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The Long Goodbye (poem)
Posted: Tuesday, July 10, 2012 12:25 PM
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The Long Goodbye

I’ve heard it called the long goodbye                                                                                                                                         
And so it has been
The gradual slipping away of a loved one
Somewhere unseen
Somewhere just beyond reach
Where have you gone, my darling?
How could this happen to you?
How could this disease of the mind steal you away from me?
You with your love for crossword puzzles
And books
And knowledge
You with the memory for dates
And definitions
And such
Gone are the days when you recognized me
Gone are the days when conversation was possible
But still you try
To entertain
And to make me laugh
There is no laughter for me today
We smile for the camera but I am profoundly sad
Sad that this may be our last Christmas together
Sad that it has to be spent in this common room feeding you cold food
Unrecognizable in its ground- up form
And sad that I may not be with you when you decide that you’ve finally had enough
But you would not want me to feel this way
You are remarkably content
Most days I would find comfort in that
But not today
I pick up my heavy heart and walk away.

Carolyn Rurka

Jim Broede
Posted: Saturday, July 14, 2012 10:37 AM
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Now I want you to follow up. Carolyn. With a long and joyous hello. To the spirit. Your best is yet to come. --Jim
Posted: Sunday, July 22, 2012 3:40 PM
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I am only starting, but I see it already.  Before he was diagnosed at 55 years old, I saw a turning in.  I realize it was trying to keep track of what he felt was confusing.  It has been just 7 months since diagnosis and I have done a lot of studying.  Those who know think I am over sensitive to the things I notice.  I start keeping them to myself and the doctor.  (They are the same ones who saw no reason to have him tested, but I did anyway.)


I am trying to live for the day and be dependent on God for my sustance.  I have a great support group of girlfriends to lift me up and get me out to dinner.


Thank you for sharing.  It is a lonely walk in many ways.  I don't have him for the same level of comfort every day.  I am starting the grieving process.  Yesterday I just wanted to scream "STOP" at the world.  Stop it all. 


Today, I am just loving that he is here and alive!

Posted: Tuesday, July 24, 2012 8:56 AM
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Alzheimer's is the sixth leading cause of death & there are currently no effective treatments. Please share this video and one thing that you never want to forget to help end Alzheimer's.
Posted: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 8:50 AM
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Rocky, my heart goes out to you. The poem that I wrote comes from seeing my grandmother slip away. She was diagnosed in her 80's after living a full happy life and still it's hard to accept. How much more difficult to be in your situation.


I haven't quite figured out how to see my grandmother healed, but if I were you, I wouldn't give up on that. Miracles happen.


The poems that I post are gifts from my darling grandma and they bring me comfort. This one was following a particularly difficult visit, but they are not all that way. I saw her this week and although she is now in hospice care and her body is beginning to shut down, she still enjoys Coca Cola, she still laughs and smiles and is sometimes able to say the things she's trying to say.


The other piece I posted (I Can Sit With You Today) has helped me tremendously. I'm able to be with her and not war against this thief, and as you said, appreciate that she is still her to be seen and touched and loved. Of course there are times of despair, but I find that if I look closely, she is still there -still loving,and still giving to me.


Thank you for your comment. I wish for you the very best.



barbara f.
Posted: Sunday, July 29, 2012 6:29 AM
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My husband was diagnosed at the age of 59.  I was very angry and frustrated when I first found out.  I then grieved for a long time.  I love him very much and really miss him as he was, but we are getting through this. I am still caring for him at home, and will as long as I can.  He is now 70, doesn't know me or where he is, but I can still get a smile out of him!  Just take one day at a time and enjoy what you can out of each day!
Posted: Saturday, August 4, 2012 4:19 PM
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 new to this.wife 66 me 68 male----- poem azheimer's starts out--do not ask me to remember,don't try to make me understand---looking for a poster size---or so..want to post it so i can read it each day and try to behave.. any idea where i can  buy one?

Mimi S.
Posted: Sunday, August 5, 2012 10:22 AM
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Hi Nancy,


I typed that poem on my screen, monkeyed around with fonts, set to print from the middle and kept enlarging until it just filled the page. Then I printed it. It stares me in the face as I type.

I'm the one with AD. It's my guidance for my family.