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Recording those Fleeting Beauties!
Dan the Man
Posted: Friday, January 6, 2012 10:33 AM
Joined: 1/5/2012
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Hey all, I'm a caregiver for a stage 6 or 6.5 Alz octagenarian.  With his family's consent, I have been recording many of our interactions for years.  "Mr. Driftwood" is pretty incredible and still capable of immense profundity and sweetness, and I am so glad I have a visual record of our ups (and downs).  I thought I'd post some of our highlights over the years.  I hope they inspire all the laughter and good feelings that Alzheimer's takes from so many:

Ok then, just thought I'd share.  Hope we uplifted ya at least a bit.  Take heart out there, and don't forget to smile!


Posted: Friday, April 12, 2013 1:10 PM
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I just saw Mr. Driftwood mentioned someplace else on here recently and saw this today so I am bringing it back for us new ones to find.