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Coincidental, but meaningful.
Jim Broede
Posted: Sunday, February 24, 2013 10:33 PM
Joined: 12/22/2011
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I tend to analyze life. Analyze what’s happening. Inside me. And around me. Trying to find meaning. If there isn’t a purpose – well, then I make one up. I’m allowed to do that. For instance, my maternal grandparents died young. My grandmother at age 26. My grandfather at 38. That could be interpreted as sad. A tragedy. Because it left my teenage mother an orphan. But what the circumstance did was prompted her into a marriage of convenience. To the man who was to become my father. That marriage would never have occurred if my grandparents had still been living. Chances are mother would have married years later to another man. Someone she genuinely loved. But if that had happened, I would not have been born. Therefore, my grandparents’ deaths at relatively early ages turned out to be  a good thing – for me.  That’s how I analyze it. Yes, analyze the happenings. Around me. Finding meaning to it all. Especially meaning that applies to me. A good meaning. Not a bad meaning. I needn’t stop with this example. I could do it hundreds of times. Or thousands. Maybe limitless numbers. By extrapolating many twists and turns in life. Perhaps all of ‘em coincidental. But meaningful. –Jim