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Once, I even fell asleep.
Jim Broede
Posted: Saturday, February 23, 2013 5:22 AM
Joined: 12/22/2011
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From 1 to 4 every afternoon, I can go for a walk in the heart of my Italian town, and encounter virtually no one. I like that. Carbonia in Sardinia shuts down in the early afternoon. The stores close. Everybody disappears. Except me. I have the place pretty much to myself. A nice time to walk. Even the traffic lights in downtown Carbonia are turned to blinking yellow. Any driver that ventures out doesn’t have to stop. Just be cautious. Same goes for me when I cross a street. Hardly ever see a motor vehicle from 1 to 4. Apparently, people just go home. Maybe have lunch. Or take a nap. A break in the day. I’m told that it’s much appreciated, especially during the hot summertime. Makes for leisurely paced living. Won’t ever happen in the USA, I suppose. Because we Americans have to be on the go. All the time. Evidenced by my need to walk from 1 to 4. But generally, I’m adapting to the Italian way of life. I’m walking slowly. And occasionally I sit down on a park bench and read a book. Once, I even fell asleep. –Jim