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Plug Ins...
Posted: Friday, February 22, 2013 11:34 AM
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 Hi gentle reader.... Have you ever had problems with plugging in an appliance? I have to many times to count. It's likes murphy's law, working overtime. Time after time I go to plug in the vacuum cleaner the plug won't go into the wall socket. Has that happened to you, gentle reader? And if you are in a hurry it will always happen. It is so stay with me I have a  "Cure-All" for this and make life less frustrating.

Do you have, gentle reader, a finger nail polish a of a bright color. Check with the girls in the family I am sure they will come up with several choices.

Now stay with me, do delete me now, For here is the solution gentle reader.

take the plug and look at it. One metal prong that is larger than the other. Now look at the wall receptacle. It to has two openings one is bigger.

Now hold the plug in you hand and plug it in. Now take the bright colored nail polish and put a dot on the top of the plug. If you can put the dot of polish on the raise part so it will not run off. You can if desired put a drop on to the dry nail polish.

There, gentle reader, you will always plug it in correctly by holding the polish side up and plug it in.

Happy plug in's  Kaye lol

PS: Don't for get to make your comments in the comments box in the box below.

I'll see you gentle reader, down the road a bit.

Posted: Friday, February 22, 2013 2:09 PM
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That is a great idea!  I have also read of doing it with a sharpie permanent marker.  Thank you!