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Mom's Video, Stage 6 Alzheimer's, SINGS a 3rd part harmony!
Posted: Friday, March 3, 2017 11:33 PM
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My Mom's memory is maybe 1 second on a good day, but music seems to speak to her. FYI: She has NEVER been a singer or had any experience with singing or finding harmonies at all. 

This was our SIXTH time singing this, and Mom nailed the harmony every time! In this video, you see my daughter singing Blue Bayou. I chime in with soft, higher harmony, then Mom starts singing .... and gets a 3rd, lower part, on the last note, every time!! How can this happen since she has never had any experience singing??? Happy tears for special moments! It may not seem like much ... but when your loved one with this terrible disease, can do something new, and get it right, everyone is happy today, but this video makes me cry every time!

To view the video, go to Youtube, and type in
"Stage 6 Alzheimer's Patient SINGS PERFECT 3 Part Harmony! Listen To The Last Note!"

#LifeWithAlzheimers #LiveForTheMoment
Jim Broede
Posted: Saturday, March 4, 2017 1:52 PM
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Strange. Strange. Strange. But beautiful. And inspiring. My mother-in-law. Had Alzheimer’s. And could not express or understand a single word. But she could sit down at the piano. And play honkytonk. Flawlessly.  Music expression comes from a different part of the brain. Not affected by Alzheimer’s. Play music for her. Morning. Noon. And night. It’s a way of reaching her. You might see expressions of delight. Music. Music. Music. So many ways to reach an Alzheimer's loved one. Keep trying, everyone. Find a way that works. Experiment. In the process, exude good vibes. That's another effective way.  -Jim