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Someone Special
Posted: Wednesday, February 8, 2017 6:58 PM
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I've been trying to write ( lately ) about people in the Bible who have very little written about them. Often, I will find in reading a piece of scripture where they are mentioned, there is barely a verse or 2, and nothing else. Anyway, I feel they deserve more thought than just a passing one.


                                          Someone Special

She was no one special
Just a woman of the streets
The kind at whom men stared

And if she cried in the night
To soothe her plight
In that city, nobody  cared

And then to lay her head
Perhaps a stranger's bed
But only ever for one night

Then up in the morning
Never asking her name
And be gone before first light

          Born to parents of poverty
          A slice of cast off society
          Treated as  a piece of property
          And trying hard to erase
          The tears that ran down her face

She was no one special
Yet she wasn't without dreams
Even if just a few there were

And deep in her heart
The dream she held apart
That God should love such as her

Then she heard of the rabbi
Who spoke a different message
So divergent from his peers

Could he open the scroll
Could he see into  her soul
All she'd hidden for so many years

          Born to parents of poverty
          A  slice of cast off society
          Treated as a piece of property
          And in that lonely place
          Never a friendly face

So when Simeon the leper
Opened up  his home
And begged the rabbi  to eat

She realized her chance
A welcome circumstance
To sit at the rabbi's feet

                 Now she had in her possession
                  An alabaster cruse
                  That she had been careful
                  Never to lose
                  Still partly full
                  Of a costly perfume
                  And she carried it with her
                   As she entered the room

She was no one special
But on that fated  day
She threw all caution behind

Then with her soul laid bare
She anointed His hair
And He eased her troubled mind

          Born to parents of poverty
          A slice of cast off society
          Treated as a piece of property
          Until she sat at The Savior's knee
          And He set her spirit free

Now  she's someone special
For Jesus took her sin
Threw it so very far -  it won't be back again

He told her "You will be remembered
Throughout eternity
Because of what -
- Of what   you did for me -
 - You are someone special

2/8/2017    Chris Moore

Posted: Thursday, February 9, 2017 2:44 AM
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Beautiful. I'm not one to add to the Bible, but you wrote what could easily of been true. I knew who you were writing about by your second line, but nevertheless, it was worth finishing.


Posted: Thursday, February 9, 2017 2:47 AM
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Forgot to add - Yes, there are many characters that are only briefly mentioned. However, while the Holy Spirit was inspiring the writers of the Bible, He wanted them mentioned, because as limited as their story is, it's still important and we can learn from her example.
Jim Broede
Posted: Thursday, February 9, 2017 4:45 AM
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I like the way you do it, Chris. You put a Bible verse into your own very meaningful words. You give poetic depth. To the Bible.  To life itself. I’m sure that’s the way the Bible was meant to be.  An inspiration. To Christians and others. One could open the Bible at random. And find meaningful stuff. Indeed, it is a great book. Think of the power it has had over the Ages. I also recommend the Koran, the Talmud and Dante’s Divine Comedy. One can easily fall in love. With religions and spirituality. One finds diversity and literary depth. In every religion. There is a source of inspiration there. For everyone.  Sometimes,  it’s a matter of looking. And musing. To one’s self.  And to others. Oh, the fantastic opportunities. They abound.  I feel your pulse beat, Chris.  Obviously, you are alive and thinking and writing. A nice combination. Keep it going. And keep sharing. --Jim


Posted: Thursday, February 9, 2017 1:14 PM
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I love your poetry and I hope you also put it to music.
Posted: Thursday, February 9, 2017 1:40 PM
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MPSunshine, that's always the idea beforehand, but on occasion, the music never comes. This is a new one for me, and since the other two ( written for the one's who needed their stories told ) have music, I hope this will be the same. We shall see. 

If there is any interest, or I just feel like posting, I'll add the others here soon.

Thanks all,


Posted: Friday, February 10, 2017 5:09 PM
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Oh, and I forgot to add... Andy, I expected you to know. Old ALZ ain't got the best of you yet, and my expectation is that God has a few tasks still for you to perform. In particular, I expect that they will involve your very personal involvement with this disease, or syndrome - whatever.  Go get 'em, tiger !
Posted: Friday, February 10, 2017 9:51 PM
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I love the way God gives us desires and talents specific to  us.  He allows each of us to use that in every area of our lives. Chris, thanks for sharing your poetry. 

One of my favorite, not much about  a woman is found is the book about Deborah. There is a woman who is traveling in tents most of the time with her people. Her main job  is to put up and take down the tents.   During a battle theKing Ahaz,    a terrible king ,  hides in her tent from those that are trying to kill him.  She assures him he can rest and be hidden from the solders.  Before he is able to sleep for very long she has driven the tent stake into his head and is remembered always  for winning the war.  This is another example of how our everyday talent can do great things.    Yes,  I am glad I do not put up tents for a living. 

 When we were young, we like doing it, as we age we are able to see how we can elaborate on the talent and bring it into the areas of every day life today.  I have always  loved caring for others,which makes this journey for me not as difficult.  The 'accidents', the sponge baths, the cleaning toilets every day, these are just 'normal' in my world. So glad that God is never going to present me with a task that I am unfamiliar with ,without giving me the resources to learn.  

I enjoy reading and writing, so glad we have this platform to do both.