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He has something to teach us.
Jim Broede
Posted: Sunday, September 23, 2012 10:57 PM
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I'm talking daily to an 84-year-old guy with dementia. Maybe it's Alzheimer's. I take him for walks. Daily. Three on Saturday. Three more walks on Sunday. And often when we take off for a walk, he's confused. Distraught. Over lord knows what. And I tell him the same thing. Over and over. Focus on what we are doing now. Walking. Pretend you are a horse. Wearing blinders. Look ahead. Observe. Focus on the moment. Quit worrying. Be happy. Think a happy thought. And it works. Because I'm saying something that makes sense. To him. He's allowed me into his world. For the moment, we're both living in the same world. He's my captive. I'm his captive. We like each other. We're exuding good vibes. Towards each other. That makes for good, effective communication. I've got him talking to me. Making sense. He's exercising. Physically. Walking. But exercising mentally, too. He's still able to read signs. That amazes his daughter. She didn't know that. She didn't think he could read any more. So I suggest she have him start reading. Aloud. See if he understands the words. Even if he doesn't, it's still good mental exercise. Keep him doing whatever he can do. Keep him active. Every which way. Make him focus on the immediate task. The activity at hand. Maybe it's eating supper. Focus on supper. On the taste of food. Make him enjoy the experience. A momentary pleasure. He's fully capable of living in the moment. He has something to teach us. --Jim
Sea Field
Posted: Monday, September 24, 2012 4:31 PM
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excellent reminders for all of us - regardless of our cognitive abilities.  THX