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Our Dance at Stage 4
Posted: Friday, April 10, 2015 8:45 AM
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Our Dance April 10, 2015

Five thirty at my computer with

My first cup of coffee -thinking

I can listen, let other people describe

My path with my sweetie as our roles

Change into a new strange form.

This is the path that must be walked

By ourselves - together, still two swaying

As one in a dance with a new rhythm

Experimenting with new steps

It’s the same love song, the

Theme hasn’t changed, but a new

Dimension has been added to the dance

Challenging us with added complexity

And new shifting patterns to master.

How wonderful for the ability

To flow into this new rhythm of life

And to be able to share the joy of each

New movement in each other’s embrace

Our dance has new meaning to go with

The new rhythm of the music as

We move together with the confidence

Of two love birds that have mated for life