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Like Clementine, I guess.
Jim Broede
Posted: Wednesday, January 11, 2012 5:09 AM
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Had a dream this morning. A scary dream. That I had Alzheimer's. That I was driving a car. And I couldn't find my way home. Had a feeling that home was nearby. But felt I was trapped in a labyrinth. No matter what turn I took, it was the wrong street. And I was gonna try to get to the point where I started from. Thinking that might jog my memory. But I couldn't find my way back. To any place. I was lost and gone forever. Like Clementine, I guess. --Jim
Posted: Wednesday, January 11, 2012 8:21 AM
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Jim---Thanks for a pleasant meander.


It took me a while to realize that you must have forgotten some of the lyrics to the “My Darling, Clementine song or used a figurative meaning of the word lost.  The Clementine in the song drowned.  Tandhe miner who was no swimmer could not save his darling Clementine.


Before reaching that conclusion I did a search on the words labyrinth and myth…. selected a result, and read the following



             Clement Jewitt


Each man’s life is a labyrinth at the centre of which lies his own death, and even after death it may be that he passes through a final maze before it is all ended for him. Within the great maze of a man’s life are many smaller ones, each seemingly complete in itself, and in passing through each one he dies in part, for in each he leaves behind him a part of his life and it lies dead behind him. It is a paradox of the labyrinth that the centre appears to be the way to freedom.* 


To enter the labyrinth that is life, is to enter a world of meander, twists, and turns, of coming back to oneself, and of a circuitous route to a goal. This provides life with a torque, a tension, so that we come not to fall asleep to the deeper levels, not to slip into inertia, obsessed with surface trivia, but to be constantly alive to dancing our Dream awake – to becoming what we can be, and who we are – awakening to self.


When we fall asleep to the very labyrinth we are constructing, as the making of our own lives, then we are deep in inertia and will be gobbled up or frightened to death by the bull-roaring Minotaur that lurks at the heart of the labyrinth. To dance your Dream awake is to grab this bull-man by the horns. … there are as many ways to dance the Dream awake as there are people on the Earth, each with a personal Minotaur living within the fabric of life as it is constructed, and unfolded.


and concluded that


  I need to figure out a way to grab the bull by the horns and break my inertia.