are able to get this done. 

Jo, I loved the story about the Queen and the American tourists! So cute! 

Have a good day, everyone.

Posted: Tuesday, June 7, 2022 11:58 AM
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Beth, what kind of roof are you getting?  We had a metal roof put on years ago and really like it.  You can't hear the rain on it like you can in the barn.

The repairman came about 8:15 and left at 10.  Glad I didn't have to wait all day.  He was very nice. I met him at the back door and asked if he would mind wearing a mask.  He did gladly. So we were both masked.  He also said he'd had all his shots and boosters.

The whole refrigerator was frozen from top down. He took it all apart and thawed it.  I had to take everything out of the freezer so threw away some things I couldn't identify and got things back in.  I have so much frozen cauliflower and broccoli so need to eat that  for a while.He also fixed the ice maker.  He was a heating and AC man before this job so asked if he would get the new AC off  economy  so it would run all the time instead of cutting off.  He said the refrigerator is good to go for another 20 years.  Also pulled it out from it's cubby hole and cleaned the coils. This is supposed to be done every six months.

It has rained all morning but just stopped.  He said the roads were muddy.

Zetta, my arm only got a little sore last night and this morning I can hardly feel it.

I watched four softball  games yesterday- none on today.  OU and Texas will play in the finals so. another Red  River Rivalry.

Can't remember what else I was going to say so will stop for now.  Judith, hope things go well with the fliphouse.

Ron, you need to check in so we won't have to have Judith hunt you down.  She can do that! Hope things are all right.  Wish we did have a way to contact each of our front porch friends when they go AWOL.

Back later.  Cooked a pizza and it's calling my name.

Posted: Tuesday, June 7, 2022 2:15 PM
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Great news...the interior walls that I wanted to remove are in fact non-load bearing. Whew!!!

3 cheers for the repairman!

Posted: Tuesday, June 7, 2022 2:50 PM
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Good afternoon,

70F and raining.  We got very little rain last night or today til now.  Thankful for it as we needed it.  

Had a pretty good day at work.  Got home and got chamomile picked before it rained.  

Nicole have three Swiss chard plants.  The stems are different colors one red, one pinkish and one white.  My fresh pie did not set up well, never the less it is delicious and I’m enjoying it.  Eating it with a spoon.  Hope to go to a farm market tomorrow and get a few quarts to freeze for winter if they look good when I get there.  If they look good will make strawberry shortcake for the porch.

Beth I raised lupine one time.  Was years ago when first started raising things.  It was a big beautiful plant.  Went out one day and it had wilted to the ground.  Here it was covered in the biggest fattest aphids I have ever seen.  It so disgusted me that have never had another one.  Don’t know how they got so bad and I never noticed.

Zetta it is so disappointing when you buy fruit, pay a good price, get home and if your eyes were closed would be clueless about what you were eating.  

Judith distractions definitely help us.  The person with a lot of energy on here is Beth.  Could no way do what that lady does.  Have done way better with muscles this year though.  Cut way back on how much I put out and have learned to use my massage gun when notice stiffness or soreness anywhere.  Has really helped.

Judith going to mention something and it is in no way advice, just a thought.  Don’t know if you are seeing a kidney specialist or not.  Have always remembered what a dialysis nurse said to me many years ago.  She told me we could keep patients off dialysis for a lot longer if they came to see us way earlier.  Said that by the time they often saw patients not as much they could do to help.  I stored that nugget away in a corner of my brain.  I know this is very true for copd and asthma patients.  Saw a lot of them not seeing pulmonologists and meds not being used optimally.  Glad you are seeing a pulmonologist.  There is a reason there are specialist.  No one physician  can possibly keep up with everything.  They will also have their own bias toward their specialty, which can cause conflict between the specialties but that can be dealt with for over all better health care.

Watched the Queen Elizabeth clip.  It was cute.

Judith maybe you can share pictures when house done.

Ron know pain becomes wearisome alone, then in top of the dementia load.  Know it is very challenging.

Good night everyone





Posted: Tuesday, June 7, 2022 2:56 PM
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Sorry for worrying my front porch friends! I posted last week, but it looks like the gremlins made it disappear. I had stated I was mentally exhausted from caring for dementia that was in overdrive and physically about to break down.

Lou has been difficult lately and I dont know when she's going to be the sweet wife I married and when she's the devil in disguise. I know I've spolled her and she's better with me!

Physically I'm having problems that I believe are caused from my achalasia of the esophugus and also problems caused by the radiation for the prostate cancer and no, it's not ED, that's the least of my worries. I'm also having very severe hip pain that is even worse when I'm trying to sleep. I have a primary care appointment the 16th so hopefully will get some relief. 

I just need a break from everything!



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So very glad to hear you finally got a prompt and capable repair person.  They are hard to come you well know.


So very sorry to hear that your sweet Lou has been less than sweet recently.  Also, am concerned not only for your physical health but also the stress of it all that you carry on your shoulders.  I know that your dear sister often helps out for bits at a time.  Is it possible for her to come for a while so that you can just get away from the stress and regroup?  Stress can cause all sorts of physical ailments or make existing ones worse.  You surely deserve some time off.

On the look out for green beans.  Last year we thought would be my mother's last for doing bulk canning of the little green darlings...she will be 98 this year.  But no such luck, she has decided she needs about 5 bushels so she can can a bushel for each of the family who wants them.  Last year daughter and I did the cutting of the ends and snapping...and mother did the actual canning.  Got our name on several lists.  We will see!

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Sayra....I am on the same page with you and looking for a specialist. 

Hope everyone watched the Queen with Paddington. What a delight.

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Sara, love strawberry shortcake so I'm ready!  I used to make strawberry pies and think I put raw berries in a cooked crust, then poured a cooked glaze over them. Seems like I used strawberry Jello in it.

Judith, the news is showing a story about a cow who got loose from the stockyards. They roped her and got her in a truck.  She was walking down the median on I40. Guess some guys were around on horses and helped.  I think if a cow or steer can get out of the stock yards she should be able to go home.  

Also said there was a lot of water rescues today in OKC so you must have gotten a lot.of rain.

Good news about the  walls.  

Marie, mother always had to have several rows of green beans in the garden.  She loved them and I did not.  Now I love them, especially fresh ones.  Our tastes really change.  Your mom sounds like a great lady.  Energetic and knows what she wants.  Good for her!

Jo, loved the video about the Queen.  Can you imagine how old she is and still getting out and about.

I've been sleepy this afternoon maybe from the booster?  I was up late last night so maybe that's it.

The icemaker made ice but he said to throw away the first bstch.  I kept out some frozen brown beans and think I might make cornbread salad in a day or two.  Can't find the recipe but will improvise -  anything is good in it with picante sauce as the dressing

It is hot and humid.  Oklahoma isn't always fun in the summer.  Glad the air conditioners are working.

Judith, where in OKC are they playing softball?  Can't remember the name of the field.  They're showing lots of statues around town, too.

When Jason came this morning all the little and big girls thought it was Toad coming to feed so lots of bawling and the driveway alarm kept going off because they were across from it.

Thanks to each of you for the comments about little April. So sad for her to.lose her young life and not be able to run and play with the others.  A cow may have kicked or stepped on her but Mike did all he could - tried so hard. He is not one to give up.  I'm so glad her mother isn't calling.  I know she watched what they did and understood.  So glad she was able to be in the pen with her for several hours.  You all know how I take these losses to heart and I thank you for your kind words.

Enjoy the evening.  Sara, I have never eaten chard!

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Cows and oil = Oklahoma
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And add heat and humidity!
Jo C.
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Judith, my GFIL would have said, "and purdy women too!"

Lorita, great news about your refrigerator; it sounds just like new, that is good news.

I looked for a recipe for Cornbread Salad as I had never heard of it and found this from, Taste of Home.  Don't know if it is like the one you are going to make or not.:

Sure would like to try that.  Yum.

The little video with the elderly officer speaking of the Queen and the American tourists tickled me; it brought a smile or two.  Today; in the midst of so many dreadful things going on, it is sometimes just a fresh breath of air to see something softer and sweeter. I do not  watch a super amount of TV, but I am going to be taping some of the old TCM black and white movies from the 30's and 40's.  Betty Davis is a favorite; just taped one of hers I have seen before, but it is a good one:  "Now Voyager."  I also like, Cary Grant in, "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House;" silly bit of fun, but it harks back to a different time and a different way of being.  Not trying to escape and I do keep myself well informed, it is simply that my poor brain needs a breather now and then.

We all need a breather or a bit of a perk to our spirits at times and we should let ourselves grab hold of such things when able.  If I gardened like our Beth, that would be my sweet outlet in nature; what a healthy and lovely lift that must be to stand back and see the results of all that hard work and it is exceptional. Marie creates lovely afghans that so many get enjoyment from.  I often like to write; twice a little publish, but I do not submit.  Sayra volunteers, plants and cooks like a whirlwind, Lorita tends and nurses the herd.  What do the rest of you all do for special time when you can?

 Hope all is coming together on that house, Judith; it will be enjoyable for you to see it come to completion knowing someone will buy it and move in and it will be an important part of their life and their family's lives and part of their future and memories. Just think; you are helping to build that !  (And a little profit isn't bad either.)   

Ron; I am so sorry for the way things have been going; it must be exhausting and you sure could use a break; I wish there was a way we could be helpful.  So hope they can help that hip.  Often, an injection in Interventional Radiology can be done and that usually lasts a year or more.  It is best to do it in such a setting; the Interventional Radiologist does it under flurosocopy and gets it just right where it needs to be so outcome is best.  Instant relief.

Zetta; oh boy; still some snow . . . of course come August and September in the throes of summer, it would be nice to see a little bit of it.  Therein lies the important part:  "a little bit."  So your dog sitting family is going to Texas; bet they will miss you a lot.

Judith, about Paddington Bear and the Queen; it was another cutie, but she was not filmed with Paddington Bear.   They filmed the Bear separately and put him in later.  Her Majesty had a staff member sitting across from her prompting the bit.  No matter how they did it, it was cute.  They played that at the celebration concert on the big screen.  She really is something; I do however get the feeling there may be something else going on besides the mobility issue.  So hope I am wrong.  Whoever makes her usual hats and coats does such a magnificent job of it and in such beautiful colors.  Love to look and see what brooches she is wearing.  In almost all photos, in all places, she is wearing her three strand pearl necklace and pearl earrings.  Done that for many years.

What an interesting and dedicated life she has led.

Well this non-royal best be moving on.  Good evening one and all and may you all have good nights with sweet dreams,


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Good morning to all on the front porch. I will try to check in here now and then, but dont feel like much of anything lately. I never lay back down in the mornings, but this morning I was tired and having some chills. Can you believe this Louisiana boy with upper 90s weather and having chills. I took a hot shower and feel some better. Dont believe I mentioned yesterday,  but I'm also having a lot of leg pains. Also, bruises are not going away. I still have a large discoloration from the fall I took with Lou in her wheelchair almost 1 1/2 years ago.

Even though Lou's dementia is progressing, I cherish the moments she is her old self and let's me know how much she loves me and appreciates what I do. I feel in my heart that taking care of her myself at home gives me those moments. 

Ruston peach festival was June 4th and I would have loved to have gone, but circumstances prevented it. Every year Ruston has a peach festival and some of the best peaches come from there.  It's only a hour drive from my house. I thought since Lou loves to go for a ride we would go to one of the peach farms and pick up some peaches. Less than half way she started complaining and wanted me to take her home. She use to love long drives; I would always ask if she wanted a short drive are a long one and she always said long.

Our homecoming reunion is Sunday and it's also about one hour away. I would love to see family I haven't seen in years and pray Lou makes the trip without to much of a problem. It's just according to which Lou wakes up Sunday. 


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Another cloudy, rainy morning.  No rain here since last night but all around us.

My eyes are super dry this morning, very uncomfortable.  I think it's b from the AC blowing air toward me last night.  Will have to fix that.

Hurried out and planted four big pots of caladiums and one it short obes.  I need to get dirt for the other big one and get it pkanted.  I found a couple with sprouts on them. Ground is really damp so they should be up in a couple of weeks.  Goid news that my sweet potato vines have a new leaf on each pot so glad I didn't throw them away.

Jo, I don't put all of those things in my  cornbread salad but I think you can out anything in it.  I usually out oniobs, tomatoes, sliced olives, beans and juice and sometimes cheese.  Bet sour cream or mayo would be good, too.  Also use Pace picante sauce.

Ron, where in Louisiana were you born?  I have never been to your State even though it's closeby.  Sorry you're having problems with Lou's dementia.  We can all empathize with you.  Hard to deal with especially when you're not feeling well.  

We also have a big peach festival in Porter - North of us.  I don't think we've ever been. Not sure when it is.  Love peaches.  People always are eager to get Porter peaches.

Just started raining so got the bulbs planted just in time.

Toad came and fed both herds this morning so alarm went off several times.  Stormy has learned when it goes off, someone is out there.

Noticed diesel was twenty cents cheaper at Casey's than an Flying J the other day-$5.29 a gallon. If  I filled up it would be about $100. or more.

Tried calling both Sara and Todd yesterday.  No answer so left messages but no reply.  I think her appt. is today.  Guess I'll wait and see if they call.

I proofread but this tablet changes words and lettera.  Sorry.

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Forgot.  Sara, do you mix water with the borax and sugar?  I read about that and it said to put it in small dishes or soak cotton balls and place them.  Also read white vinegar would work so am trying that.  I read that borax can be harmful to cats and dogs.

The man yesterday said they're having ant problems and are using Ortho ant traps. Can't find them on Amazon or WM.

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Posts: 20915 you will be telling me that there is no Santa Claus!

Lorita...white vinegar worked here.

Went to podiatrist this morning...the one the neurologist  referred me to. Love him. I went expecting having to schedule "surgery". Ha....he clipped the ingrown toenail and put on a bandage. I felt nothing. Wow...two days in a row with great news.

Rain here too...just about everyday but today lots of flooding.  It is getting old. Caladiums still on porch.

Sorry, I have no idea where they play softball here.



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Hi folks,  I know I don’t post often, not much happens in my life.  Since I moved to Virginia, my Son has taken over doing everything.  I’m supposed to be a lady of leisure but ……it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.  I read a lot, 144 books since October.  I take short walks, a long walk would require steep inclines . Going down would be ok but I’d not make it back up hill.

We’ve solved the bear problem ny taking down all the bird feeders.  Really miss watching them.  My daughter-in-law has a small chicken coop with 6  so we don’t want bears around.  We still see deer and wild turkeys regularly.

Granddaughters are home from college. They’re kept busy planting gardens, weeding and actually helping paint the house.  We have a pool so they enjoy that also.  One has a job at a vegan restaurant.  She is studying earth science so it’s right up her alley. (One of those phrases Lorita. Don’t know where it comes from)

I visited a new cardiologist here.  He ordered some tests including a chest X-ray that showed a mass in my lung.  Had a follow up ct scan, then a visit to a pulmonologist. I’m having a lung biopsy tomorrow.  I have to admit I’m a little worried.  Maybe that’s why I’m so short of breath.  Fingers crossed that it’s only an infection.

Wish I could visit my other grandchildren but they are back in Illinois.  Joan you’re lucky to be able to do that.  I do get pictures and videos and of course there is always the phone. Beth your garden is beautiful.  Marie, I admire your ability to create such wonderful afghans. Ron, I’m sorry you’re having such a bad time with your health. Not feeling well and being a caregiver is twice as stressful.  You take such good care of Lou. It helps to talk to your porch friends and get some encouragement.  Hope your sister can visit again soon. Zetta, it’s hard to believe you are still having snow when it’s so hot elsewhere. Day, I hope your new schedule is working out for you. Sara, I wish I had the ambition to cook as much as you do.  Your garden sounds wonderful.  It’s so rewarding to be able to pick something and use it right away. Judith, it sounds like you’re keeping really busy with doctors and a flip house.  Quite a combination.  Jo, has your husband recovered from his eye surgery?

That’s about all that’s happening here.  Lorita I’ll talk to you soon.  Hope you can get rid of those terrible ants.  I know how frustrating they are.  I always used Terro traps when I had the problem back home.

Take care everyone.


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Sandy, good to see your posts.  I've been thInking of you todsy.  You'll be in my.prayers tomorrow.  I'm hoping it's just an infection.  We'll talk soon.

Judith, did you spray the vinegar or put it in dishes?  I've sprayed but just wondeted.

Sandy, I think I have a couple of those Terro ant traps I used in the generator but not sure I can use them in the house with the cats.  

We've had rain most of the day.  The first game of the softball series begins tonight ,(for three nights) in OKC. Wonder how the field will be?  Judith, the field is on NE ,50th- Hall of Fame Stsdium. Is that the area where all the statues are?   Glad the house is coming along.  Good you liked the podiatrist and he took care of the ingrown toenail.  Those things hurt.  I have to keep the corners of my toenails cut at an angle.

Laid down on the divan with Max and took a nap this afternoon.  Eyes feel better.  I'm going to get a sleep mask- that should help.

I think.I can get some loose dirt where Toad cleared off our old gsrden.  It would be mud right now tnough.

Enjoy the ballgame tonight- Sooners vs. Longhorns.

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Good evening everyone

74F, pretty nice day, giving rain again tonight

Sorry to hear Sandy that you are having to go through the stress of a biopsy.

Lorita we may be out of luck with strawberry shortcake.  Called the farm stand to see if they were sprayed with pesticide.  No answer, no return call, guessing they have been sprayed.  I’m not paying 5.50 a quart for nonorganic.  Going to try and go to a farmers market tomorrow evening.  Who knows maybe they will have them.

Chard is probably one of the mildest flavored greens I think Lorita.  My mother never raised it.

Got rid of my bird feeders too.  Expensive to keep filled and bring a lot of unwanted critters around.

My aunt made cornbread salad a lot.  She was allergic to potatoes so substituted that for potato salad.  I can’t eat ting with a lot of mayonnaise any more.  The old stomach doesn’t like it..

Lorita I do put in a little water wit borax and sugar.  Could be harmful to them  I don’t have animals and forget about that.

Be sure the AC isn’t blowing on your face tonight.  Dry eyes drive me buggy.  Hope Sara or Todd calls you.

Take care everyone







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Greetings everyone.

I haven't been on the front porch for a long time though I do read sometimes.

 It has been hot here for a long  while ,,, goes up to31C most days with a heat index of 37C.  Too hot for me in the 90sF or even 100

I have been doing  well until I slipped on a wet floor and landed on my butt. I am blessed to have my friend's pool to exercise in but I am checking in with an Ortho doctor tomorrow.  I thought I knew how to take care of my back but my PC  suggested srongly to consult the Ortho.  I have a friend who does translations so I will  have her join me since my Spanish is not too good. I feel like I bruised my tailbone but  will find out tomorrow.

Other then that all is well, not visiting family in Canada this year,,, travelling is just too hard  since Covid. I watch the news and they report on how many flights are  cancelled,,, I also prefer to sit with people who all wear masks - Covid is not gone and I am just not taking any chances.  In Canada they have 5 or 6  hours wait  in line to check in, can you imagine me standing that long in line.  

Wishing you  all well, Thank you Lorita for keeping the thread going. 

Love ya all




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I was checking about the Ortho ant traps and found that there is a sub brand under Ortho called Home Defense.

Here is the link I found on Amazon: