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Some days
Posted: Friday, March 16, 2012 1:12 PM
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Some days it seems as if everything is right. You know those days, when you get up and the day is sunny and warm, you feel good (for a change), full of energy. Then the rest of the day everything you do falls into place. Everything goes right. What a wonderful feeling. 

Most days aren't like that. Instead they are a hodgepodge of ups and downs, laughter and tears, peacefulness and bedlam. It is no wonder that we caregivers have so much turmoil in our heads! There is very little stability, a routine can go awry in a moment and the whole day goes down the tubes, only to rise up and turn into laughter at our own plight and that of our loved ones when something silly happens. 
 Such a mix of emotions takes its toll on us, and by extension everyone around us. It is as bad as PMS, without the hormones! Still, I wouldn't trade this time with my mom for anything. I feel so blessed to be able to care for her and give back all the love and nurturing she gave me. When I think of all the trials and tribulations my Mom endured raising 3 kids, and doing it with such grace and humor, whatever I may have to deal with seems, not trivial, but not so bad, maybe. 

 I know things will get progressively harder, that is not to be ignored. But I know that this is something I can do, and do well. Balancing her needs with those of my dear husband, my friends, and myself is quite a job. Sometimes I am off balance, but eventually I find my center again and life is still good.

 Hugs to all of you who are enduring dementia, as a person with dementia, or a caregiver, or those who have loved ones with dementia. Love, laugh, live, and savor every moment you have. Life is short, make it as sweet as you can.