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The beautiful ups & downs of life.
Jim Broede
Posted: Friday, March 8, 2013 2:17 AM
Joined: 12/22/2011
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My time is running out in Italy. I’m leaving. At the end of the month. Returning to the USA. For a few months. Then it’ll be back to Italy again. That’s my wonderful routine. Back and forth. Living with my Italian true love in Sardinia. And she comes and stays with me in Minnesota. For the summer. Believe me, it’s a nice way to live. When we aren’t together in the flesh, we connect daily by audio/video. On Skype. Ah, the wonder of modern conveniences. I have mixed emotions about leaving Italy. But then, I adapt to life. No matter where I am. Could be virtually any place in the world. I’ve learned to savor every day. All this since my wife Jeanne died of Alzheimer’s. In January 2007. Amazing. The twists and turns of life. My life has never been truly bad. Even in bad times. There’s still something to savor. When there’s been a down, it’s always been followed by an up. In my 77 years, I’ve probably had about 75 years of ups, and only two years of downs. That ain’t bad. Bet most of us have similar type balances. –Jim